High School Sports Scores

Boys Basketball
Prentice 48  Tomahawk 45
Girls Basketball
Northland Lutheran 56  Phillips 47 (Game Audio HERE)
Chequamegon 55  Pittsville 52
    JV – Chequamegon 27  Pittsville 21 – Shea Mineau 12pts
Lakeland 66 crandon 34
Northland Pines 81  Tomahawk 32
Abbotsford 40  Stratford 33
Assumption 56  Edgar 51
Auburndale 62  Athens 37
Northland Lutheran 56  Phillips 47
    – Morgan Edwards 13pts, Carolyn Neerdahls 11pts
Boys Basketball
Medford 73  Lakeland 51 (Medford wins GNC Title)
Solon Springs 76  Hurley 50
Ironwood, MI  53  Bayfield 43
Rhinelander 61  Antigo 47
Tomahawk 53  Northland Pines 50
Boys Basketball
Chequamegon 70  Athens 55
    JV – Chequamegon 33 Athens 32
    Freshman – Chequamegon 58  Athens 38
Phillips 52  Abbotsford 40
Prentice 80  Rib Lake 53
Girls Basketball
Phillips 42  Mellen 39 (Game Audio HERE)
Flambeau 79  Winter 35
Ironwood, MI  60  Drummond 38
Lakeland 72  Medfrod 56
Rhinelander 70 crandon 59
Boys Tournament Hockey
Ashland 10  TEAM S.E.A.L. 0
Lakeland 5  Tomahawk 2
Boys Basketball
Edgar 52  Phillips 42
Prentice 72  Bruce 50
Ladysmith 73  Chequamegon 68
      JV – Chequamegon 61  Ladysmith 42
     Freshman – Chequamegon 38  Lakeland 25
Antigo 63  Medford 62
Hayward 73  Ashland 46
Lakeland 70  Tomahawk 60
    JV – Tomahawk 44  Lakeland 40
Girls Basketball
Abbotsford 46  Edgar 41
Nekoosa 44  Medford 38
Wrestling Regionals
For results click HERE  (top 2 in each weight class advance to Sectionals)
Boys Basketball
Chequamegon 53  Abbotsford 51
     JV – Chequamegon 48  Abbotsford 47
Phillips 56  Tomahawk 53
Mercer 57  Hurley 52
Rib Lake 88  Athens 50
Girls Basketball
Lakeland 65  Antigo 47
Mercer 58 Bayfield 51
Bloomer 59  Medfrod 22
Rhinelander 60  Tomahawk 27
Boys Basketball
Lakeland 69  Mosinee 66
Phillips 74  Phelps 53 (Game Audio HERE)
Hurley 56  Northland Pines 51
Medford 58  Rhinelander 47
Girls Basketball
WI Rapids 53  Rhinelander 35
Hurley 47  Solon Springs 38
Abbotsford 58 Chequamegon 24
   JV – Abbotsford 38  Chequamegon 26
South Shore 62  Drummond 28
Prentice 71  Edgar 44
Rib Lake 43  Athens 17
Stratford 57  Northland Lutheran 20
Proctor, MN  42  Ashland 33
Boys Hockey
Lakeland 7  TEAm S.E.A.L. 2
Girls Hockey
Keweenaw Storm 4  Lakeland 3
Boys Basketball
Phillips 59  Chequamegon 55 (Game Audio HERE)
     For Phillips – Austin Edwards 17pts, Cade Rose 15pts
      For Chequamegon – Austin Hilgart 22pts, Christian Armstrong 18pts
      JV – Phillips 60  Chequamegon 42
Mellen 77  Hurley 74
Edgar 69  Athens 28
Marathon 62  Stratford 43
Girls Basketball
Lakeland 70  Northland Pines 65
    JV – Lakeland 53  Pines 37
Ladysmith 59  Phillips 48
Boys Hockey
Rhinelander 2  Lakeland 1
Boys Basketball
Northwestern 66  Ashland 57
Prentice 70  Three Lakes 27
Girls Basketball
South Shore 72  Butternut 32
Drummond 61  Winter 59
Owen-Withee 67  Abbotsford 47
Edgar 48  Thorp 17
Siren 55  Solon SPrings 42
Washburn 62  Bayfield 60
Stevens Point 65  Rhinelander 64
Boys Basketball
Phillips 77  Bruce 36
Edgar 65  Prentice 50
Lakeland 67  Northland Pines 63
Medford 86  Nekoosa 45
Mercer 79  Butternut 72
Rhinelaner 35  Tomahawk 30
Solon Springs 80  Washburn 67
South Shore 74  Bayfield 30
Girls Basketball
Phillips 76  Chequamegon 29
     JV – Phillips 49  Chequamegon 48
Northwood 63  Drummond 43
Minneapolis North 50  Rhinelander 36
Northland Pines 64  Mosinee 61
Mercer 54  Butternut 30
Edgar 48  Athens 34
Prentice  71  Bruce 40
Rib Lake 56  Abbotsford 46
Boys Basketball
Phillips 68  Rib Lake 54
     For Phillips – Cade Rose 21 pts
     For Rib Lake – Cody Blomberg 11pts, Nick Gerstberger 10pts
Edgar 44  Abbotsford 24
Prentice 64  Athens 21
Girls Basketball
Butternut 60  Solon Springs 47
   For Butternut – Gabby McCorison 25ppts, Taylar Bortz 12
Lakeland 62  Rhinelander 49
Lake Holcombe 85  Winter 69
Medford 55  Northland Pines 50
Washburn 48  South Shore 39
Cloquet, MN  53  Ashland 48
Boys Hockey
Lakeland 3  Rhinelander 2 (ot)
Girls gymnastics
Lakeland   104.125
Chequamegon  104.125
For Chequamegon – Ashley Lustig 1st Place All Around
Boys Hockey
Marshfield 9  TEAM .E.A.L.  1
DC Everest 5  Lakeland 2
Boys Basketball
Abbotsford 63  Chequamegon 42
   JV –  Chequameton 38  Abbotsford 28
Mellen 76  Butternut 55
Drummond 47  Drummond 43
Prentice 77  Newman Catholic 57
Antigo 77  Northland Pines 42
Rhinelander 57  Mosinee 41
Rib Lake 57  Flambeau 47
Medford 82  Tomahawk 51
Washburn 72  Mercer 47
Girls Basketball
Winter 57  Hurley 53
Abbotsford 72  WI Valley Lutheran 50
Rib Lake 43  Edgar 38
Hayward 65  Ashland 15
Prentice 78  Athens 28
   –Prentice Clinches Marawood North Conference Title
Boys Basketball
Bayfield 49  Hurley 42
Marathon 58  Edgar 42
Mellen 87  Solon Springs 76
Northwestern 74  Washburn 54
Abbotsford 64  Spencer 62
Stratford 70 Loyal 66
Girls Basketball
Drummond 56  Mellen 46
Abbotsford 51  Spencer 44
Rib Lake 47  Gilman 29
Washburn 62  Solon Springs 40
South Shore 49  Bayfield 41
Boys Basketball
Phillips 41  Edgar 38
Rib Lake 56  Chequamegon 54 (ot)
Ironwood, MI   66  Butternut 42
Mellen 77  Washburn 68
Prentice 71  Abbotsford 59
Asssumption 42  Stratford 39
Girls Basketball
Mercer 44  South Shore 36
Edgar 66  Phillips 46
Medford 41  Rhinelander 36
Lakeland 64  Tomahawk 25
Boys Basketball
Antigo 66  Lakeland 61
  JV1 – Antigo 62  Lakeland 42
JV2 – Lakeland 59  Antigo 38
Edgar 72  Rib Lake 56
Medford 82  Mosinee 68
Athens 84  Northland Lutheran 64
Rhinelander 61  Northland Pines 39
Girls Basketball
Mellen 43  Butternut 41
   For Butternut – Gabby McCorison 13, Danielle Koch 9, Taylar Bortz 8
Prentice 51  Abbtosfrod 36
Rib Lake 52  Chequamegon 16
Boys Swimming
Lakeland 96  Shawano 74
   (Lakeland finished 10-0 in dual meets)
Tomahawk 36  Lakeland 28
Boys Basketball
Edgar 65  Chequamegon 46
      JV – Chequamegon 39  Edgar 36
Phillips  61    Prentice 52 (Game Audio HERE)
Abbotsford 59  Athens 46
Hurley 55  Butternut 48
Mosinee 66  Rhineladner 57
Washburn 65  Ironwood, MI  50
Ashland 68  Proctor, MN   64
Girls Basketball
Lakeland 71  Mosinee 50
    JV – Lakeland 46  Mosinee 45
Duluth Marshall 43  Ashland 40
Edgar 71  Phillips 69
Athens 51  Pittsville 33
Medford 63  Tomahawk 28
Rhinelander 58  Antigo 37
Northland Pines 74  Shawano 62
Boys HOckey
NW Iceman 9  TEAM S.E.A.L. 2
Lakeland 5  Tomahawk 2
Boys Basketball
Northland Pines 58  Crandon 50
Tomahawk 97  Rhinelander 92
Girls Basketball
Ironwood, MI  61  Butternut 54
Drummond 54  Frederic 42
Elcho 64  Phillips 59
Three Lakes 59  Tomahawk 39
Prentice 71  Lake Holcombe 40
Bayfield 59  Solon Springs 51
Abbotsford 62  Granton 21
Girls Bsketball
Butternut notched their 5th win of the season beating Wisconsin Valley Lutheran 49-42 in nonconference play  at Mosinee. Butternut led at the half 21-15.
WVL tied the game at 40 with under 4 minutes to play, but the Midgets were too strong down the stretch and held on for the win.
It was a well needed win and it was a team effort to get it. Gabby McCorisin launched 4 from the 3 point line and . Grace Wegner and Danielle Koch got inside and sealed the win for us. The girls rebounded well. My subs played very well tonight. Nice team win.
Gabby McCorison led all scores with 25.
Grace Wegner had a season high with 14.
Danielle Koch added 6
Chelsea Wegner 2 and
Taylar Bortz 2
Boys Basketball
Rhinelander 70  Lakeland 57
Drummond 53  Northwood 41
Phillips 82  Lake Holcombe 63
Washburn 77  Hurley 63
Mosinee 64  Tomahawk 38
Girls Basketball
Lakeland 76   Rhinelander 63
Mosinee 51  Medford 49
Prentice 60  Phillips 37
Girls Basketball
Hurley 53  Butternut 43
    For Butternut – Gabby McCorison 26pits
Prentice 68  Abbotsford 55
Northwood 58  Solon Springs 31
Northland Pines 58  Rhinelander 54
South Shore 57  Mellen 29
Antigo 51  Tomahawk 28
Boys Basketball
Prentice 78  Chequamegon 65 (Game Audio HERE)
   For PRentice – Taylor Brayton 20pts, Trace Brayton 17, Drew Rhode 13
     For Chequamegon – Cole Bay 23pts
Phillips 88  Athens 50
Hermantown, MN   72  Ashland 66
Girls Basketball
Prentice 74  Chequamegon 24
       JV – Prentice 57   Chequamegon 20
Medford 46  Ashland 36
Boys Basketball
Bayfield 75  Butternut 55
Flambeau 63  Mercer 52
MEdford 73  Lakeland 68
Rhinelander 68  Antigo 61
Tomahawk 73  Northland PInes 55
Mellen 71  Prentice 65
Solon Springs 70  Ironwood, MI  48
Hurley 46  South Shore 43
Drummond 60  Washburn 57
Girls Basketball
Flambeau 63  Mercer 30
Mellen 42  Solon Springs 37
Boys Basketball
Chequamegon 79  Athens 44  (Game Stats) (Game Audio HERE)
     JV – Chequamegon 59  Athens 23
     Freshman – Chequamegon 40  Athens 20
Prentice 76  Rib Lake 71
Rhinelander 55  Merrill 47
Phillips 70  Abbotsford 53
Ashland 61  washburn 57
Girls Basketball
Bayfield 68  Butternut 46
    For Butternut – Gabby McCorison 25pts
Lakeland 60  Medford 55
Flambeau 90 Winter 27
Washburn 61   Drummond 38
Phillips 62  Mellen 47
South Shore 60  Hurley 35
Northland Pines 54  Tomahawk 23
Ashland 53  Duluth Denfeld 30
Girls Gymnastics
Jan 13th Meet (Results HERE)
Boys Basketball
Washburn 53  Bayfield 52
South Shore 74  Butternut 52
Drummond 48  solon Springs 45
Hurley 61  Mercer 48
Girls Basketball
Phillips 64  Wabeno/Laona 35
Washburn 50  Mercer 38
Athens 54  Northland Lutheran 42
Flambeau 56  Rib Lake 47
Boys Basketball
Mellen 89  Chequamegon 78
   JV – Mellen 48  Chequamegon 42
    Frosh – Mellen 44  Chquamegon 40
Lakeland 66  Mosineee 64
     JV – Mosinee 40  Lakeland 33
Antigo 60  Tomahawk 39
Edgar 58  Almond-Bancroft 40
Marathon 48  Stratford 37
Girls Basketball
Abbotsford 57  Chequamegon 32
     Kadie Metsa 10pts,  Klaudia Swanson 9
South Shore 46  Butternut 34
    Taylor Bortz 11 pts, Gabby McCorison 9 pts,  Danielle Koch 8
Ironwood 48  Mellen 34
Northland Pines 54  ELCHO 42
Mosinee 63  tomahawk 22
Flambeau 78  Phillips 48
Mercer 40  Hurley 24
Edgar 49  Prentice 41
Boys Basketball
Phillips 57  Chequamegon 52 (Game Audio HERE)
      Collin Krause 20 pts, Austin Edwards 13pts, Terran Spacek 10 pts
      Christian Armstrong 18 pts
JV – Phillips 36  Chequamegon 23
Abbotsford 75  Rib Lake 71
Mercer 62  Drummond 60
Prentice 51  Northalnd Pines 50
Solon Springs 61  Butternut 35
Girls Basketball
Lakeland 74  Northland Pines 35
    JV – Northland PInes 38  Lakeland 36
Mercer 58  Drummond 20
Medford 53  Antigo 33
Boys Hockey
Lakeland 5  TEAM S.E.A.L.  0
Phillips  46  Chequamegon 23
      For Cheq. – Jaden Schienebeck and Michael Zillinger won matches
Boys Basketball
Edgar 57  Stratford 50
Columbus Catholic 88  Marathon 68
Rib Lake 77  Borthland Lutheran 56
Girls Basketball
Phillips 70  Tomahawk 42
South Shore 48  Chequamegon 33
  Maggie Miller 12pts
Solon Springs 51  Butternut 49
    Gabby McCorison 24pts, Taylor Bottz 9pts
Northland Pines 69  West Iron 55
 Bayfield 70 Ironwood 48
Lakeland 73  Marathon 53
   JV – Lakeland 52  Marathon 36
Medford 60  Stanley-Boyd 36
Northern Badger Invitational Results HERE
Boys Basketball
Chequamegon 73  Butternut 42
Northland Pines 51  Ashland 50
Boys Basketball
Ashland 59  Chequamegon 40
Boys Basketball
South Shore 73  Hurley 64
Marathon 59  Tomahawk 40
Girls Basketball
Mosinee 29  Hayward 20
South Shore 49  Hurley 23
Menomonie 71  Ashland 36
Boys Basketball
Edgar 56  Gresham Community 48
Washburn 81  Mellen 77
Destiny 97  Lakeland 67
Girls Basketball
Washburn 64  Mellen 10
Menomonie 75  Medford 46
Stratford 47  Bangon 40
Colfax 59  Ashland 32
Girls Basketball
Phillips 83  Chequamegon 18
     JV – Phillips 45  Chequamegon 29
This Marawood North conference  girl’s game saw the Phillips Loggers hosting the Chequamegon Screaming Eagles. Every player on the roster scored for the Phillips Loggers. Leading the way was Ashley Kilty with 18 points, Morgan Edwards and Loren Sauter each with 17 points, JoJo Baratka with 12 points and Carolyn Neerdaels with 10 points. Chequamegon had 8 points from Kadie Metza. The final score was Phillips 84 and Chequamegon 18.
Boys Basketball
Chequamegon 77  Rib Lake 73 (Stats)
Phillips 59  Hurley 17
Phillips dominated the game and came away with a 59-17 victory. Leading the attack for Phillips was Collin Krause with 14 points and Ben Edwards with 10 points.  The Hurley Midgets leading scorer was Isaac DeCarlo with 4 points.
 Lakeland 69  Merrill 59
Boys Basketball
Chequamegon (4-2) 79  Winter 31 (Stats)
       JV  Chequamegon (4-1)  67  Winter 12
Phillips 67  Rib lake 61 (ot) (Game Audio)
In a tightly contest Marawood North Conference boys game the Phillips Loggers defeated the Rib Lake Redmen in overtime by a score of 67-61. Phillips held a slender 31-28 lead at halftime but Rib Lake made up the difference in the second half as the game ended 59-59 in regulation. In the four minute overtime  period Phillips Logger Ben Edwards tossed in 6 points and the Loggers were able to outscore the host Redmen of Rib Lake 8-2 to take the victory.  Rib Lake falls to 0-2 in  the Marawood North Conference. They were lead by 13 points scored by freshmen Nick Gerstberger. Levin Ewan added 12 points and both Zane Mencheski and Carson Patrick scored 11 points.   The Phillips Loggers record now stands at 2-1 in conference play. The Loggers went to the free-throw line 37 times and made 23 and that was the difference in the game. Cade Rose lead the Loggers by scoring 16 points, Terran Spacek had 12 points and Ben Edwards added 10 points.
Girls Basketball
Winter 60  Chequamegon 41
For Cheq. –  Olivia Ocker with 16 and Kadie Metz’s with 1.
     JV – Chequamegon 45  Winter 11
Mercer 47  Butternut 45
For Butternut- Gabby McCorison led all scores with 24. Danielle Koch logged another double double with 10 points and 12 rebounds. Taylor Bortz added 8 and Grace Wegner 3.
Girls Basketball
Prentice 62  Athens 45
Stratford 58  Pittsville 7
Boys Basketball
Hurley 56  Bayfield 42
Mellen 89  Butternut 45
Washburn 71  Mercer 47
Girls Basketball
Butternut Lady Midgets beat Mellen 57-39 in Mellen Friday night. The Midgets jumped out to a quick 5-0 lead and never looked back. They increased their lead to 31-18 at halftime. Our girls played a very good game all around. Mellen cut into a big lead before half with some threes by Jokinen and Ellias, trimming the lead to 25-17, but we switched to a 1-3-1 zone and that stymied Mellen the rest of the game.  Butternut had 3 girls in double digits with Gabby McCorison with 23, Taylor Bortz 10, and Danielle Koch had a double double with 10 points, 10 rebounds. Erika Daly added 8, and Grace Wegner 6.  Midgets are now 4 and 4 on the season and play Mercer at home on Tuesday the 20th. 
Girls Basketball
Chequamegon 62  LCO  17
     Maggie MIller 14, Olivia Ocker 10, Klaudia Swanson 8
Stratford 40  Assumption 38
Boys Basketball
Antigo 84  Northland Pines 68
Boys Basketball
On a cold northern Wisconsin night two communities came together to fight it out on the basketball court. In boys action the Prentice Buccaneers built a 18-15 lead at halftime over the Phillips Loggers. The second half saw the Prentice Buccaneers pull away for a 52-41 victory. The Prentice Buccaneers record improved to 1-1 in Marawood Conference standings and they were lead by Taylor Brayton and Colt Logan who each scored 7 points and Drew Rohde who scored a game high 28 points.  The Phillips Loggers record in conference play fell to 1-1 and the leading scorers were Collin Krause and Terran Spacek with 7 points each and Cade Rose with 12 points.
Edgar 61  Chequamegon 40
Boys Basketball
Abbotsford 67  Athens 57
Drummond 63  Bayfield 29
Hurley 66  Butternut 37
Washburn 70 Ironwood, MI  60
Medford 65  Chippewa Falls 49
Mellen 71  South Shore  56
Solon Springs 73  Mercer 51
Girls Basketball
Marathon 51  Edgar 38
Flambeau 54  Prentice 37
Boys Basketball
Chequamegon (3-1)  72  Bayfield 51 (Stats)
Girls Basketball
Bayfield 54 Chequamegon 42
Boys Hockey
Pacelli 4  Lakeland 1
Blizzard 8  TEAM S.E.A.L. 5
Girls Basketball
Prentice 70  Phillips 42 (Archived audio HERE)
      JV – Prentice 43  Phillips 27
Boys Basketball
Chequamegon 60  Prentice 54
     JV – Cheq. 43  Prentice 36 (ot)
    Frosh – Cheq. 33  Prentice 30
Drummond 38  Butternut 19
Phillips 59  Athens 55
South Shore 67  Ironwood, MI   50
Auburndale 59  Stratford 48
Cloquet, MN  58  Ashland 46
Girls Basketball
Stratford 5  Rib Lake 30
Lakeland 68  Mosinee 63
     JV – Lakeland 53  Mosinee 25
Boys Hockey
Medford 4  Lakeland 3
Boys Basketball
Rhinelander 43  Ashland 35
Prentice 77  Flambeau 22
Rib Lake 73  Gilman 60
Tomahawk 57  Ladysmith 35
Lakeland 88  Newman Catholic 56
Abbotsford 42  Owen-Withee 41
Girls Basketball
Butternut varsity girls basketball team lost a heartbreaker at Hurley 38-37 last evening. Injuries and the flu have been hampering Butternut since the start of the season. With only 5 varsity players, Butternut put out a gutsy performance. Down by 7 with 6 miutes to play, the ladies from Butternut fought back to take a 1 point lead, only to give it up when Hurley stole the ball and scored on a layup with just under 30 seconds to go.  Gabby McCorison led all scores with 17. Erika Daly had 8, Danielle Koch had 6, and Taylar Bortz added 6.  Butternut, now 3 & 3 on the season takes on Ironwood at home on Friday night.
Prentice 66  Chequamegon 22
Phillips 84  Athens 64
Marathon 55  Medford 38
South Shore 65  Mellen 24
Northland Lutheran 59  Pittsville 16
Stratford 45  Auburndale 22
Merrill 69  Lakeland 54
Boys Hockey
NW Icemen 4  TEAM S.E.A.L. 1
Lakeland 66  Three Lakes 18
Girls Basketball
The Butternut Midget ladies beat Winter 47-34. Midgets played solid defense and executed on offense well. Gabby McCorison led all scores with 21, Taylar Bortz had 8, Erika Daly 6, Danielle Koch 6, Taylor Weinberger 4, Bella Cerbery 2.
Boys Basketball
Hayward 71  Phillips 61
Merrill 54  Medford 45
Stratfrod 69  Rib Lake 51
Boys Basketball
Tomahawk 47  Chequamegon 35 (Stats)
Mercer 51  Bayfield 43
WI Rapids 54  Rhinelander 43
Wausau East 62  Lakeland 59
Girls Basketball
Athens 59  Chequamegon 34 – Kadie Metz 11pts for Chequamegon
Abbottsford 57  Phillips 50
Medford 57  Mosinee 48
Stratford 60  Newman Catholic 52
Northland Pines 57  Rhinelander 39
Prentice 50  Rib Lake 27
South Shore 54  Ironwood 34
Boys Basketball
Phillips 44  Northland Pines 43
In a thrilling non-conference boys basketball game the Phillips Loggers came away with a 44-43 victory over the Northland Pines Eagles.  The Northland Pine Eagles build a 23-15 lead at half time as the Phillips Loggers only scored 4 field goals in the first half. But Phillips returned the favor in the second half as Northland Pines could only manage 6 field goals.  Phillips was trailing by one point with 8 seconds to go in the game when Cade Rose drove the ball into the lane and when the defenders collapsed on him, he was able to dish the ball to Collin Krause who banked in a short jumper with .7 seconds to go and Philips came away with a hard fought 44-43 victory.  Wait lead the Northland Pines Eagles with 11 points and Aaron Krause and Hunter Rose each added 9 points.  The Phillips Loggers got a game high 17 points by Cade Rose and 10 points by Collin Krause.  Phillips record stands at 1-0 and Northland Pines falls to  1-1.

Butternut 64  LCO 36

For Butternut:
Isaac Wegener    3 points
Jacob Connelly    7 points
Josh Brown          9 points 5 assists 3 steals
Carter Christian    5 points  4 assists 2 steals
Trae Butler            3 points
Seth Scherwinski   18 points   17 rebounds
Charles Hirtrieter    6 points   7 rebounds
Jace Scherwinski   11 points   3 assists 6 steals
Kyle Mareno          2 points
Assumption 44  Abbotsford 27
Prentice 71  Lake Holcombe 61
Pittsville 77  Rib Lake 45
Girls Basketball
Wausau West 60  Lakeland 55
Butternut 61  LCO 11
For Butternut – Gabby McCorison led all scorers with 26.
Taylor Bortz added 12
Danielle Koch 10
Erika Daly 6
Grace Wegner 5
Maggie Emmert 2
Butternut was 7 of 10 from the free throw line.
Boys Basketball
Cheqaumegon 65  Hurley 42 – Christian Armstrong 23, Austin Hilgart 20 – STATS  GAME AUDIO
        JV – Chequamegon 43  Hurley 27
Stanley-Boyd 90  Athens 39
Webster 72  Winter 53
Lakeland 68  Ashland 53
Greenwood 58 Abbotsford 45
Pacelli 40  Stratford 38
Girls Basketball
Phelps 57  Butternut 49 – Gabby McCorrison 20points
Abbotsford 63  Pittsville 33
Northland Pines 66  Prentice 53
Spncer 65  Athens 52
Girls Basketball
Hurley 39  Chequamegon 27 – Olivia Ocker 16pts, Kadie Metz 6
      JV – Hurley 34  Chequamegon 25 – Josie Orr 15pts
Rib Lake 59  Lake Holcombe 14
Ashland 50  South Shore 34
Owen-Withee 49  Edgar 43
Newman Catholic 65  Abbotsford 48
Boys Basketball
Rib Lake 77  Lake Holcombe 71
Bayfiedl 88  LCO   24
Girls Basketball
Lakeland 77 Phillips 44 (JV Lakeland 67  Phillips 28)
Merrill 64  Northland Pines 58
Wittenberg-Birnamwood 64  Medford 33
 Girls Basketball
Solon Spring 40    Chequamegon  37……….JV Chequamegon 50 Solon Springs 15
For Cheq. – Kadie Metz 12pts, Klaudia Swanson and Olivia Ocker 9 each
(Listen to the archived game broadcast HERE)
BoysState Cross Country

In Boy’s State Soccer results in Division 4, the Racine St. Catherine Angels defeated the Phillips Loggers by a score of 4-1 and will advance to the state championship game on Saturday.

The Racine St. Catherine team came in with a record of 15-6-2 and jumped to a quick lead at 3:13 of the first half with Paul Serratos scoring a goal and the assist going to Brandon Stulo. They followed that up with a second goal at 9:01 by Tyler Beyer assisted by Andrew Villarreal.
The Phillips Loggers cut into that lead when Cade Rose scored a goal with the assist going to Jed Miller on a corner kick. As both teams went into halftime, the score was Racine St. Catherine 2 and the Phillips Loggers 1.
In the second half the Angels of Racine St. Catherine’s put the game away with two unassisted goals scored by Andre Villarreal at the 49:24 and 87:25 mark.
The final score was Racine St. Catherine 4 and Phillips 1.  Racine St. Catherine had 19 shots and Phillips had 11 shots. Willie Reukauf had 5 saves in goal for the Phillips Loggers and Racine St. Catherine goalie, Alberto Galvan, had 4 saves.
This was the first Phillips boy’s soccer team to  make it to the state tournament and they ended the season with a sparkling 17-4 record and a lifetime of memories for the 11 seniors who played their final game.
State Cross Country Meet
@ WI Rapids
For Complete Results Click HERE
High School Boys Soccer
The Phillips Boys Soccer team defeated Barron 4-0 in their sectional semifinal Thurday afternoon in Barron.  Scoring for the Loggers in the first half were Harrison Fuhr, assisted by Jed Miller, and Cole Vyskocil, assisted byCade Rose.  Jed Miller scored both of the second half goals, assisted by Lucas Szwec and Cade Rose, respectively.  Phillips will face Arcadia on Saturday afternoon in Cumberland at 1pm for the right to go to State.  The victory was the Logger’s eleventh straight, and improved their record to 16-3.
High School Playoff Football
Northern Elite 21    Rib lake/Prentice 14  STATS
Edgar 34  Assumption 7
Marathon 26  Auburndale 6
Abbotsford 56  Wabeno Area/Laona 8
Stratfford 27  Colby 7
New Richmond 65  Medford 28
La Crosse Logan 27  Hayward/La Ccourte Oreilles 13
Sectional Cross Country Results
@ Cable Golf Course
Phillips Girls, Chequamegon Girls and Chequamegon Boys are all headed to State!
High School Girls Volleyball
Butternut won a quarterfinal regional game tonight at home against Northwood in 4 sets
25-9, 25-18, 25-27, 25-8!!!
“The girls played their hearts out tonight.  They came to play and that’s exactly what they did.  Our fans were amazing which really helped our girls with this win.  I couldn’t be more proud of how far the girls have come from the beginning of the season till now.”
We had 24 kills tonight with Grace Wegner leading with 7 followed by Mikayla Kekoanui with 5 and Danielle Koch with 4.  Taylar Bortz notched 10 aces and led the team with  13 assists.  Mikayla Kekoanui led the team with 14 digs followed by Chelsea Wegner with 13.

The Phillips Loggers rolled over the Spooner Rails. 25-9, 25-6, 25-12 behind 19 services aces and only one error.  The Loggers were led by Jojo Baratka with 13 assists and CC Fuhr with 12. Fuhr had 6 aces and Courtney Shipley 5, Morgan Edwards had 8 digs and Fuhr 7.  Shipley led in attack kills with 9, Megan Polster had 7.

The Loggers host the Cameron Comets at 7 pm on Thursday.
High School Girls Volleyball

The Logger volleyball team traveled to Rib Lake to compete in the Rib Lake invitational on Saturday.  The Loggers collected 2-0 victories over Wisconsin Valley Lutheran and Northland Lutheran and a 2-1 victory over Washburn.  The Loggers dropped their match to Rib Lake 1-2. It was a three way tie for 1st place and Washburn was declared the champion due to a tiebreaker of defensive points allowed.

CC Fuhr led the Loggers with 78 assists and 9 aces
Courtney Shipley had 27 attack kills and Megan Polster 20
Morgan Edwards had 63 digs and Amanda Loomis 36
The Loggers take a 31-4 record into the Regional quarter final Tuesday when they host the Spooner Rails at 700 pm.
High School Football
Edgar 42  Chequamegon 7
Abbotsford 42  Gilman 6
Antigo 27  Medford 25
Ashland 48  Rhinelander 23
Auburnadale 24  Tomahawk 19
Hayward 35 Cumberland 0
Hurley 20  Houghton, MI  14
Loyal 35  Athens 0
Maraton 19  Pittsville 14
Mosinee 28  Lakeland 21
Northwestern 51  Ladysmith 13
Siren 58  Mellen 8
Winter 62  Bruce 23
Stratford 46  Phillips 0
The Stratford Tigers were looking to go undefeated in Marawood Conference football and win the outright championship on Friday night. Stratford was able to accomplish both goals by defeating the Phillips Loggers by a score of 46-0.
The Stratford Tigers under Coach Jason Tubbs had earned victory after victory with a strong rushing game and once again that ground game was on display. Dylan Paschel ran 12 yards for a score, Cole Hoffman had touchdown runs of 15 and 38 yards, Andrew Schoenfuss scampered 11 yards to score, Dilan Dehlinger crossed the goal line from 2 yards out and Derek Martin completed the ground attach with a 20 yard run. The Tigers were able to tally one touchdown from the air on a 25 yard pass from Max Schwabe to Vaughn Breit.  Stafford finishes the regular Marawood Conference season with a record of 8-0.
The Phillips Loggers were lead by the rushing of Brandon Huettl and Dakota Haberman. Several times the Loggers had the ball in scoring position but each time lost the ball on downs. Although the Stratfford Tigers were able to put 46 points on the board, they found the Logger defense lead by Christian Makovsky, Jake Giannoni, and  Jeremy Marschke to be  stubborn as they stopped them several times on four downs.  Coaches Steven Precour and BJ Bolz will miss the 8 seniors who played their last game for Phillips. But they will have 24 returning players including their quarterback, running backs. and one starting wide receiver. Phillips finishes the season at 0-8 in the very tough Marawood Conference.
Cross Country
Conference Meet @ Rib Lake
Girls Volleyball
  Butternut lost our last conference game to Washburn at home in 3 sets 8-25, 17-25,
“We knew going into the night that this was going to be our toughest match of the season.  Washburn has a very strong program.  I was extremely proud of how we played tonight.  We had a couple of starters out sick/hurt so our JV players had an opportunity to play some varsity.  They never gave up and played confident right to the end.  They were strong at the net with blocking and being aggressive and did much better with digging/serve receiving.  They are ready for our home regional game against Northwood on Tuesday.”
Gabby McCorison led the team with 5 service aces.  Mikayla Kekoanui and Gabby McCorison each had 3 kills for the night.
Girls Volleyball
Northland Lutheran 3  Chequamegon 2
Tomahawk 3  Lakeland 2
Newman Catholic 3  Phillips 0
In the championship mars wood conference cross over the loggers were defeated by the Newman cardinals 3-0 sets scores were 12-25 15-25 18-25.  The loggers were led by JoJo Baratka w 14 assists 16 digs and 4 ace serves.  Megan Polster and Baratka each had 4 attack kills
Newman is ranked #1 in D4 while the loggers are currently #4 in D3.  Loggers play in rib lake invite Saturday
Butternut  lost a conference match at Ironwood tonight in 4 sets 27-25, 15-25, 13-25, 18-25.
“The girls started the night confident and strong but then they started making multiple mistakes that hurt us.  We struggled at different times with basic fundamentals.  We didn’t put enough pressure on them at the net resulting in strong attacks back that we struggled digging and getting to our setter.  I’m proud of them for staying positive and we will continue to work on being more consistent in our play.  We’ll have a tough match Thursday at home against Washburn and then will be ready to play our first regional quarterfinal match at home against Northwood on Tuesday the 18th.”
Girls Volleyball
Butternut won a conference match tonight against South Shore at South Shore sweeping them in three sets 25-11, 25-16, 25-13.
Butternut had 23 aces tonight with Taylar Bortz notching 7 and Mikayla Kekoanui 5.  Danielle Koch led the team with 8 kills followed by Gabby McCorison and Grace Wegner with 6 each.  Taylar Bortz had 15 assists.  Chelsea Wegner led the team with 10 digs followed by Danielle Koch and Mikayla Kekoanui each with 9.
Boys Soccer
The Phillips Soccer team travelled to Marshfield on Monday, October 10th to face the 17-1 Columbus Catholic team, and returned home with a 2-0 victory.  With starting goalkeeper Willie Reukauf sidelined with an injury, Seth Gerhke filled in admirably, keeping Marshfield off the scoreboard for all 90 minutes.
Cade Rose scored both of the Logger goals, the first with his foot and the second with his head, both times assisted by Jed Miller.
Phillips finished their regular season with a 13-3 record, and will begin their postseason play on Thursday, October 20th.
Cross Country
Lakeland, Chequamegon and Phillips @ Tomahawk Invitational GIRLS RESULTS   BOYS RESULTS
High School Football
Rib lake/Prentice  24   Edgar 18 (Stats)
Tomahawk 46  Chequamegon 6 (Stats)
Stratford 43  Pittsville 0
Abbotsford 49 Athens 21
Hayward 27 Bloomer 0
Hurley 42 Gogebic Miners,MI 6
Lakeland 22 Ashland 14
Marathon 45 Auburndale 7
Antigo 25 Rhinelander 6
Cadott 37  Phillips 0

In non-conference football the Cadott Hornets of the Cloverbelt Conference defeated the Phillips Loggers of the Marawood Conference by a score of 37-0. With the win Cadott improves their record to 2-6 and the Phillips record stands at 0-8.

Cadott scored on a 6 yard touchdown pass from Mike Emery to Dominick Grimm, 6 yard touchdown run by Kolton Dupey, 50 yard punt return by Dominick Grimm, 2 yard touchdown run by Dominick Grimm, 5 yard touchdown run by Kolton Dupey and a 35 yard field goal by Kolton Dupey.
Twice in the first half the Phillips Loggers drove into the Cadott red zone only to turn over the ball and that swung the tide toward the Hornets. Phillips was lead by the strong running of Brandon Huettl and Dakota Haberman. Outstanding defensive efforts came from Brandon Huettl, Jeremy Marschke and Luke Bogdanovic. Phillips will travel to Stratford next Friday night for the final Marawood Conference game of the season.
High School Boys Soccer
Logger boys soccer wins seventh straight conference game, defeating Ironwood 7-0 on Tuesday, October 4.
Scoring for the Loggers were:
Cole Vyskocil (2)
Cade Rose (2)
Harrison Fuhr
Collin Krause
Jed Miller
Phillips plays their last home game against Three Lakes on Thursday, October 6, at 4:30 pm.
High School Girls Volleyball

The Logger volleyball team hosted the Edgar Wildcats in Marawood North Volleyball action last night.  The Loggers behind strong serving and Jojo Baratka’s  26 assists swept the visiting Wildcats 3-0.  Set scores were 25-14, 25-19, 25-14.  The Loggers  improved to  5-0 in conference play and 27-2 overall.  The Loggers currently ranked 6th in the Wisconsin Volleyball Coaches Association weekly ranking were led by: Courtney Shipley with 8 attack kills and Megan Polster with 7, Defensively Amanda Loomis had 17digs and Morgan Edwards 14.

The Logger JV team was defeated 2-1.

The Loggers travel to Chequamegon for a match against the Screaming Eagles on Thursday.  In a time change, the JV action begins at 445pm and the varsity game is set to begin at 615pm.
High School Girls Volleyball
Butternut won a conference match tonight at home against Solon Springs sweeing  three games 25-9, 25-9, 25-21.
“We haven’t been playing our best volleyball on Monday nights for some reason but the girls came ready to play tonight.  They stayed focused and confident.  I was able to give some of my JV girls some varsity experience in the second and third sets.”
Overall we had 21 aces for the night with Gabby Mccorison notching 6, Grace Wegner 5, and Taylar Bortz 4.  We had a total of 15 kills with Grace Wegner getting 4 followed by Gabby McCorison with 3.  Both Taylar Bortz and Gabby McCorison stayed very consistent with setting tonight.
High School Girls Volleyball
The Phillips Logger Volleyball team travel to Gilman on Saturday.  Enroute to winning the Championship at the Gilman tournament the Loggers won 6 matches defeating Alma Center Lincoln, Cornell, Elmwood, Rib Lake, Flambeau and Gilman. Rib Lake finished 2nd.  Stat leaders:
Jo Jo Baratka 77 assists, Courtney Shipley 31 attack kills and Megan POlster 30, Morgan Edwards 68 digs and Amanda Loomis 63, CC Fuhr had 13 Aces and Callie Podmolik led in service points serving 100% on 39 attempts.
High School Football
Marathon  48   Chequamegon 6 (Stats) Listen to Archived Game
Antigo 19  Lakeland 14
Stratford 28  Auburndale 0
Northland Pines 12  Houghton, MI 0
Prentice /Rib Lake 20  Tomahawk 14 (Stats)
 Edgar 8  Altoona 6
Medford 35  Rhinelander 7
Pittsville 49  Phillips 7……Luke Denniston, the Pittsville Panther quarterback was among the league leading quarterbacks in touchdown passes. He did nothing to hurt his standings as the Pittsville Panthers defeated the Phillips Loggers by a score of 49-7. Of those 49 points scored by Pittsville 24 were scored on touchdown passes by Denniston ( 4 yards to Bailey Herkert, 54 yards to Bailey Herkert, 3 yards to Jake Neve, 3 yards to Adam Masanz). The other scores came on a 4 yard run by Kody Kauth, 3 yard run by Hunter Wilke and a block punt recovered in the end zone. With the win the Pittsville Panther record improves to 3-3 in the Marathon Conference.
On Senior Night for the Phillips Loggers, the home team showed grit and determination as they were shorthanded due to injuries but fought valiantly throughout the game. They scored on a 75 yard touchdown pass from Derek Petruzalek to Dakota Haberman and Shane Foytik converted the extra point. The Phillips Loggers record now stands at 0-7 and next Friday night they will entertain the Cadott Hornet for Homecoming 2016.
Cross country
Chequamegon @ Medford Invitational
Phillips and Prentice/Rib Lake @ Athens Invitational
Girls Voleyball
Mercer 3  Butternut 0 (25-5, 25-8, 25-6
Cross Country
@ Flambeau Invitaitonal
Girls Volleyball
Phillips def. Rib Lake
Edgar def. Chequamegon
Northland Pines 3  Lakeland 0
Boys Soccer
Lakeland 4  Three Lakes 1
Phillips 13  Three Lakes 3
Jed Miller – 5 goals
Cade Rose – 4 goals
High School Girls Volleyball
Mellen defeats Butternut in 5 sets
25-20, 8-25, 25-17, 16-25, 15-9
Butternut coach Kimberly Bortz:  “Tonight was a great match as both teams were pretty evenly matched.  We had some very strong moments as did Mellen and then had moments where we just couldn’t execute basic fundamentals.  At times we struggled with communication, serving, and moving to the ball.  At the end Mellen made less mistakes and came out in the 5th set stronger than us.  We’ll continue to work on the basics with a goal to be as competitive as we can in every match.”
Grace Wegner led in kills with 8 followed by Chelsea Wegner with 6.  Grace Wegner notched 3 serving aces.  Gabby McCorison led with 19 digs with Mikayla Kekoanui following with 16.
High School Football
JV – Chequamegon 46  Phillips 6
High School Girls Volleyball

Chequamegon took 2nd at the Phillips Invite on Saturday.  In pool play, Chequamegone beat Bruce 25-17, 25-16….Beat Bayfield 25-16, 25-8….lost to Ladysmith 25-18, 25-19.

Due to a tie breaker procedure Chequamegon took 1st in our pool and went to Championship bracket.  We defeated Lakeland 25-14, 22-25, 15-9 in the semi final match.
Chequamegon lost to Phillips in the championship match  25-14 and 25-18.  Lakeland took 3rd and Ladysmith took 4th place.
High School Football
Chequamegon 48  Phillips 8 (Final) Listen to the game HERE
 Medford 42  Lakeland 0
Stratford 35  Rib Lake/Prentice 0  (Stats)
Abbotsford 40  Thorp 7
Amherst 64  Rhinelander 0
Ashland 13  Mosinee 12
Auburndale 12  Pittsville 8
Bloomer 20  Ladysmith 18
Bruce 60  Mellen 0
Chetek-Weyerhaeuser 46  Hayward 28
Hurley 40  L’Anse, MI  20
Marathon 21 Edgar 9
Northland Pines 24  Ironwood, MI  8
Winter 82  Mercer/Butternut 42
High School Gilrs Volleyball
The Logger volleyball team traveled to Eagle River for a triangular volleyball match last night.   In their first match the Loggers defeated the Wittenberg-Birnamwood Chargers, 2-0, 25-17, 26-24,   The Chargers entered  the matched ranked 3rd ranked in division 3.  In their second match the Loggers defeated the host team , the Northland Pines Eagles 2-0 25-19,  26-24.  Leading the Loggers were Courtney Shipley with 12 attack kills and Amanda Loomis with 9,  JoJo Baratka 37 assists, Defensively CC Fuhr led in digs with 28 with Baratka 24 and Morgan Edwards 23.  The Loggers host the Logger invitational starting at 900 a m on Saturday.
Boys Soccer
Phillips defeated Three Lakes at Three Lakes on Thursday, September 22, by a score f 3-0. Scoring for the Logger’s were Cole Vyskocil, assisted by Mark Cummings, Cade Rose, assisted by Seth Gehrke, and Vyskocil, assisted by Rose.Willie Reukauf had the shutout in goal for the Loggers, who moved into sole first place in the conference with a 4-0 conference record. Overall, the Logger’s record is now 7-3.
Rhinelander 5  Lakeland 1
High School Girls Volleyball
Phillips 3  Prentice 0   (25-14, 25-12, 29-27)
JoJo Baratka 37 assists
Morgan Edwards 17 digs
Megan Polster 23 attached kills and Courtney Shipley 10
CC Fuhr had 3 aces and JoJo Baratka 4
Mosinee 3  Lakeland 0
Boys Soccer
Phillips 6   Washburn/Bayfield/South Shore 0
Scoring for Phillips
Cole Vyskocil (3)
Jed Miller
Cade Rose
Seth Gehrke
Cross Country
Wausau Invitational
Chequamegon girls take 3rd place…..Complete Results HERE
Chequamegon boys take 1st place…Complete Results HERE
Gilrs Volleyball
@ South Shore Invitational
Chequamegon goes 4-1 on the day, taking 2nd place, defeating South Shore, Solon Springs, Northwoods and Hurley.    Lost to tournament champion Mercer
Butternut placed 3rd in a 6 team tournament today in Phelps.  The teams were Butternut, Phelps, St. Thomas Aquinas, 3 Lakes JV, Wisconsin Valley Lutheran, and Lena.  Butternut placed first in our pool beating Phelps in 2 sets 25-8, 25-13.  Then we beat St. Thomas Aquinas in 2 sets 25-20, 25-13.  “The girls came ready to play.  Our digging was the best it’s been so far  and we were very aggressive at the net.  They played with a lot of excitement and stayed focused the entire day.”
We then played Wisconsin Valley Lutheran who was 2nd seed in the other pool.  We lost in 3 sets 20-25, 25-20, 10-15.  “We struggled a bit with communication and digging up their strong hits.  It was difficult getting strong attacks when we were struggling getting the ball to our setters.”
We then played St. Thomas Aquinas again for 3rd/4th place and beat them in 2 sets 25-16, 25-17. “Overall I was very proud of how the girls played today.  They mentally stayed tough and positive the entire day.  We continue to get stronger in fundamentals and they are working and communicating much better as a team.”
Danielle Koch led the team in kills for the day with 20.  Grace Wegner followed with 13 and Gabby McCorison with 11.  Both Taylar Bortz and Grace Wegner notched 7 aces for the day.  Danielle Koch and Gabby McCorison had 36 digs with Mikayla Kekoanui following with 32.  Both Taylar Bortz and Gabby McCorison had multiple assists for the day setting very well and consistent.
High School Football
Auburndale  39  Phillips 0 (Listten to game HERE)
Stratford 60   Chequamegon 6 (Final)
Marathon 27   Prentice/Rib Lake 13  (Click HERE for stats)
Lakeland 20  Rhinelander 14
Abbotsford 49  Newman Catholic 7
Chetek-Weyerhaeuser  53  Ladysmith 14
Edgar 49  Tomahawk 0
Hayward /LCO  33  Spooner 0
Huurley 36  Northland Pines 19
Medford 18  Merrill 0
Webster 14  Flambeau 0
High School Girls Volleyball
Butternut won a home conference match against Hurley tonight in 3 sets 25-17, 25-23, 25-10.
We played 3 JV sets and won the match 25-22, 21-25, 15-7.
“The girls played a great match tonight.  They were communicating well and moving better to the ball.  They stayed positive and confident.  Our digging and serve receiving have really improved from the beginning of the season which is leading to more aggressive net play.”
Gabby McCorison led the night with 15 digs, 6 kills, and 3 serve aces.  Danielle Koch had 9 digs and 9 kills.  Chelsea Wegner had 4 serve aces.  Taylar Bortz had 7 kills.
High School Gilrs Volleyball
Logger volleyball defeated abbots ford Falcons 3-1 25″21, 27-25. 16-25 26-24
Overall record 11-2  conference 2-0
Courtney Shipley 11 attack kills and Megan Polster 8
Megan Polster 4.5 blocks
JoJo Baratka 25 assists
Morgan Edwards 34 digs
Callie Podmolik 3ace serves
High School Girls Volleyball
Butternut  lost a conference match at Drummond  25-19, 25-18, 25-19.
Prentice over Phillips 25-14, 25-12, 25-21
Korrie Herbst led all hitters with 8 kills followed by Jacinda Pritzl with 5 and Kayla Herbst with 4.
Kayla Herbst had 12 assists
Korrie led the team in digs and pass assists with 8 of each.
Kayla had 3 service aces
High School Football
Rib Lake/Prentice 39  Phillips 6 (Stats)
The Rib Lake/Prentice Hawks kept their record perfect at 4-0 in the Marawood Conference with a 39-6 victory over the Phillips Loggers. Rib Lake/Prentice build a 39-0 advantage on a 25 yard touchdown by Taylor Brayton, a 47 yard touchdown pass from Taylor Brayton to Cody Blomberg, a 4 yard touchdown run by Colt Logan, a 4 yard touchdown run by Kai Vedder, a 64 yard touchdown run by Colt Logan and a 2 yard run by Kai Vedder.   The Phillips Loggers had no quit in them and scored on the final play of the game when quarterback, Derek Petruzalek hooked up with Dakota Olson on 5 yard touchdown pass. The Phillips Loggers record now stands at 0-4 in the Marawood Conference. 
Pittsville 38   Chequamegon 24
Kingsford, MI   35    Lakeland 0
Abbotsfor 41  Owen-Withee 20
Cameron 26 Flambeau 6
Hayward 55  Ladysmith 20
Marathon 33  Tomahawk 13
Medford 35  Mosinee 7
Stratford 7  Edgar 6
Winter 80  Birchwood 52
Boys Soccer 9/9/16
Phillips 4   Lakeland 2
High School Volleyball
Abbotsford 3  Chequamegon 1
Phillips 3  Athens 0 (21-15, 25-21, 25-15, 25-22)
Butternut 3   Lac Courte Oreilles 0
          (25-18, 25-7, 25-10)
Lakeland 3  Ashland 0
Girls Tennis
Lakeland 7   Phillips 0
Cross Country
Marshfield Columbus Invitational Results
High School Football
Edgar 62  Phillips 6
Auburndale 42  Chequamegon 6 (Listen to Game)
Rib Lake/Prentice 28  Pittsville 14 (Stats)
Stratford 62  Tomahawk 7
 Merrill 37  Lakeland 14
Assumption 35 Athens 0
Bloomer 39  Spooner 6
Cumberland 43  Ladysmith 24
Hayward 38  Barron 8
Marahton 19  Colby 6
Medford 49  Ashland 28
Mosinee 27  Rhinelander 7
Northwood 48  Bruce 0
Prairie Farm 49  Winter 6
High School Football
Butternut/Mercer  46  Bowler/Gresham 28
Cross Country
Chequamegon, Phillips and Butternut @ Bruce Invitational
For Complete Results, Click HERE
Girls Volleyball
Phillips 3  Drummond 0
25-10, 25-5, 25-5
–Loggers were lead by:
JoJo Baratka with 27 assists, and 5 ace serves
Morgan Edwards 12 digs
Courtney Shipley 7 spike kills
Girls Volleyball
Prentice Update (From Coach Murphy)
Prentice has gotten a pretty good start on the volleyball season losing 3 matches at the Spencer Invitational Tournament 8/23 to Spencer, McDonnell and Stanley Boyd, but I’m happy to say we competed in every match. We lost a few sets 26-24.  Thursday we went to Three Lakes and beat them, and Gresham before losing to Mercer in a 3 set match.  We took the 1st set 25-23, lost the 2nd 25-18 and couldn’t finish in the 3rd, losing 15-8.  Saturday, we hosted a tournament in Prentice.  Beating Butternut, Flambeau, Three Lakes and Gilman before losing to Tournament Champs Ladysmith.  Senior middle hitter Brianna Schellin had a great day averaging 4 kills per set and 2 service aces per set.
High School Football
Chequamegon 16  Neillsville/Granton 13
Tomahawk 40  Phillips 6 (Stats)
Rib Lake/Prentice 44  Auburndale 7 (Stats)
Bloomer 16  Lakeland 12
Abbotsford 21  Assumption 20
Athens 40  Gilman 13
Baldwin-Woodville 54  Spooner 13
Calumet, MI  14  Northland Pines 0
Chippewa Falls 47  Medford Area 21
Edgar 50  Pittsville 0
Hayward 48  Ashland 24
Hurley 37  Ironwood, MI   0
Ladysmith 39  Flambeau 22
Northwoods/Solon Springs 70  Winter 12
Prairie Farm 46  Mellen 20
Rhinelander 31  Wittenburg-Birnamwood 13
Stratford 24  Marathon 13
Sevestapol 36  Butternut/Mercer 8
Cross Country
For Timm’s Hill Invitational Results Click HERE
For Chequamegon Cross Country @ Ashland Results Click HERE
High School Football Scores
Junior Varsity
Chequamegon 50   Rib Lake/Prentice 8
Merrill 22  Lakeland 20
Prentice/Rib Lake 39  Chequamegon 16 (Game Stats)
Bruce 50  Mercer/Butternut 23
Hayward 40  Lakeland 7
Abbotsford 49  Greenwood 6
Athens 32  Newman Catholic 0
Edgar 35  Auburndale 0
Hurley 49  Washburn/Bayfield/South Shore 8
Lake Holcombe/Cornell 27  Flambeau 6
Northwestern 13  Ashland 6
Pittsville 32  Tomahawk 30
Rhinelander 27  Prescott 8
Rice Lake 40  Medford Area 26
Stanley-Boyd 35  Stratford 7
Phillips 64  Marathon 0
       The Marathon Red Raiders started the 2016 season and defense of their Marawood Conference football championship in grand style by blanking the Phillips Loggers by a score of 64-0. The Phillips Loggers had strong performances by Brandon Huettl, Dillion Geboy and Dakota Haberman but were unable to sustain drives. On the defense side of the ball Tanner Riley played a strong game for Phillips. But the Marathon Red Raiders scored early and easily outdistanced the Phillips Loggers. Marathon quarterback Donovan Free threw for three touchdown passes and scampered  14 yards for another score. Mitchell Putnam had two touchdown runs as did Dylan Seehafer and a 51 yard touchdown pass from Carter Hanke to Cameron Schilling completed the scoring. Marathon will face Stratford next Friday night as Phillips travels to Tomahawk to take on the Hatches in Marawood Conference action.
Sectional Semi-Finals @ Durand
Unity  5  Chequamegon 3 (final)

The Chequamegon Screaming Eagles baseball season came to an end in the Division 3 sectional semi-final losing to the Unity Eagles by a score of 5-3.

Unity scored one run in the first inning without getting a single hit. They then added three more runs in the third on hits by Phillips Sorensen, Austin Donahue and Hunter Pederson. Like a true regional champion the Chequamegon Screaming Eagles clawed their way back into the game scoring one run in the third and two more in the fourth inning. Key hits were delivered by Dakota Holman and Hunter Schienebeck. With a tight game with Unity leading 4-3, the Eagles of Unity were able to add an insurance run in the 6th inning and earn a hard fought 5-3 victory.
The leading hitter for Unity was Hunter Pederson who went three for four. Chequamegon was only able to get four hits and two of those belonged to Dakota Holman.
Winning pitcher for Unity was Nate Heisted who gave up three runs on four hits, while striking out 8 and walking 7.
Taking the loss for Cheqqamegon was Caleb Armstrong. Caleb pitched will enough to win giving up 4 earned runs on 6 hits while issuing only 2 walks and striking out 11 but the Screaming Eagle bats just did not come alive to give him the needed run support.
State Track Meet in La Crosse
6/3/16 to 6/4/16
Kevin Koski – Chequamegon….4th in 1600m and 6th in 3200m
Hailey Bebeau – Chequamegon …..14th in 800m
Jesse Isaacson – Prentice…..2nd in High Jump
Tyler Bianga – Mercer – 15th in Shot Put
Cheyenne Hawkins – Prentice – 7th in Triple Jump
Sydney Thompson – Mercer – 1st Place in Shot Put and 2nd in the Discus
Sarah Kirchoff – Mercer…..13th in the Discus
Boys Baseball

Butternut-Mercer ended their season with a heartbreaking loss at Drummond last night, 4-3.  Trailing 1-0 in the bottom of the 4th, Drummond manufactured all 4 of their runs for a 4-1 lead.  B/M responded in the 5th with RBI singles by Riley Christian and Trevor Pollitt to close to 4-3.  Drummond ace Colin Mergen went the distance for the win, scattering 10 hits in the gutty performance.  Butternut Senior Riley Christian closed out his career with a big game, leading the way with 3 hits and defensively throwing out the only runner to attempt to steal on him.  Trevor Pollitt added two hits.  Seth Scherwinski pitched well in the tough luck loss.

B/M closes out the season at 12-10 overall.  Drummond (12-5) travels to Hurley for the Regional final tonight.

Boys Golf
Sectionals @ Pine Valley in Marathon
Sectionals @ Grantsburg
Grantsburg 15  Chequamegon 0

The Screaming Eagles softball season came to an end with a 15-0 loss to Grantsburg in the Division Three Sectional semi-final in 4 innings.

Olivia Tucker for the Grantsburg Pirates gave up only one hit, and struck out six while issuing no walks in the victory. Grantsburg came out swing scoring four runs in the first, four in the second, three in the third and four in the fourth.  Key hits for Grantsburg were a two run home run by MacKenna Johnson in the second inning and a three run shot by Olivia Tucker in the 4th inning.
Kenzie Dane took the loss for the Screaming Eagles giving up 13 hits and 4 walks.  The sole hit for the Screaming Eagles was a double by Emily Ernest in the second inning. Defensively the Screaming Eagles were lead by Emily Mader behind the plate who time and again blocked pitches that prevented Pirate runners from advancing on the basepath.
The Chequamegon Screaming Eagles end a successful season that saw them winning a Division Three Regional Championship.
Girls Softball
5/27/16 Regional Final
Grantsburg 7  Phillips 1

The Grantsburg Pirates showed why they are the second ranked softball team in Division 3 as they defeated the Phillips Loggers by a score of 7-1 to win the Division 3 Regional Final and advance to Sectionals.

The Phillips Loggers had one of their most successful seasons but on this rainy afternoon were no match for Grantsburg. The game started with a boom as Olivia Tucker of Grantsburg hit a two run homer over the left field scoreboard to give the Pirates a 2-0 lead in the first inning. Phillips was able to cut the lead in half in the second inning when they scored a run without a hit. JoJo Baratka was hit by a pitch and the proceeded to steal second. After two wild pitches charged to Grantsburg pitcher. Olivia Tucker,  JoJo raced across  the plate with the only Logger run of the game. Grantsburg put the game away in the 3rd inning when they scored 4 runs on three hits and then in the 4th inning added their final run.
Olivia Tucker pitched a complete game victory for Grantsburg giving up one run on only two hits. She struck out 8 and walked one. Morgan Edwards of Phillips was the losing pitcher giving up seven runs on seven hits. She struck out six and walked six.
Playing their final game for the Phillips Loggers were graduating seniors Makala Williams, Brooke Spacek and Jade Scholz.
Chequamegon 13  Clayton/Turtle Lake 12
Sectonal Track
Girls Tournament Softball
Chequamegon 3, Chetek-Weyerhaeuser 1
Mackenzie Dane threw a three-hit gem and rapped a two-run double in a 3-1 Chequamegon victory over Chetek-Weyerhaeuser High School in WIAA Div. 3 regional semifinal play on Thursday, May 26, at the Park Falls Athletic Complex.
Dane needed just 76 pitches, fanning five and walking none. Her two-run double broke a scoreless tie in the fifth inning. Hannah Borne led off the inning with a single and Klaudia Swanson was hit by a pitch. Emily Mader advanced the runners with a sacrifice bunt ahead of Dane’s two-out blast to the fence. Emily Ernest followed with an RBI double over third base.
Chetek-Weyerhaeuser scored an unearned run in the seventh ahead of a 5-3-2 game-ending double play.
Phillips 10  Cameron 0

In Division Three Regional semi-finals the Phillips Loggers defeated the Cameron Comets in a 5 inning game. With the victory the Loggers advance to face Grantsburg in the regional finals with a trip to sectional play at stake.

Phillips scored three runs in the second inning on base hits by Makala Williams, Brooke Spacek, JoJo Baratka and Jade Scholz. Phillips added six runs in the 4th inning on the strength of five singles and doubles by Morgan Edwards, Ashley Kilty and JoJo Baratka. Phillips scored another run in the bottom of the fifth inning to end the game and advance to the regional final.
Winning pitcher was Morgan Edwards who only gave up two hits, issued no walks and struck out three in shutting out the Cameron Comets.  Losing pitcher was Cassidy Crotteau who gave up 10 runs on 14 hits while striking out two and walking three.
Leading the hit parade for the Phillips Loggers was Makala Williams who went three for three and Morgan Edwards, JoJo Baratka and Jade Scholz who each had two hits.
Boys Baseball
Phillips 2  Hurley 1
Boys Regional Golf
For Results Click HERE
Girls Regional Softball
The Division Three regional semi-final  softball game between the Cameron Comets and the Phillips Loggers was suspended in the top of the first inning because of thunderstorms and heavy rain. The game will be resumed on Thursday, May 26, with Cameron batting with two out and no one on base.
Girls Regional Softball
The Chequamegon vs. Chetek/Weyerhaeuser game was also postponed in the 2nd inning.  The game will resume Thursday at 430pm in Park Falls.
Chequamegon 14  Ladysmith 3
Mackenzie Dane’s three-run homer in the bottom of the fifth inning ended the game via the run rule. Dane was 3-for-4 on the night with a double, home run and seven runs batted in.
Tess Richard was 2-for-2 with a double and two RBI. Emily Mader and Remi Orr had two hits each and Korrie Herbst drove in a pair of runs.
Dane notched the win in the circle, allowing eight hits and walking one. She fanned two.
Phillips 15  Webster/Siren 0

In first round Division 3 regional softball action the Phillips Loggers defeated Webster-Siren by a score of 15-0 in a 4 inning game.

The winning pitcher for Phillips was Morgan Edwards who gave up only one hit, walked one and struck out seven. Taking the loss for Webster-Siren was Allie Webster who gave up 15 runs on 14 hits, walked three and struck out one.
Seven of the nine position players for Phillips had hits and were lead by Brooke Spacek who went two for three including a double, Morgan Edwards who went three for three including a double, Loren Sauter who went three for three including a double and Makala Williams who went three for four including two long homeruns. 
With the victory Phillips advances to the Division Three Regional semi-final which will be played in Phillips on Wednesday.
Regional Golf
The Chequamegon golf team will be advancing to Sectional in Pine Valley on 05-31-2016.  The team ended up in 3rd place with a score of 368.  Hurley took 1st with a 358, Birchwood came in 2nd with a 359, and Washburn came in 4th with a 386.
Regional Track Results
Boys Baseball
Chequamegon 13  Stratford 9
Girls Softball
Chequamegon 16, @ Ashland 4
Kayla Herbst had two hits and three RBI, Hannah Borne had two hits, Klaudia Swanson and Mackenzie doubled and drove in three runs and Korrie Herbst drove in a pair in Chequamegon’s 16-4 victory at Ashland on Friday, May 20.
Dane worked two innings and Eva Pasewald allowed just an unearned run in three innings in the circle.
Boys Baseball
Chequamegon 4  Abbotsford 2
WP – Calem Armstrong – 12K’s
Leading Hitters:  Elijah Zilke and Caleb Armstrong – 2 hits each.
Butternut-Mercer travelled to Drummond for a DH on Friday, May 20th and came away with 2 well played victories to take over sole possession of 2nd place in the conference.
In game one, Seth Scherwinski pitched 7 solid innings for the win giving up 4 hits, 4 walks and striking out 8.  With Drummond leading 1-0 in the third, Jace Scherwinski singled to score John Lynch and Josh Brown for a 2-1 lead.  Drummond responded in the bottom half to tie the game.  In the top of the 4th B/M took the lead back when John Lynch singled in Trevor Pollitt and then Josh Brown followed with his second hit in the game to score Aaron Luse.  Scherwinski held Drummond scoreless from there for the 4-2 win.
In game two, Jace Scherwinski also went the distance for the win, giving up 4 hits, 3 walks and 6 K’s.  Butternut provided a little more offense with Carter Christian, Riley Christian, and Seth Scherwinski each getting 2 hits in a balanced 13 hit attack.  Drummond scored  a run in the top of the first, but B/M responded with 3 of their own in the bottom half.  Josh Brown and Jace Scherwinski singled, Seth Scherwinski doubled down the line to score both, and Riley Christian followed with an RBI single.  B/M busted the game open with 3 in the fourth highlighted by Isaac Wegner’s suicide squeeze with 2 strikes.  B/M cruised from there with an 8-2 win.
“We rebounded from our poor showing in Prentice the night before.  We played well tonight and deserved to win both games.  I’m proud of all the guys for how they responded and hung in there tonight.”
B/M finishes the season in 2nd place in the Indianhead Conference (10-4, 11-9) and will host Bayfield as a 3 seed in the first round of Regional play on Thursday.
Boys Baseball
Ashland 10  Chequamegon 5
Prentice 10  Butternut/Mercer 0
Girls Softball
Medford 14, @ Chequamegon 3
Medford blasted six home runs in a 14-3 victory over the Chequamegon High School softball team on Tuesday at the Park Falls Athletic Complex.
Emily Mader and Emily Ernest had RBI singles in the third inning for the Screaming Eagles. Ally Derr doubled and scored on Brooklyn Hanson’s triple in the sixth.
Tess Richard had two of Chequamegon’s 10 hits.
Boys Baseball
Tomahawk 7  Lakeland 6
Phillips 6  Edgar 0
The Phillips Loggers defeated the Edgar Wildcats by a score of 6-0 in Marawood North Conference action. Phillips now stands at 6-6 in conference play and Edgar falls to 4-6. Austin Edwards got the win on the mound going four innings and giving up only 1 hit, striking out 4 and walking one batter. Trent Sauter pitched the last three innings givin gup 2 hits and striking out two. Losing pitcher for Edgar was Shawn Bunkelman who went three innings and gave up 5 runs on 4 hits. He struck out one and walked 3.  The leading hitter for Phillips was Brandon Huettl who went two for three. The big hit of the game was a bases loaded triple by Collin Krause that cleared the bases and proved to be the game winning hit as it gave Phillips a 3-0 lead .
Boys Baseball
Chequamegon 8  Phillips 0
Butternut/Mercer  15  Solon Springs 7
Solon Springs and Butternut-Mercer met in Butternut last night, both teams coming in 7-4 in the conference and looking for a chance at 2nd place.  B/M never trailed, scoring 6 times in the first inning, and 6 more in the sixth to win 15-7.  Riley Christian got the win on the mound, Jace Scherwinski pitched 4 innings with 10K’s in relief for the save.  Carter Christian with 2 hits, Jace Scherwinski with 2 hits, a double and 3 runs scored in the game.  Riley Christian goes 3 for 4 with 4 RBI.  Seth Scherwinski and Trevor Pollitt with 2 RBI each.  John Lynch scored 3 runs.  B/M (8-4, 9-8) will play a JV contest at Chequamegon tonight, game time 6:00.  They finish out the regular season at Prentice on Thursday and then a big conference DH at Drummond on Friday.  Regional play starts May 26th with them as a 3 seed hosting Bayfield.
Girls Softball
Phillips 9  Chequamegon 5
In an exciting Marawood North conference softball game the Phillips Loggers defeated the Chequamegon Screaming Eagles by a score of 9-5.
Phillips built a 4-0 lead thanks to a a three run double by Brooke Spacek in the 3rd inning. But the Screaming Eagles came storming back when they scored 5 runs in the 4th inning on three walks, a Phillips error and  singles by Kenzie Dane, Emily Ernest, and Hannah Borne. Phillips tied the score in the 5 th inning on a solo home run off the bat of Makala Williams and then put the game away in the 6th inning when they scored 4 runs in the 6h inning on one walk and hits by Jade Scholz, Megan Polster, Morgan Edwards and Makala Williams.
Kenzie Dane took the loss for Chequamegon giving up 9 runs on 11 hits. She struck out 4 and walked 3.  The winning pitcher was Phillips Morgan Edwards who gave up 5 runs on 6 hits while striking out 3 and walking 4. The leading hitter for the night was Makala Williams of the Phillips Loggers who went 4 for 4 with 2 doubles, a triple and a home run.
Confernence Track
@ Abbotsford
Kevin Koski named boys MVP
Boys: (For Individual Results Click HERE)
1st) Edgar  169
2nd)  Chequamegon 145
3rd)  Athens   112
4th)  85.5
5th)  Phillips 59.5
6th)  Abbotsford 54
7th)  Prentice 44
Girls: (For Individual Results Click HERE)
1st)  Edgar    196
2nd)  Abbotsford 116.50
3rd)  Athens  113
4th)  Chequamegon  106.5
5th)  Rib Lake 68
6th)  Prentice 54
7th)  Phillips 25
Girls Soccer
Lakeland 5  Amherst/Iola/Scandinavia 4
Boys Golf 5/16/16
@ Mellen
1st)  Chequamegon
Medalist – Zach Carper – Chequamegon –  79
Rick Ernst 90
Trevor Theis 95
Boys Baseball
Superior 10  Chequamegon 3
Phillips 6  Rib Lake 0
Abbotsford 3  Prentice 0
Lakeland 13  Northland Pines 3
Butternut-Mercer  11  Bayfield 0
Butternut-Mercer took care of business, defeating Bayfield at home last night 11-0 in 5 innings.  Seth Scherwinski went the distance tossing the 2 hit shutout with 9K’s and 2 walks.  He along Jace Scherwinski, John Lynch, and Trevor Pollitt each had 2 hits at the plate.  Pollitt had 3 RBI’s. 

B/M (7-4, 8-8) host Solon Springs on Monday in their final regular season home game at 4:30, a battle for 2nd place in the conference.


Girls Softball


Athens 13, @ Chequamegon 5

 Athens sent 44 batters to the plate and rapped 18 hits in a 13-5 victory over the Chequamegon High School softball team on Thursday, May 12, at the Park Falls Athletic Complex.
After Athens tallied twice in both the first and second innings, Chequamegon tied the score in the bottom of the second. Korrie Herbst walked and Hannah Borne and Klaudia Swanson hit back-to-back run-scoring doubles. Mackenzie Dane and Emily Ernest finished the inning with RBI singles.
Athens put up a 6-spot in the fifth to pull away.
Dane and Borne had three hits each and Richard had two.

 Girls Tennis


Match 1:  Lakeland 6  Phillips 1

Match 2:   Lakeland 6  Phillips 1


Girls Soccer


Mosinee 1  Lakeland 0


Boys Golf


@ Timber Ridge in Minocqua

1st)  Medford – led by Spenser Scholl with an 81

Lakeland was led by Ben Stockings with an 87



@ Abbotsford 5/12/16

Girls (7 teams)

1st)  Chequamegon    178

2nd)  Abbotsford 156

5th)  Prentice 66


Boys (7 teams)

1st)  Chequamegon 188

2nd)  Abbotsford 147.50

5th)  Prentice)  54

Girls Softball
Chequamegon 11, @ Hurley 3
The Chequamegon High School softball team pounded eight hits in an 8-run sixth inning to break open a close game en route to an 11-3 victory at Hurley in non-conference play on Tuesday, May 19.
Remi Orr launched the hit parade with a double and Mackenzie Dane ripped a three-run double later in the frame. Emily Ernest had an RBI double, Kayla Herbst had two run-scoring singles and Hannah Borne had an RBI single.
Borne tripled and scored on Klaudia Swanson’s bunt single to open the scoring in the game in the third inning. Dane, Orr, Kayla Herbst and Born had two hits each for the Screaming Eagles.
Dane pitched five shutout innings before the Midgets tallied three times in the bottom of the sixth. Eva Pasewald pitched a 1-2-3 seventh.
Boys Baseball
Chequamegon 1  Rib Lake 0 (8 innings)
Phillips 11  Thorp 4
Hurley 20  Butternut/Mercer 2
A battle of conference leaders started out as just that between Butternut-Mercer and Hurley at Hurley last night, with Hurley leading 1-0 entering the bottom of the 3rd.  But from that point on Hurley’s big advantage in experience showed as they dialed in at the plate with some timely big hits, hustle, and execution.  A hit, a walk, double steal, an intentional walk set up back to back perfectly executed suicide squeezes.  That was followed by 3 straight hits from the top of the order to bust the game open for a 9-0 lead. Things continued that way for the 20-2 Hurley win.
Jace Scherwinski took the loss on the mound pitching 3 innings.  Trevor Pollitt and Carter Christian each pitched in the 11 run 4th inning.  Hurley combined 9 hits with 10 walks and 9 B/M errors, most in the 3rd and 4th innings.  John Lynch had 2 of B/M’s 4 hits.
Coach Scherwinski commented, “I think they had something they wanted to prove.  We had an early season win over them.  They came out with a little more focus, a little more intensity.  When things were not going the way they wanted, their experienced team was able to regroup, focus a little more and execute.  We don’t have that ability, yet, to regroup and keep the wheels from falling off after a couple mistakes.”
B/M (6-4, 7-8) host Bayfield on Thursday.
Girls Softball
@ Chequamegon 10, Rib Lake 1
Freshman Eva Pasewald checked Rib Lake on five hits with no walks and six strikeouts in her first varsity start as the Chequamegon High School softball team defeated Rib Lake 10-1 in Marawood North Conference play on Monday, May 9, at the Park Falls Athletic Complex.
Chequamegon rapped 11 hits, including two each by Emily Mader, Emily Ernest, Remi Orr and Kayla Herbst. Herbst had a solo home run and two RBI. Ernest, Orr and Hannah Borne also drove in two runs each.
Boys Golf
@ Northland Pines
1st)  Ashland   346
2nd)  Northland Pines 360
3rd)  Lakeland 363
4th)  Chequamegon 378
5th)  Crandon 438
6th)  Laona-Wabeno 471
7th)  Watersmeet   576
For Chequamegon:
Zach Carper        81
Rick Ernst           97
Trevor Theis      97
Parker Zeman  103
Nick Pinzl          110
@ Ashland
Chequamegon Boys place 4th (Click HERE for complete results)
Chequamegon Girls place 2(Click HERE for complete results)
Boys Baseball
Butternut/Mercer 13   Ironwood, MI   3
Butternut-Mercer defeated Ironwood at home on Friday 13-3 as for the 2nd straight night a big sixth inning brought the 10 run rule.  Seth Scherwinski pitched 5 scoreless innings for the win, before running out of gas in the sixth.  Jace Scherwinski came in to get out of the inning with the score 7-3.  B/M then responded with 6 of their own capped off by Carter Christian’s 2 run single, followed by Riley Christian’s 2 run double. Seth Scherwinski finished the game pitching 5 plus innings, giving up 2 unearned runs, on 5 hits with 8 K’s and 3 walks.  He along with Riley Christian, Jace Scherwinski, and Colin Hartigan all had 2 hits apiece.  Hartigan had 4 RBI on the night.  B/M (6-3, 7-7) travel to Hurley Monday for a key conference showdown, and host Bayfield on Thursday.
Chequamegon 7  Edgar 2
Prentice 2  Phillips 1
The Prentice Buccaneers boys baseball team claimed Price County bragging rights by following up their victory over the Chequamegon Screaming Eagles by defeating the Phillips Loggers by a score of 2-1 in an exciting Marawood North Conference matchup. Prentice scored in the first inning on single by Colt Logan and after advancing to third was driven in  by a single by Alex Ulrich. The Phillips Loggers tied the game at 1-1 in the second when Ben Edwards who had walked scored the tying run. The game remained a 1-1 tie until Prentice got a walk off error in the bottom of the seventh to win 2-2. With two runners on in the seventh as a result of being hit by pitches Tayor Brayton hit a grounder to the second basemen who bobbled the ball and then threw wild to first and Trace Brayton rounded third and never hesitated as he scored the winning run when he crossed the plate. Ryan Giannoi  of Phillips  took the loss coming on in relief in the 5th inning. The winning pitcher for Prentice was Beau Merriman who relieved Colt Logan in the 4th inning. Austin Edwards. Ryan Giannoi, Kyle Karnosh, Ben Edwards, and Jake Giannoi each had singles for Phillips. The Prentice Buccaneers were lead at the plate by Colt Logan, Alex Ulrich, Beau Merriman,Grant Johnson, Dakota Johnson, Logan Parisi and Drew Rhode who each collect singles. With the win the Prentice Buccaneers now have a record of 2-6 in Marawood Conference North and the Phillips Logger record stands at 4-4.
Girls Softball
Chequamegon 12, @ Edgar 2 (6)
Mackenzie Dane twirled a two-hitter and Tess Richard and Kayla Herbst had three hits each in leading the Chequamegon High School softball team to a 12-2 Marawood North Conference victory at Edgar on Friday, May 6.
Dane struck out seven and walked three.
Richard was 3-for-3, scored three runs, stole three bases and drove in a pair of run.
Kayla Herbst had two doubles and drove in two runs.
Korrie Herbst, Emily Mader and Klaudia Swanson had two hits each with Herbst rapping a triple.
Girls Soccer
Lakeland 1   Wausau Newman 0
Indianhead Conference Track Meet
Boys Baseball
Athens 4  Phillips 1
Prentice 9  Chequamegon 8
Butternut/Mercer 16  Mellen 5
Butternut-Mercer returned home for the first time in nearly 3 weeks, ending a 6 game losing streak 16-5 over Mellen in 6 innings.  Trevor Pollitt started on the mound, but received little defensive support as B/M found themselves trailing 5-1 heading to the bottom of the 3rd where the gamed turned as Isaac Wegner tied the game with a clutch 2 out 2 run pinch hit.  B/M kept rolling from there.  Jace Scherwinski pitched the final 2-2/3 innings in relief for the win, giving up 1 hit and striking out 5.  He also had 2 doubles at the plate.  Riley Christian continued his solid hitting and defensive work behind the plate.  Seth Scherwinski had 3 hits and ended the game with a towering 3 run home run in the sixth.
B/M (5-3, 6-7) host Ironwood tonight and travel to Hurley on Monday.
Boys Golf
@ Prentice
Chequamegon takes 1st place.  Zach Carper was the medalist with a 38.  Trevor Theis took 5th place with  a 45.
Great North Conference Golf 

1st Place Antigo  337

2nd Rhinelander 344

3rd Medford 350

4th Mosinee 365

5th Northland Pines 373

6th Tomahawk 392

7th Lakeland 394

Individual medalist score was 2 players tied with and 80.

Lakeland scores were

1. Adam Hammes 46+47=93

2.Ryan Berger 48+53=101

3.Jackson Nomm 53+47=100

4.Adam Lazaroff 49+51=100

5.Jonathon Jurries 54+49=103

Girls Softball
5/5/16 (Listen to the games HERE)
Chequamegon 12, Prentice 0
Chequamegon 23, Prentice 0
The Chequamegon High School softball team swept a Marawood North Conference doubleheader from Prentice on Thursday, May 5, at the Park Falls Athletic Complex.
Mackenzie Dane and Eva Pasewald combined to check the visiting Bucs on one hit on the night.
After two scoreless innings, Chequamegon put 11 runs on the board in the third inning, with Emily Ernest ripping a two-run double. Ernest was 2-for-2 with two doubles and three runs batted in. Emily Mader, Mackenzie Dane and Korrie Herbst had two hits each and Mader, Dane and Remi Orr each drove in a pair of runs.
Dane fanned six in her four innings in the circle, allowing one hit, and Eva Pasewald mopped up.
As the visitors in the nightcap, Chequamegon put up a 10-spot in the first inning, highlighted by Orr’s three-run homer. Dane drove in three runs in the inning with a double and single.
Korrie Herbst was 4-for-4 with a triple and five runs batted in, and Dane, Ernest and Orr had two hits each. Maggie Miller had a two-run triple.
Dane and Pasewald combined for a three-inning no-hitter.
Phillips 7 Athens 1
The Phillips Logger softball team gained a Marawood North victory over Athens last night in Phillips. The Bluejays who are currently ranked number 4 in the state in division 4 suffered their first conference loss of the season 7-1. The Loggers had a great defensive night in the field and Morgan Edwards pitched very well allowing only 6 hits and one walk on the evening. Coach Blake Edwards commented that this was the best all around game the Loggers have had all season. Great defense and solid pitching combined with timely hitting allowed the Loggers to cruise to the victory. Leading the way in hitting was Lorrren Sauter , Makala Williams and Edwards all collecting 2 hits. Jade Scholz had a huge two out hit driving in 2 runs and she led the team with 4 rbi on the evening. Collecting hits also were Ashley Kilty and getting on with two walks and great base running was Jojo Baratka.  The Loggers now face Prentice tonight in another Marawood North contest in Prentice
Girls Softball
Phillips 7  Athens 1
The Phillips Logger softball team gained a Marawood North victory over Athens last night in Phillips. The Bluejays who are currently ranked number 4 in the state in division 4 suffered their first conference loss of the season 7-1. The Loggers had a great defensive night in the field and Morgan Edwards pitched very well allowing only 6 hits and one walk on the evening. Coach Blake Edwards commented that this was the best all around game the Loggers have had all season. Great defense and solid pitching combined with timely hitting allowed the Loggers to cruise to the victory. Leading the way in hitting was Lorrren Sauter , Makala Williams and Edwards all collecting 2 hits. Jade Scholz had a huge two out hit driving in 2 runs and she led the team with 4 rbi on the evening. Collecting hits also were Ashley Kilty and getting on with two walks and great base running was Jojo Baratka.  The Loggers now face Prentice tonight in another Marawood North contest in Prentice.
Boys and Girls @ Rib Lake
Chequamegon Boys and Girls took 1st place
Girls Tennis
Antigo 7  Lakeland 0
Girls Softball
Lakeland 26  Northland Pines 2
Chequamegon 12, Drummond 7
Hannah Borne’s two-run homer closed out a 12-7 Chequamegon victory over the Drummond High School softball team on Tuesday at the Park Falls Athletic Complex.
Chequamegon built an 8-1 lead before Drummond closed to within two with a four-run fifth inning. Borne, Klaudia Swanson and Emily Mader had hits in a two-run fifth for the Screaming Eagles.
Borne also doubled. Mader, Tess Richard and Swanson also had two hits each. Richard had three RBi.
Mackenzie Dane pitched six innings for the win with Eva Pasewald finishing up.
Boys Baseball
Lakeland 11  Medford 2
Girls Soccer
Lakeland 5  Medford 2
Boys Golf
GNC Event (9 holes)
1st)  Medford 174
2nd)  ANtigo  183
3rd)  Rhinelander 185
4th)  Mosinee   186
5th)  Northland Pines 186
6th)  Tomahawk  206
Medalist – Logan Johnson of Rhinelander – 40
Boys Baseball
Athens 6  Chequamegon 5
Abbotsford 6  Phillips 3
Washburn 10  Butternut/Mercer 5
Butternut-Mercer’s struggles on the road continued with a 10-5 loss at Washburn last night.  Jace Scherwinski took the loss pitching 4 innings.  B-M (4-3, 5-7) will play a JV contest tonight at home against Chequamegon at 5:00.  Then they try to right the ship at home against Mellen on Thursday and Ironwood on Friday.
Girls Softball
Rib Lake 6  Prentice 5
Athens 7  Chequamegon 2
The Chequamegon High School softball team managed just three hits in a 7-2 Marawood North Conference loss at Athens on Monday, May 2.
Emily Mader drove in Maggie Miller and Mader scored on an RBI ground out by Tess Richard for Chequamegon’s only tallies in the third inning.
Athens had 11 hits and capitalized on five Chequamegon errors.
Track @ Abbotsford
Chequamegon Boys – 4th Place
Chequamegon Girls – 4th Place
Boys Baseball
Rhinelander 5  Lakeland 4
Wausau East 5  Butternut/Mercer 1
Washburn 8  Butternut/Mercer 4
Butternut-Mercer dropped a pair of games at the Prentice baseball tourney on Saturday, first losing to Wausau East 5-1, and then Cornell-Lake Holcomb 8-4.  Trevor Pollitt and Seth Scherwinski pitched well in game 1 with Pollitt taking the loss.  Riley Christian took the loss in game 2 as he and Carter Christian each had 3 hits in the game.  B-M now 5-6 on the year finish out their long stretch of road games at Washburn tonight.

Chequamegon 7  Hurley 6

Tomahawk 12 Chequamegon 3

Playing the 4th and 5th games of the week the Eagles played much better on Saturday.  Working with a limited amount on pitching innings for the day, the Eagles hung on to win the first game against Hurley 7-6.  Dawson Weik rebounded from a rough start against Abby to give the Eagles 4 solid innings to earn the win.  A Caleb Armstrong 3-run homer made the lead 7-1 going into the 7th. From there the Eagles were able to hang on for the win.  Cole Bay had a great game at the plate going 3 for 3.

Against Tomahawk, Freshman Hunter Minnema pitched 3 no hit innings to start the game before losing a little control in the 4th.  Still the Eagles rebounded to cut the lead to 4-3 in the 6th.  From there the Hatchets bats came alive to pull away at the end.  The defense was much better on Saturday giving the team a positive feeling going forward.


Boys Golf
@ Tomahawk
Chequamegon finished 5th with a 351 team total
Zach Carper of Chequameong was the medalist with a 77
Boys Baseball
Phillips 7  Pines 6
Abbotsford 16 Chequamegon 4
Girls Softball
Phillips 10  Lakeland 0
Chequamegon 18  Ladysmith 7
Kayla Herbst’s three-run homer capped a 18-7 come-from-behind victory over Ladysmith for the Chequamegon High School softball team on Friday, April 29, at the Park Falls Athletic Complex.
Evan Enbelhardt’s grand slam home run staked the Lumberjills to a 7-4 lead in the top of the fourth before the Screaming Eagles forged ahead 8-7 and then broke the game open with a seven-run fifth inning.
Mackenzie Dane was 4-for-5 with a double and triple as Chequamegon rapped 18 hits. Kayla Herbst also doubled and scored four runs and Korrie Herbst hit three doubles and drove in four runs. Tess Richard, Hannah Borne, Brooklyn Hanson and Klaudia Swanson had two hits each.
Track @ Northland Pines
For Girls Results Click HERE
For Boys Results Click HERE
Boys Baseball
Antigo   7   Lakeland 4
Antigo 16  Lakeland 2
Ironwood, MI  1  Butternut/Mercer 1
Phillips 2  Chequamegon 1
In an exciting and well played Marawood North Conference baseball game Phillips defeated Chequamegon by a score of 2-1. Phillips scored first in the second inning when Trent Saunter tripled to deep left center and then scored on a wild pitch.  The score remained 1-0 until the sixth inning when Chequamegon scored the equalizer when Christian Armstrong walked and stole second and third and then scored on a single by Dawnson Weik. In the top of the 7th inning Phillips scored when Bem Edwards singled and advance to third before scoring on a wild pitch and that gave the Phillips Loggers a 2-1 lead that they held onto for the rest of the game.

Caleb Armstrong took the loss for the Chequamegon Screaming Eagles giving up 7 hits, walking 6 and striking out 14 in seven complete innings. Austin Edwards started on the mound for Phillips and went 5 and 1/3 innings giving up one run on only one hit with 8 strikeouts and issuing 4 walks. Picking up the win for the Phillips Loggers in relief was Trent Sauter who pitched the last 1 and 2/3 innings and gave up no hits, issued no walks and struck out 4. 

Dawson Weik and Elijah Zielke both had singles for Chequamegon and Austin Edwards and Trent Sauter each had two hits for Phillips.
  Chequamegon now stands at 3-2 in conference play and Phillips is 2-1 in the  Marawood North Conference
Girls Softball
Rib Lake  7  Colby 2
Chequamegon 8  Phillips 6
The Chequamegon High School softball team rallied for five runs in the third inning and three in the fourth to overcome an early 2-0 deficit and held on for an 8-6 victory over Phillips in Marawood North Conference action on Thursday, April 28, at the Park Falls Athletic Complex.

Emily Mader’s two-run double and Remi Orr’s two-run home run fueled the five run third after Hannah Borne and Klaudia Swanson set the table at the bottom of the order. Borne and Swanson also sparked the three-run fourth, getting on ahead of a two-run single by Mader and RBI by Tess Mader.Phillips answered with three in the top of the fifth and threatened in the sixth but Chequamegon pitcher Mackensie Dane battled to secure the victory in the circle, allowing 10 hits, walking two and fanning two. Mader and Orr had two hits each for Chequamegon. Mader drove in four runs and Richard and Orr, two apiece.

Boys Baseball
Phillips 21  Mellen 0
Mosinee 13  Lakeland 0
Chequamegon 14  Ironwood, MI   4
    WP – Christian Armstrong   S – Hunter Minnema
    3 hits – Christian Armstrong
    2 hits – Cole Bay, Calem Armstrong, Dawson Weik, Kalvin Tank, Hunter Schienebeck
Shell Lake 9  Butternut/Mercer 4
Butternut-Mercer fell on the road at Shell Lake Tuesday 9-4.  Early defensive miscues helped Shell Lake get out to a 6-0 lead after 2 innings.  B-M tightened things up and battled back scoring 2 in the 3rd and 2 more in the fourth with Jace and Seth Scherwinski each with RBI hits to close to 6-4.  Leaving the bases loaded in the 4th and 2 more runners on in the 5th, they could get no closer as Shell Lake added 3 runs in the bottom of the 6th for the 9-4 final.  Shell Lake improves to 5-1, B-M drops to 5-3.  Trevor Pollitt pitched well but took the loss on the mound, Seth Scherwinski threw the final 2 innings.
Girls Softball
Phillips 25  Mellen 5
@ Chequamegon 16, Ashland 1 (3)
Remi Orr had a double and single and drove in four runs to lead the Chequamegon High School softball team to a 16-1 victory over Ashland on Tuesday, April 26, at the Park Falls Athletic Complex.
Klaudia Swanson was also 2-for-2 and drove in a pair of runs and Kayla Herbst rapped a two-run double for the Screaming Eagles. Brooklyn Hanson and Shelby Zillmer scored three runs each.
Mackenzie Dane allowed just one hit, no walks and fanned a pair over three innings for the win in the circle.
Marawood North Boys Golf
@ Park Falls Country Club
1st)  Newman   351
2nd)  Marathon  359
3rd)  Chequamegon 377
4th)  Assumption    381
5th)  Hurley   410
6th)   Prentice 413
Medalist:   Zach Carper – Chequamegon – 79
Great Northern Conference Golf
@ Inshalla GC in Tomahawk
1st)  Antigo     333
Medford    350
3rd)  Tomahawk 356
4th)  Rhinelander   360
5th)  Northland Pines   372
6th)  Lakeland   373
7th) Mosinee    387
Medalist – Spenser Scholl – Medford   74
Girls Soccer
Rhinelander 2  Lakeland 1
Here are the results from week two of the conference shooting league.  The SEaL trap shooting team is now 2-0 overall on the year with a win last week over the Northland Trap Team.  Top shooters:
Varisty Seals: 100 Northland Trap Team 65


Athlete (Top 5) Score Run
 Tesmer, Thomas 24 0
 Hlavacek, Tyler 21 0
 Korab-Madlon, Caleb 19 0
 Yunk, Raymond 19 0
 Mallo, Michaela 17 0



Junior Varsity SEaLs: 94 Northland Trap Team 66


Athlete (Top 5) Score Run
 Edwards, Ben 23 0
 Smith, Robert 21 0
 Heizler, Delton 20 0
 Marlenga, Dayne 17 0
 Revie, Jacob 13 0

Boys Baseball

Athens 10  Butternut 0
After a long week of games, Butternut-Mercer travelled to Athens on Saturday for a Varsity/JV DH and took one on the chin, losing both contests – 10-0 in the Varsity game and 7-0 in the JV game.  
“We looked one step slow all day, probably the result of a long week.  We left runners on base through out the game, just could not get the clutch hit or the last out on defense.”  Marshall Westphal delivered a grand slam in the 3rd inning to extend the lead to 7-0 for Athens to cruise to the win.  Trevor Pollitt took the loss on the mound. 
Boy Baseball
Rib Lake  4  Chequamegon 3
Butternut 12  Mellen 3
The Butternut Mercer baseball team rebounded from their first loss with an impressive 12-3 win at Mellen Friday night.  B/M pounded out 13 hits to back a solid night on the mound by Jace Scherwinski. Riley Christian and Scherwinski each with 3 hits. Carter Christian, Josh Brown and Colin Hartigan each with 2 hits. B/M improves to 4-1,5-1.
Girls Softball
Chequamegon 12, @ Rib Lake 2 (6)
Mackenzie Dane allowed just one hit with no walks and seven strikeouts over five innings in a 12-2 Chequamegon victory at Rib Lake on Friday, April 22.
Kayla Herbst was 3-for-3 with a double and two RBI and Emily Ernest was 2-for-3 with a double and four runs batted in. Dane had two of Chequamegon’s 11 hits.
Boys Baseball
Lakeland 7  Tomahawk 4
Solon Springs 5  Butternut/Mercer 4
Riley Christian and Seth Scherwinski combined on a no-hitter last night at Solon Springs(3-2, 3-2), but 9 walks, 3 errors and mistakes the base paths enabled Solon to hand B/M their first loss, 5-4.  Jace Scherwinski had 2 hits for B/M.  Jake Hill, Riley Christian, and Seth Scherwinski each with RBI’s.  Scherwinski took the loss on the mound.  B/M (3-1, 4-1) try to bounce back at Mellen tonight, then travel to Athens for a DH on Saturday.
Girls Softball
Medford 13  Lakeland 3 (4 inn)
Boys Baseball
Chequamegon 9  Edgar 5
Phillips 13  Prentice 4
Lakeland 12  Northland Pines 1
Butternut/Mercer 7  Washburn 2
The young Butternut-Mercer baseball team picked up an impressive win over a good Washburn team last night at home 7-2.  Jace Scherwinski had a big night, tossing a complete game 2 hitter with 12K’s.  He also delivered at the plate.  With a scoreless game in the bottom of the 3rd, John Lynch and Carter Christian both worked for walks, the Scherwinski delivered a 3 run home run to left.  Riley Christian was hit by a pitch and Trevor Pollitt delivered another key hit with a triple in the left field gap.  He later scored on a pick off attempt when he was able to get under the tag at the plate for a 5-0 lead.  B/M added another run in the 4th when Charlie Hirtreiter walked, then stole 2nd and 3rd base before scoring on a Seth Scherwinski single.  Washburn responded with 2 in the 5th on a couple of RBI ground outs, but that would be all they could muster.  B/M added an insurance run in the 6th as Seth Scherwinski doubled down the left field line and Carter Christian followed him with an RBI single up the middle to make the score 7-2.  Jace Scherwinski set Washburn down in order in the 7th for the win.  Trevor Pollitt and Seth Scherwinski continued their hot hitting each going 2 for 3 at the plate.  Carter Christian, Charlie Hirtreiter, and Josh Brown each making some key defensive plays to end any Washburn scoring threats.B/M, now 4-0 (3-0 conference) face a tough road stretch with some make up games, playing at Solon Springs on Thursday, Mellen on Friday, Athens on Saturday, a big conference DH at Drummond on Monday and then Shell Lake on Tuesday.

 Girls Softball


@ Chequamegon 18, Edgar 11
Fastpitch guru Bob Tomlinson of the Fastpitch Chronicle always says if you want to see something you’ve never seen before, hang around a ballpark.
Such was the case Tuesday as the Chequamegon High School Softball team rallied from deficits of 8-0 and 9-4 for an 18-11 Marawood North Conference victory over the visiting Edgar Wildcats at the Park Falls Athletic Complex.
Trailing 8-0, the Screaming Eagles put up a 4-spot in the bottom of the third, sparked by bunt singles by Klaudia Swanson and Emily Mader.
After Edgar scored an unearned run, the Chequamegon bats got rockin’ in the bottom of the fourth with eight hits in a 10-run rally to pull the Screaming Eagles ahead 14-9. Tess Richard, Emily Ernest and Mader ripped two-run doubles in the frame. Chequamegon tacked on four runs in the fifth and overcame a shaky seventh to secure the victory.
Richard had three hits and drove in five runs. Remi Orr and Swanson also had three hits, and Mader, Ernest and Kayla Herbst had two apiece. Mackenzie Dane battled through some tough situations to emerge with her fourth victory of the season.
Phillips 13  Prentice 0

The Phillips Loggers scored 9 runs in the 3rd inning and went onto a 13-0 victory over Prentice in a five inning  Marawood North Conference softball game.

Morgan Edwards of Phillips went the distance giving up only three hits while striking out 8 and walking one to earn the victory. Brianna Schellin took the loss for Prentice giving up all 13 run on 12 hits while striking out 1 and walking 3.
Kiah Kalander, Lanie Logan and Mia Parisi all collected singles for the Prentice team.  All 9 starters for the Phillips Loggers collect at least one hit and Ashley Kilty, Makala Williams, and Michaela Ericksen had two hits each.
Phillips record how stands at 5-2 overall and 1-1 in the Marawood North conference and Prentice falls to 0-3 overall and 0-2 in conference play.
Girls Soccer
Mosinee 2  Lakeland 1
Boys Golf
The Chequamegon golf team went to Prentice yesterday for a 4 school meet vs. Tomahawk, Hurley and Prentice.  Chequamegon took first place.  Rick Ernst was the medalist with a 40 and Zach  Carper was tied for 2nd with a 41.  Parker Zeman had a 48 and Trevor Theis had a 49.
Boys Baseball
Phillips 19  Three Lakes 0
Butternut/Mercer 12  Bayfield 1 (5 inn)
Trevor Pollitt pitched complete game 2 hits, 2 walks, 7 k’s.  Isaac Wegner with 2 hits and RBI. Seth Scherwinski 3 rbi.  3-0, 2-0 conference.
Girls Softbll
Chequamegon 22, @ Hayward 0 (5 innings)
Emily Ernest blasted a first-inning grand slam and went 4-for-5 with eight RBI in a 22-0 Chequamegon victory at Hayward on Monday.
Korrie Herbst had two doubles and drove in five runs and Remi Orr had a triple, double and two RBI.
Kayla Herbst and Klaudia Swanson also had two hits and Emily Mader scored three runs
Mackenzie Dane was touched for just one hit, fanning eight in the five-inning win.
Medford 8  Phillips 6
The Medford Red Raiders defeated Phillips in girls softball by a score of 8-6. Picking up the win for Medford was Sydney Elsner who pitched a complete game. She struck out 5 and gave up 7 walks as well as11 hits. Jenice Clausnitver was the leading hitter for Medford as she had 2 singles in five at bats. The losing pitcher for Phillips was Brooke Spacek who came in relief of Morgan Edwards and pitched the final four innings. The Loggers had their opportunities as they left 15 runners on the base paths. Leading hitters for Phillips were Loren Sauter who had four hits and Makala Williams who added two hits.  Loren Sauter also made two outstanding catches in center field. Medford’s record now stands at 4-1 on the season and the Phillips Logger record is 4-2.
4/18/16 @ Park Falls
Girls (click here for indidvidual results)
1st)  Chequamegon   219.5
2nd)  Rib Lake 144
3rd)  Hurley 89
4th)  Mercer  86
5th)  Phillips 70.5
Boys (click here for individual results)
1st)  Chequamegon 178
2n)  Hurley 159
3rd)  Rib Lake 127
4th)  Phillips 107.5
5th)  Mercer 39
Chequamegon 22, @ Hayward 0 (5 innings)
Emily Ernest blasted a first-inning grand slam and went 4-for-5 with eight RBI in a 22-0 Chequamegon victory at Hayward on Monday.
Korrie Herbst had two doubles and drove in five runs and Remi Orr had a triple, double and two RBI.
Kayla Herbst and Klaudia Swanson also had two hits and Emily Mader scored three runs
Mackenzie Dane was touched for just one hit, fanning eight in the five-inning win.
The Screaming Eagles open Marawood North Conference play today (Tuesday, April 19), hosting Edgar at 4:45 p.m. at the Park Falls Athletic Complex.
Boys Baseball
Chequamegon 9  7  Ladysmith 6
Cheq 7 – Ladysmith 6 (9 innings)  Freshman pitcher Luke Minnema shut out the Lumberjacks for 5 innings before tiring in the 6th.  The game turned into a seesaw affair as Ladysmith tied the game in the bottom of the 7th and 8th innings with 2 outs each time. In the 9th Caleb lead off with a triple and Christian drove him in with a RBI single.  Dawson Weik came in the bottom of the 9th to get the save.  The offense was led by Kalvin Tank and Austin Hilgart who each got 2 hits to lead an 8-hit attack.Cheq 3 – Mauston 14   
     In the final game of the Tourney, the Eagles came out flat against Mauston and fell behind 7-0 after one inning.  The Eagles never recovered, but overall had a very good week going 4 and 1.
Boys Golf
@ Medford (12 teams)
1st)   Wausau East 336
2nd)  Medford 337
3)  Menomonie 339
4th)  ANtigo 361
5th)  Northland Pines  369
6th)  Chequamegon   379
For Chequamegon:
Zach Carper – 74 (tied for medalist honors)
Rick Ernst – 87
Trevor Theis – 102
Nick Pinzl – 116
Erik Tank – 149
SEAL Trapshooting Team
vs. Bruce
TEAM SEAL 96  Bruce 95
Tyler Hlavacek 23
Matthew Yurinich 23
Dylan Borne 17
Josie Gotz 15
TEAM SEAL 92  Bruce 47
Ben Edwars 22
Delton Heizler 20
Jacob Revie 20
Robert Smith 16
Dayne Marlenga 14
Girls Softball
Athens 6  Phillips 4
JV – Rhinelander 15 – LUHS 2
JV2 Rhinelander 20 – LUHS 0
Varsity Rhinelander  32 – LUHS 0 
 Chequamegon 10, Crandon 0
Sophomore Mackenzie Dane allowed one hit over five innings while fanning 10 as the Chequamegon High School softball team improved to 2-0 on the season with a 10-0 victory over Crandon on Friday, April 15, at the Park Falls Athletic Complex.
Freshman Eva Pasewald pitched a scoreless sixth inning for the Screaming Eagles, allowing one hit and striking out one.Junior Remi Orr fueled an 11-hit attack for Chequamegon, going 3-for-3 with a pair of doubles. Emily Mader and Kayla Herbst added two hits each and Dane and Tess Richard drove in two runs each.
Girls Soccer
Northland Pines 2  Lakeland 2
Boys Baseball
Chequamegon 6  Prentice 5 (@ Mauston)
4/15 Friday   Cheq 6 – Prentice 5 (Conference game) played in Mauston.  The Eagles pushed across a run in the top of the seventh by Cole Bay on a much improved Prentice baseball team.  Caleb picked up the win in relief of Dawson Weik who gave the Eagles a strong 4+ innings.  Christian Armstrong drove in 2 of the 6 runs as 5 players got hits against Prentice ace, Taylor Brayton.Chequamegon 5  Thorp 3 (@ Mauston)

Tourney Games-  Cheq 5 – Thorp 3  The Eagles played solid defense behind the pitching of Christian Armstrong who carried a no hitter into the 5th inning. 8 different players got hits with the big blow being a 2RBI triple by Austin Hilgart give the Eagles a 5-0 lead after 3 innings.  Caleb collected the Save in relief against a veteran Thorp squad that had beaten Eau Claire Regis and Fall Creek earlier in the week.
Lakeland 8  Wittenburg-Birnamwood 4
Phillips 5  Athens 4
Butternut 15  Phelps 4 (5 innings)
B/M improves to 2-0 with a 15-4 win over Phelps in 5 innings at home Friday.  Riley Christian pitched 3 innings for the win. Seth Scherwinski came on in the fourth with a 5-4 lead for the save. Seth also had 3 RBI’s. Trevor Pollitt and Carter Christian each had 2 hits and 2 rbi. John Lynch scored 3 times. The team travels to Bayfield on Monday then hosts Washburn on Tuesday.
Boys Golf
@ Chequamegon Bay Golf Course (12 teams)
1st)  Ashland 327
2nd)  Hayward 350
3rd)  Superior 356
4th)  Rice Lake 360
5th)  Rhinelander 360
6th)  Chequamegon 353
For Chequamegon:
Zach Carper – 79 (tied for 2nd overall)
Rick Ernst – 93
Parker Zeman 94
Trevor Theis 97
Nick Pinzl – 111
Boys Baseball
Butternut/Mercer  10  Hurley  7
Boys Baseball
Chequamegon 8  Athens 5 (Listen to the game here)
Results – Cheq 8 – Athens 5 (Conference game) Winning Pitcher – Caleb Armstrong went the distance striking out 8 and allowing 1 earned run.  Elijah Zielke lead a 13 hit attack with 3 hits along with Caleb, Dawson Weik, and Dakota Holman adding 2 hits each.  The Eagles collected 6 extra base hits.  A Kalvin Tank double in the bottom of the 6th provided a back breaking blow to open the lead to 8-4.  A very important Conference game as the Bluejays and Eagles shared the Conference title last year.
Phillips 5  Abbotsford 0
Rib Lake 6  Prentice 1
Girls Softball
Rib Lake 15  Prentice 2
Phillips 5  Hurley 4
The Phillips Loggers had an exciting win over the Hurley Midgets. The Loggers led 2-0 going into the sixth inning when Hurley put 4 runs on the board including a towering home run. The Loggers down 4-2 in the bottom half of the 6th inning put together 3 doubles in a row by Jojo Baratka, Lorren Sauter and Makala Williams to tie the game and Ashley Kilty had a clutch base hit to drive in Williams to take a 5-4 lead. Morgan Edwards pitched the whole game striking out 8 and walking one, but in the bottom of the 7th with one out and runner on 1st and 2nd, a hard grounder to Michaela Ericksen alertly stepped on 3rd and fired across to Jade Scholz at first for a double play to end the game.
Girls Softball
The Phillips Logger Softball team traveled to Mauston this weekend for the 2016 Softball Challenge. The Loggers played Fall Creek in game one. Phillips played a solid team but the pitching and hitting was outstanding. Junior Morgan Edwards fired a 2 hitter and striking out 8 in a 14-1 five inning game. The Loggers were led offensively by Makala Williams collecting 2 hits, Jade Scholz getting 2 hits including a double and Ashley Kilty getting 3 hits. Brooke Spacek smashed a deep home run to put the game out of reach. In game two the Loggers face Shoreland Lutheran where Spacek pitche a beauty. She threw a two hit shutout collecting a 22-0 win in 5 innings.  The Loggers were led by Edwards getting 3 hits, Lorren Sauter and Makala Williams 2 hits.


High School Track

Lakeland Invitational 

April 2nd


1st)  Marathon 179

2nd)  Lakeland 174

3rd)   Chequamegon  111

4th)  Three Lakes 60.5

5th)  Spencer 50.5

6th)  Phillips 36

7th)  Athens 33

8th)  Lakeland JV  16


1st)  Lakeland 158

2nd)  Marathon 125.5

3rd)  Chequamegon 108

4th)  Spencer 107

5th)  Athens 75

6th)  Three lakes 41

7th)  Phillips 24

8th)  Lakeland JV   7


Tuesday, March 29th

Girls Softball

Phillips 16  Ashland 0    The Loggers won 16-0 in 3 innings. Morgan Edwards struck out 7 and gave up one hit in the contest. Hitting and base running was a strength…….Makala Williams, Morgan Edwards, Lorren Sauter, Brooke Spacek and Ashley Kilty all had 2 hits and Megan Polster,  and Mykayla Kosmer also collected a hit. The Loggers took advantage of their speed on the base path collecting 5 steals including 2 by Edwards and one each by Michaela Ericksen, Ashley Kilty and Brooke Spacek.


Chequamegon 4, Stratford 3  The balance hung on the last pitch on a full count with the bases loaded as the Chequamegon High School softball team secured a 4-3 victory over Stratford in the season opener for both teams on Tuesday, March 29, at the Park Falls Athletic Conference.  Stratford scored solo runs in the fourth and fifth innings to forge a 2-0 lead before the Screaming Eagles halved it on Klaudia Swanson’s single and am RBI double by Emily Mader.  An RBI single by Kayla Herbst knotted it in the bottom of the sixth and Korrie Herbst followed with a two-run single to give Chequamegon a 4-2 lead entering the seventh inning.  Clinging to a 4-3 lead with the bases juiced, two outs and a full count, Mackenzie Dane blew a strike by the final Stratford batter.  A full-out leaping dive by Korrie Herbst in center field was a game-changer in the fourth inning with the bases full of Stratford runners.  Dane scattered seven hits, walked four and fanned three for the win in the circle. Mader had two doubles for Chequamegon and Korrie Herbst had two singles and two RBI in an eight-hit effort by the Screaming Eagles
High School Track
@ Lakeland Invitational
Chequamegon Boys and Girls both take 2nd place
Lakeland wins the boys division and Edgar wins the girls division

Boys Tournament Brackets    Div 1    Div 2    Div 3   Div 4    Div 5

Girls Tournament Brackets  Div 1     Div 2    Div 3    Div 4    Div 5

State Wrestling Results:   Hunter Schienebeck   Marty Peterson and Hunter Anderson

Watch State Wrestling Matches Live HERE

For Hockey Tournament Brackets Click BOYS    GIRLS


Click the team below for complete schedule and results:
Chequamegon Boys Basketball
Chequamegon Girls Basketball
Phillips Boys Basketball
Phillips Girls Basketball
Prentice Boys Basketball
Prentice Girls Basketball
Butternut Boys Basketball
Butternut Girls Basketball


Boys Basketball


Auburndale 56  Chequamegon 43

Rhinelander 46  Lakeland 41

Drummond 55  Shell Lake 49

Mosinee 82  Tomahawk 59

Assumption 69  Abbotsford 52

Prentice 70  Stratford 64

Newman Catholic 88  Rib Lake 74


Boys Basketball


Phillips 69  Northland Pines 53

Hurley 76  Butternut 51

Medford 69  Chippewa Falls 62

Edgar 72  Rib Lake 34

Drummond 53  Ironwood 41

Washburn 78  Chequamegon 66

Auburndale 62  Abbotsford 50



Conferance Meet @ Rhinelander

Chequamego Team Places 3rd

For Chequamegon:

Hannah Mader – 1st in Vault, 3rd in Floor, 4th All Around

Katie Wagner – 5th in Beam


Wrestling – Sectionals


State Qualifiers

Chequamegon – Hunter Schienebeck

Phillips – Marty Peterson and Hunter Anderson


Girls Basketball


Auburndale 62  Abbotsford 22

Newman Catholic 57  Rib Lake 26

Stratford 52  Prentice 38


Boys Basketball


Ashland 68  Hurley 57

Rhinelander 57  Antigo 43

Drummond 52  Bayfield 37

Lakeland 69  Medford 67

Tomahawk 69  Northland Pines 57


Boys Tournament Hockey


Eau Claire Memorial 13  TEAM S.E.A.L. 0



Boys Basketball


Phillips 46  Ashland 44

Abbotsford 79  Chequamegon 76

Bloomer 71  Ladysmith 38

Mercer 73  Ironwood, MI  58

Solon SPrings 76  Hurley 54


Girls Basketball


Lakeland 66  Medford 47

Wausau West 55  Rhinelander 35


Boys Hockey


TEAM S.E.A.L.  4  Medford 3

Girls Basketball


Phillips 73  Rib Lake 45

Solon Springs 51  Birchwood 38

Northland Pines 69  ELCHO 62

Bayfield 54  South SHore 52

Northwestern 37  Hurley 24

Lakeland 71  Ashland 56


Boys Basketball


Stratford 76  Chequamegon 29

Antigo 56  Medford 47

Mellen 92  Bayfield 58

Mosinee 83  Northland Pines 47

Solon SPrings 84  Birchwood 31

Drummond 54  South SHore 49

Washburn 64  Butternut 32

Hayward 69  Ashland 58

Rib Lake 60  Flambeau 59

Marshfield 45  Rhinelander 43

Prentice 77  Bruce 34


Boys Basketball


Antigo 55  Tomahawk 43

Prentice 69  Mellen 59

Rhinelander 62  Medford 46

Hayward 62  Ashland 51


Girls Basketball


Phillips 85  Chequamegon 44

South Shore 59  Drummond 26

Abbotsford 56  Rib Lake 27

Edgar 69  Athens 43



Boys Basketball
Phillips 67  Rib Lake 60
Edgar 62  Abbotsford 48
Lakeland 52  Wausau West 42
Mercer 54  Drummond 47
Solon Springs 75  Butternut 32
Washburn 84  South Shore 47
Pittsville 57  Stratford 39
Northwestern 57  Ashland 44
Wausau East 46  Rhinelander 43

Girls Basketball
Mercer 36  Drummond 32
Ashland 46  Northwood 31
Lakeland 68  Northland Pines 61
Antigo 52  Medford 36
Mosinee 63  Rhinelander 48
Stratford 52  Iola-Scandinavia 28
Spencer 55  Abbotsford 43

Boys Hockey
TEAM S.E.A.L.  8  Wausau East 3

Boys Basketball
Edgar 40  Phillips 24
Mercer 71  Butternut 68
Drummond 57  Mellen 42
Hurley 56  Ironwood 34
Lakeland 85  Northland Pines 50
Rhinelander 44  Tomahawk 40
Washburn 72  Solon Springs 60

Girls Basketball
Phillips 48  Edgar 39
Mercer 34  Butternut 30
Wausau 53  Medford 48
Prentice 68  Athens 45

Boys Basketball
Phillips 70  Chetek-Weyerhaeuser 61
South Shore 61  Mellen 59

Girls Basketball
Northland Pines 97  Phillips 92
Bloomer 69  Medford 41
Hurley 54  Irownood 29
Drummond 45  Mellen 38
Abbotsford 75  WI Valley Lutheran 46

Boys Basketball
Phillips 78  Prentice 65
Rib Lake 98  Winter 53
Edgar 52  Chequamegon 28
Abbotsford 69  Athens 37
Solon Springs 91  Bayfield 68
Ironwood 56  Butternut 44
Washburn 77  Mellen 63
D-C Everest 42  Rhinelander 28
South Shore 73  Mercer 71

Girls Basketball
Rhinelander 43  Medford 36
South Shore 37  Mercer 17
Edgar 71  Chequamegon 11
Rib Lake 66  Witer 29

Boys Basketball
Siren 59 Drummond 46
Lakeland 64  Antigo 63
Washburn 82  Mercer 60
Mosinee 68  Medford 62
Northland Pines 73  Rhinelander 52
Duluth Denfeld, 69  Ashland 53

Girls Basketball
Prentice 58  Phillips 45
Mercer 52  Washburn 45
Bayfield 61  Hurley 51
Ironwood 65  Drummond 47
Butternut 41  Mellen 40
Stratford 1  Greenwood 42

Boys Hockey
TEAM S.E.A.L. 5  Medford 4 (ot)
Goals for S.E.A.L.  – Chanse Peth (4), Seth Gehrke
Assists – Trevor Theis (2), Seth Gehrke

Boys Basketball
Prentice 69  Chequmegon 68
Dakota Holman 25 for Chequamegon
Mellen 90  South Shore 88
Phillips 84  Athens 42
Edgar 61  Rib Lake 55
Stratford 57  Auburndale 54

Girls Basketball
Mosinee 60  Lakeland 49
Marathon 68  Edgar 25

Boys Basketball
Phillips  55  Tomahawk 53
-For Phillips – Cade Rose 22…Kyle Karnosh game winning 3ptr
Mercer 58  Flambeau 52
Northland Pines 70  Hurley 61

Girls Basketball
Phillips 51  Ladysmith 49
Flambeau 69  Mercer 31
Ironwood, MI  55  Butternut 53
Northwood 46  Drummond 17
Washburn 48  Mellen 33
Northland Pines 78  Prentice 77 (2ot)
South Shore 51  Chequamegon 34
Stratford 73  Athens 36

Boys Hockey
EC Regis 6  TEAM S.E.A.L.  3

Boys Basketball
Phillips 68  Abbotsford 56
Bayfield 83  Mercer 67
Rhinelander 57  Lakeland 42
Mosinee 65  Tomahawk 49
Medfrdo 86  Northland Pines 78
Solon Springs 70  Mellen 61
South Shore 69  Ironwood, 37
Washburn 67  Hurley 48
Butternut 76  Winter 74

Girls Basketball
Bayfield 53  Mercer 42
Butternut 61  Winter 27
Pretnice 45  Chequamegon 7
Phillips 81  Athens 72
Shell Lake 49  Drummond 29
Edgar 58  Rib Lake 36
Auburndale 45  Stratford 43

Cheqmegon def. Auburndale
Pittsville def. Chequamegon

Boys Basketball
Phillips 67  Bruce 30
Marathon 49  Pittsville 40
Newman Catholic 58  Stratford 47
Prentice 60  Rib Lake 59

Girls Basketball
South Shore 57  Mellen 33
Siren 64  Solon Springs 42
Rhinelander 47  Northland Pines 42

Boys Hockey
Lakeland 8  TEAM S.E.A.L. 1
-goal by Kevin Koski (unassisted)

Boys Basketball
Phillips 76  Ladysmith 47
for Phillips – Ryan Giannoni 19, Shawn Brown 15, Kyle Karnosh 10, Trent Sauter 10
Rib Lake 90 Northland Lutheran 59
Bayfield 76  Butternut 68
Washburn 64  Drummond 38
Hurley 60  South Shore 51
Solon Springs 68  Ironwood, MI   40
Rhinelander 66  Antigo  54
Edgar 47  Marathon 39

Girls Basketball
Athens 64  Chequamegon 22
Prentice 41  Rib Lake 35
Northwoods 39  South SHore 29
Stratford 60  Newman Catholic 49

Boys Basketball
Chequamegon 74  Athens 65
Three Lakes 67  Prentice 62

Girls Basketball
Medford 57  Colby 29
South Shore 55  Ironwood, MI  52
Edgar 55  Owen-Withee 47

Boys Basketball
Abbotsford 58  Chequamegon 57
Stratford 61   Northland Lutheran 41
Edgar 73  Prentice 42
Rib Lake 93  Athens 51
Phillips 60  Owen-Withee 56

Girls Basketball
Edgar 54  Prentice 50
Bayfield 68  Butternut 46
Washburn 56  Drummond 40
Hurley 58   South Shore 49
Ironwood 53  Solon Springs 38
Lakeland 51  MEdford 47
Stratford 39  Northland Lutheran 30

Boys Hockey
Rhinelander 5   TEAM S.E.A.L. 4
Goals for TEAM S.E.A.L.- Chanse Peth, Willie Reukaff, Aaron Gehrke, Seth Gehrke
Assists – Trevor Theis

Boys Basketball
Antigo 86  Medford 68
Mellen 88  Bayfield 78
Solon Springs 60  Hurley 36
Washburn 88  Butternut 40
Ironwood, MI  55  Mercer 51
Mosinee 102  Northland Pines 53

Girls Basketball
Phillips 74  Flambeau 67
for Phillips – Loren Sauter 23, Morgan Edwards 14, Ellie Lochner 13
Ironwood, MI   44  Mercer 36
Rib Lake 48  Athens 33
Abbotsford 64  Chequamegon 36

Boys Hockey
Medford 3  TEAM S.E.A.L. 2
goals for TEAM S.E.A.L. – Chanse Peth (2)

Boys Basketball
Phillips 54  Chequamegon 38
In Marawood North boys conference action the Phillips Loggers defeated the Chequamegon Screaming Eagles by a score of 54-38. The Chequamegon Screaming Eagles were lead by Austin Hilgart who scored a game high 16 points with both Christian Armstrong and Logan Schloer chipping in 6 points each.  The Phillips Loggers were able to take advantage of foul trouble for the Screaming Eagles and used an effective full court press at times to pull away for the victory. Phillips was lead by Cade Rose who scored 14 points and got major contributions off the bench from Shawn Brown with 9 points and Ben Edwards with 6 points. The Phillips Loggers record now stands at 5-1 in conference and 6-2 overall. The Chequamegon Screaming Eagles are 2-3 in Marawood North conference and 4-7 overall.
Rib Lake 61  Abbotsford 56
Marathon 57  Stratford 38
Rhinelander 53  WI Rapdis 40

Girls Basketball
South SHore 70  Drummond 42
Bayfield 77  Mellen 28
Butternut 49  Washburn 37
Mosinee 68  Northland Pines 58
Hermantown, MN  45  Ashland 25
Rhinelander 56  Tomahawk 14
Wittenberg-Birnamwood 78  Medford 36

Boys Hockey
Ashland 8  TEAM S.E.A.L. 6
Goals for TEAM S.E.A.L. – Seth Gehrke (4), Justin Weinberger, Trevor Theis
Assists – Calvin Walker, Theis, Kevin Koski, Aaron Gehrke (3), Seth Gehrke

Boys Basketball
Mellen 74  Ironwood 46
Hurley 55  Mercer 40
Solon Springs 50  Drummond 33
Solon Springs 65  Butternut 39
Washburn 86  Bayfield 57

Girls Basketball
Phillips 56  Laona-Wabeno 52
Rice Lake 43  Butternut 40
Ashland 61  Spooner 38
Abbotsford 62  Granton 21

Girls Basketball
Phillips 79  Chequamegon 42
In Marawood Conference action the Phillips girls defeated Chequamegon by a score of 79 to 42. The Phillips Loggers had three girls score in double figures:  Makala Williams with 17, Elie Lochner with 15 and Loren Sauter with 14. Chequamegon was lead by Emily Ernest’s 16 points and Maggie Miller chipped in 10 points .  The Phillips Loggers now have a 4-2 record in the Marawood North conference and are 5-4 overall.  The Chequamegon Screaming Eagle record is 1-3 in conference and 1-7 overall.
Milwaukee Vincent 46  Rhinelander 30
Ironwood 60  Mellen 9
Mercer 50  Hurley 41
Abbotsfor 50  Rib Lake 31
South Shore 53  Butternut 28
Lakeland 53  Prentice 46

Boys Basketball
Prentice 64  Athens 43
Rhinelander 56  Medford 38
Mosinee 79  Lakeland 69
Phillips 61  Rib Lake 55
Pittsville 56  Stratford 30
Antigo 65  Tomahawk 33

Boys Hockey
Northwest Iceman 9  TEAM S.E.A.L  3

Boys Basketball
Edgar 55  Abbotsford 28
Ironwood 64  Bayfield 53
Solon Springs 79  Butternut 39
Drummond 58  Mercer 25
Hurley 69  Mellen 53
Washburn 77  South Shore 37

Girls Basketball
Mercer 45  Drummond 34
Mosinee 58  Rhinelander 48

Boys Basketball
Rhinelander 49  Tomahawk 28

Girls Basketball
Solon Springs 48  Butternut 37
Hurley 48  Mellen 18
Medford 68  Stanley-Boyd  28
South Shore 51  Washburn 38

Boys Hockey
Ashland 1  TEAM S.E.A.L.  0

Boys Basketball
Hurley 56  Chequamegon 40
Mellen 67  Drummond 39
Mercer 52  Butternut 37
Solon Springs 61  Washburn 54
Rhinelander 48  Merrill 35
Edgar 29  Stratfrod 17
Port Edward 70  Athens 36

Girls Basketball
Phillips 71  Rib Lake 53

Boys Hockey
Rhinelander 6  TEAM S.E.A.L. 4

Boys Basketball
Chequamegon 61  Northland Pines 58
Stratford 50   Abbotsford 44
Washburn 75  Ashland 56
Edgar 65  Colby 33

Girls Basketball
Stratford 64  Lakeland 63
Hayward 52   Stanley-Boyd 15
Regis 112   Athens 34
Menomonie 62  Medfrod 52
Assumption 70   Abbotsfor 24
Wittenberg-Birnwmwood 83  Northland Pines 60

Boys Basketball
Edgar 43  Phillips 42
Rib Lake 69  Chequamegon 59

Girls Basketball
Rib Lake 49  Chequamegon 18

Boys Basketball
Hurley 74  Bayfield 44
Mellen 89  Bayfield 56
Solon Springs 71  South Shore 43
Stratford 61  Assumption 57
Athens 65  Colby 57

Girls Basketball
Assumption 69  Stratford 60
Abbotsford 51  Prentice 35
Northland Pines 91  Athens 63

Boys Basketball
Phillips 81  Prentice 58
 In boys  Marawood North Conference basketball the Phillips Loggers came away with a 81-58 victory over the Prentice Buccaneers. The Philllips Loggers record improves to 3-0 in conference and 4-1 overall. Nine different Loggers scored and were lead by Ryan Gianoni’s 23 points, 12 points each for Jeff Mabie and Shawn Brown and 9 each by Kyle Karnosh and Cade Rose.  The Prentice Buccaneer’s were lead by an outstanding performance by Drew Rhode who tallied a game high 27 points and Joe Jast and Taylor Brayton each chipped in 7 points.  Prentice is now 0-3 in conference play and 1-5 overall.
Edgar 52  Chequamegon 28
Abbotsford 84  Athens 57

Girls Basketball
Butternut 46  Mellen 26
Rhinelander 57  Lakeland 56
Northland Pines 85  Medford 83
South Shore 60  Solon Springs 21
Spencer 54  Rib Lake 46

Boys Hockey
Eau Claire North 6  TEAM S.E.A.L.  0

Girls Gymnastics
Chequamegon def. Medford

Girls Basketball
Phillips 63  Prentice 53
   The Prentice Buccaneers took on the Phillips Loggers in Marawood North conference girls action last night. When the final buzzer sounded the  Phillips Loggers came away with a hard fought 63-53 victory.
The Prentice Buccaneers were lead in scoring by Kiah Kalander who tallied 15 points and Caelyn Ulrich who tossed in 10 points. With the loss Prentice now has a 2-2 record in Marawood Conference play and a 3-4 record over all.The Phillips Loggers were lead by senior Ellie Lochner who scored 14 points including 6 out of 6 free throws in the second half. Junior, Morgan Edwards also had 14 points for the Loggers..The Phillips Logger record improved to 2-1 in conference play and 3-3 over all.  In the preliminary JV game the Prentice Buccaneers cruised to a 57-15 victory over the Phillips Loggers. Teanna Nikkila scored 20 points and McKenzie Hallstrand 11 points for Prentice. Phillips was lead by Callie Podmolik’s 9 points and Marie Harrington with 5 points.

Superior 55  Ashland 36
Abbotsford 82  Athens 54
Hayward 38  Bloomer 31
Marathon 46  Northland Lutheran 28

Boys Basketball
Lake Holcombe 71  Winter 52
Drummond 47  Hurley 45
Ironwood 49  Butternut 31
Mosinee 57  Rhinelander 55
Antigo 64  Northland Pines 47
Solon Springs 84  Bayfield 58
Tomahawk 62  Medford 53

Girls Basketball
Bruce 52  Phillips 45
Hurley def. Phillips
Medford 60  Rhinelander 52
Owen-Withee 54  Abbotsford 36
Somerset 65  Spooner 36

Boys Basketball
Phillips 84  Athens 40
Chequamegon 53  Prentice 50
       In a  boys Marathon North match-up on Tuesday night the Chequamegon Screaming Eagles defeated the Prentice Buccaneers in a close game by the score of 53-50.Chequamegon lead by a score of29-17   at halftime and expanded that lead to 16 points in the second half before Prentice came roaring back. Prentice had two good looks from beyond the arc in the last ten seconds to tie the game but just could not get the shots to fall. Leading scorers for the Chequamegon Screaming Eagles were   Christian Armstrong with 16 points, Austin Hilgart with 14 points and Dakota Holman with 12 points. The Prentice Buccaneers got 14 points from Drew Rhode, 10 from Beau Merriman and 8 from Taylor Brayton.  With that victory the Chequamegon record stands at 3-3 overall and 2-0 in conference play and Prentice falls to a record of 1-4 overall and 0-2 in conference play.  Chequamegon will now face Edgar on Friday and Prentice will travel to Phillips to face the Loggers on Friday on a game that will be heard on 98Q country and 98Qcountry.com.
Stratford 48  Auburndale 42
Barron 56  Hayward 42
Ladysmith 56  Cumberland 33
Bloomer 60 Spooner 28
Edgar 63  Iola-Scandinavia 60
Lakeland 53  Merrill 50
Medford 81  Rib Lake 65

Girls Basketball
Loayl   79  Prentice 49

Boys Hockey
Tomahawk 6  TEAM S.E.A.L. 5

Boys Basketball
Phillips 61  Abbotsford 59
Lakeland 65  Antigo 51
Cornell 73  Winter 66
Flambeau 65  Lake Holcombe 48
Mosinee 68  Medford 64
South Shore 68  Mercer 64
Rhinelander 64  Northland Pines 31
Barron 49  Spooner 36
Newman Catholic 44  Stratford 40
Superior 75  Ashland 36
Edgar 48  Owen-Withee 40

Girls Basketball
South Shore 60  Mercer 31
Calumet 71  Northland Pines 35
Phillips 69  Athens 54
Auburndale 38  Stratford 30
Edgar 52  Rib Lake 39
Hurley 59  Drummond 23
Ironwood 54  Drummond 40
Prentice 69  Chequamegon 19

Girls Basketball
Lakeland 86  Mosinee 69
Medford 59  Tomahawk 18

Boys Basketball
Chequamegon  66  Athens 43
For Chequmaegon – Christian Armstrong 30
Chetek Weyerhaeuser 76  Ladysmith 51
Drummond 62  Butternut 27
Washburn 68  Hurley 52
Solon Springs 82  Mellen 72
Hayward 68  Northwestern 65
Rib Lake 74  Prentice 62

Boys Hockey
Stevens Point Pacelli 8  TEAM S.E.A.L.  2
Goals:  Calvin Walker – assisted by Willie Reukaff and Trever Theis
Wilie Reukaff – assisted by Mitchell Roberts
Goaltending:   Rick Ernst 30-38 saves

Girls Basketball
Flambeau 64  New Auburn 7
Bruce 36  Birchwood 20
Hurley 55  Butternut 33
Chequamegon 49  Athens 36
 For Cheq. – Emily Ernest 18, Emma Wallow 14
Hayward 63  Barron 24
Stratford 49  Newman Catholic 46
Abbotsford 64  Phillips 62
Marathon 82  Pittsville 17
Prentice 47  Rib Lake 38
South Shore 58  Mellen 38

Boys Basketball
Loyal 84  Prentice 81 (ot)
Lakeland 90  Ashland 59
Tomahawk 60  Ladysmith 52
Newman Catholic 76  Athens 40
Owen-Withee 65  Abbotsford 59
Spencer 58  Edgar 53

Boys Basketball
Bayfield 68  Butternut 48
Solon Springs 63  Ironwood, MI  28
Hurley 66   South Shore 64
Washburn 57   Drummond 34
Medford 79  Nekoosa 63
Rib Lake 68  Stratford 64

Girls Basketball
Auburndale 48  Edgar 30

Medford  62  Merrill 52
Mercer 70  Bayfield 61
Northland Pines 74  Kohler 59
Rice Lake 82  Ashland 50
Lakeland 69  Chequamegon 42

GIRLS Basketball
Bayfield 48  Mercer 41
Abbotsford 54  Chequamegon 14
Rib Lake 40  Athens 36
Drummond 42  Butternut 41
Hurley 52  Washburn 33
South Shore 68  Ironwood 63
Solon Springs 66  Mellen 52
Mosinee 60  Medford 54
Auburndale 51  Newman Catholic 43
Stratfford 48  Northland Lutheran
Edgar 54  Prentice 28
Rhinelander 64  Northland Pines 62
Cloquet, MN  45  Ashland 35

Boys Hockey
TEAM SEAL (1-0) 4  Wausau East (0-3) 3
Goals for TEAM SEAL:
Justin Weinberger, Finn Kempkes, Aaron Gehrke and Trevor Theis
Assists:   2 each for Calvin Walker and Aaron Gehrke
Goalie:  Austin Schwilk savedd 13-16 shots

Girls Basketball
Phillips 78  WI Valley Lutheran 40
For Phillips – Morgan Edwards 17, Makala Williams 15, Ellie Lochner 14
Mercer 45  Mellen 30
Wausau East   58  Lakeland 47
Marathon 59  Assumption 44
Solon Springs 60  Ironwood, MI   57
Flambeau 87  Winter 29
Newman Catholic 78  Athens 46

Boys Basketball
Hayward 65  Chequamegon 37
Lincoln Hills 71  Butternut 44
Medford 70  Phillips 66
Solon Springs 63  Frederic 40
Newman Catholic 56  Abbotsford 42
Camerson 82  Ladysmith 26
Northland Pines 63  Prentice 49
Rhinelander 71  Crandon 30
Edgar 47  Northland Lutheran 16
Wausau East 58  Lakeland 47

Girls Basketball
Lake Holcombe 42  Rib Lake 37
Newman Catholic 53  Abbotsford 30

Boys Basketball
Rib Lake 82  Lake Holcombe 64
Pacelli 54  Stratford 45

Boys Basketball
Chequamegon 77 Winter 51
Stratford 51  Colby 35
Almond-Bancroft 57  Edgar 51

Girls Basketball
Winter  43  Chequamegon 42
Siren 76  Drummond 30
Superior 55  Ashland 41
Stratford 50  Edgar 47
Siren 76  Drummond 30

Girls Basketball
Washburn 62  Chequamegon 48
For Chequamegon – Emily Ernest 24 points
South Shore  64  Lac Courte Oreilles 16
Rib Lake 55  Pittsville 33

Girls Basketball
Phelps 52  Chequamegon 40
  For Chequamegon – Emily Ernest 20 points
Butternut 38  WI Valley Luthern 35
Stratford 59  Tomahawk 52

Girls Basketball
Lakeland 59  Lakeland 52

In girls non-conference basketball the Lakeland Thunderbirds earned a hard fought 57-52 victory over the Phillips Loggers.  After leading by a score of 30-25 at halftime Lakeland opened a lead of 15 points in the second half but Phillips fought back to tie the game with 2 minutes to go but Lakeland went to the free throw line and converted 5 out of 6 to get the victory. The Lakeland Thunderbirds were lead by Lilith Schuman’s 17 points, Demko Elm’s 14 points and Sydney Ziebart’s 11 points.  For the Phillips Loggers, Makala Williams had 13 points, Ellie Lochner scored 10 points and JoJo Baratka tossed in 9 points. 

WIAA Girls Volleyball Tournament Brackets Here
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Sectional Volleyball @ Ladysmith
Phillips def. Grantsburg 3-2
Baseball great Leo Durocher said: “Nice guys finish last.” Well, Leo Durocher did not know that Phillips Loggers girls volleyball team as on Thursday night the Logger girls upended Grantsburg in volleyball and will now  meet Regis on Saturday in the Division 3 Sectional final with the winner advancing to  State.  The Loggers defeated Grantsburg 25-20 in the first game with Grantsburg winning the second match 25-20. In the third game Phillips won by a score of 25-20 and once again Grantsburg responded winning by a score of 25-16. The final and deciding game saw Grantsburg taking an early lead but the Loggers were not to be denied and the final score was Phillips 15- Grantsburg 12. Earlier in the week, Coach Collin Hoogland had challenged the Loggers to prove that they were not satisfied with what they had already accomplished during the season. Led by seniors, Makala Williams, Elise Ertl, Brooke Spacek, and Jessie Denny, the Loggers responded to that challenge and now have the opportunity to seek a Sectional championship and a berth in the State Tournament.
Sectional Finals Saturday at 1pm @ Altoona
Listen for live coverage on 980AM WPFP and wpfpam.com

Sectional Cross Country
Division 3 @ Drummond Click Here
Chequamegon Boys Are Sectional Champs!
Phillips Girls Are Sectional Champs!
Chequamegon Girls Are Going To State!
Edgar Sectional – Girls – Click Here
Edgar Sectional – Boys – Click Here

Sectional Volleyball

The Logger Volleyball team defeated the Cameron Comets 3-1 (18-25, 25-20, 25-22, 25-15) to advance to the Sectional semi final in Durand.  The Loggers 32-3, will be up against the Grantsburg Pirates who support a record of 28-4.
Individual leaders for the Loggers:
Attack Kills: Elise Ertl and Makala Williams 11
Assists: Jo Jo Baratka 36
Digs: Morgan Edwards 19, Ertl 17 and CC Fuhr 16
Williams added 4 blocks and 3 service aces

Thursday, October 22nd
Girls Tournament Volleyball
The Logger Volleyball team was victorious over the Chequamegon Screamin’ Eagles 25-16, 25-4, 25-12 to advance to the Regional Finals to be held Saturday at 700 pm in Phillips.  The Loggers season record now stands at 31-3.Leaders for the Loggers:Makala Williams had 7 ace serves, Courtney Shipley 6
Attack kills: Williams and Elise Ertl 7, Megan Polster and Shipley 7  JoJo Baratka 25 assist
Morgan Edwards 15 digs.

Boys Tournament Soccer

Last night, in the first round of regional play, the Phillips soccer team defeated Three Lakes 6-2.
Shawn Brown had 4 goals, Lucus Szwec had 2.
Harrison Fuhr had 2 assists, Lucas Szwec, Jathou, and Shawn Brown all had 1 assist.
On Saturday, the Loggers will travel to Barron for a 2:30 match.

High School Football
Tomahawk 40  Chequamegon 7
Stanley-Boyd 47  Phillips 7

Conference Cross Country Meets
Marawood North @ Stratford
For Varsity Boys Results Click Here
For Varsity Girls Results Click Here
For JV Boys Results Click Here
For JV Girls Results Click Here

Indianhead Conference Meet @ Mellen
For Results Click Here

High School Boys Soccer

Last night the Phillips soccer team played their last regular season game against Medford. After a 90-minute battle, the scored remained 2-2.
Goals were made by Shawn Brown, and Cole Vyskocil.
Colin Krause and Cole Vyskocil had the assists.
The Loggers complete the regular season with a 17-2-1 record and have scored 122 goals. A fantastic season so far! The best of luck in the tournament.

High School Boys Soccer

In conference action, the Phillips soccer team defeated the Ironwood Red Devils, 11-1
Shawn Brown made 5 goals last night. More importantly, Shawn broke the STATE record for ‘most goals scored in a season’, which was 60. Shawn now has 63 goals.Also scoring last night with one goal apiece: Chris Hoffmann, Cole Vyskocil, Dakota Bogdanovic, Jed Miller, Harrison Fuhr, and for the first time ever, goalkeeper Willie Reukauf.
Congratulations to the entire team.

High School Football
Marathon 37  Chequamegon 0
Pittsville over Phillips
Abbotsfor 34  Loyal 12
Antigo 20  Rhinelander 14
Athens 28 Owen-Withee 19
Bloomer 38  Spooner 0
Hayward 43  Chetek-Weyerhaeuser 25
Lakeland 26  Ashland 0
Northwestern  64  Laysmith 24
Northwoods/Solon Springs 50  Winter 0
Pittsville 44  Phillips 6
Stratford 36  Auburndale 0
Winter 64  Mellen 14
Spencer/Columbus 20  Edgar 15

Boys High School Soccer

Last night the Phillips soccer team defeated the Three Lakes Bluejays, 7-1. The Loggers are now Conference Champions for the 4th consecutive year.
Shawn Brown had 4 goals last night, Cole Vyskocil had 1, Philip Gengenbach had 1, and Harrison Fuhr had 1.
Cole Vyskocil lead the assists category with 2, and Shawn Brown had 1.

Congratulations to the entire soccer team!

Girls Volleyball

The Logger Varsity Volleyball team wins 3-0 over Chequamegon to claim the Marawood North conference title with a 6-0.  This is the logger first conference title since 1994.  The Loggers overall record improved to 26-2. Scores 25-11, 25-13, 25-12.

Leading the Loggers were JoJo Baratka 24 assists and 6 aces. Attack kills: Courtney Shipley 8, Makala Williams and Elise Ertl 5.  Jessie Denny had 6 digs.
The Logger JV team also picked up the win 3-0 to complete a perfect 6-0 season in conference play.

Girls High School Volleyball
In Marawood North Conference volleyball action the Loggers defeated the Edgar Wildcats to improve to 5-0.  Scores were 25-17. 25-18, 25-4
Makala Williams had 9 attack kills, Elise Ertl and Courtney Shipley 8 each.  JoJo Baratka had 25 assists and Morgan Edwards 13 digs.
The Logger JV team also won 3-0 to improve to 5-0 in the conference.

High School Boys Soccer
In conference action, the Phillips soccer team defeated Ironwood, 7-0. Shawn Brown had 3 goals, Cole Vyskocil had 2, Harrison Fuhr had 1, and Chris Hoffmann had 1 goal.
Cole Vyskocil and Shawn Brown both had 2 assists. Willie Reukauf also had an assist.
The team is now 6-0 in conference action.

Girls High School Volleyball
The Logger varsity team improved their overall record to 24-2 by going 5-0 and winning the Gilman Invitational.
The JV won 3 matches and lost to in placing  3rd at the Medford JV tournament.
The 8th grade team went 4-0 and took 1st place in the Ladysmith MS Invitational.

Boys HIgh School Football
Chequamegon 31  Phillips 8
Abbotsfor 62  Thorp 6
Antigo 42  Lakeland  8
Stratford 62  Rib Lake/Prentice 6
Bloomer 46  Hayward 34
Flambeau 35  Unity 27
Ladysmith 46  Cumberland 34
Marathon 16  Edgar 8
Pittsville 29  Aubundale 0

Boys High School Soccer
Thursday, October 1st

The Phillips soccer team defeated Northland Pines, 3-1. Shawn Brown scored all 3 goals. Currently, Shawn Brown is the #1 Goal Leader in the state with 46 goals scores so far this season; Shawn is also #1 in the state with for Total Team Points. Shawn had earned 100 team points.
Harrison Fuhr is the #1 Assist Leader in the state, with 23 assist.
Congratulations to both Shawn and Harrison, and to the entire soccer squad.

Girls Volleyball

The Phillips Logger Volleyball team improved to 4-0 in the Marawood North with a 3-0 win over Rib Lake. (25-14, 25-23, 25-14)

Individual leaders for the Loggers included: JoJo Baratka 28 assists and 8 aces
Elise Ertl and Makala Williams 10 attack kills each.
The Logger JV team also won 3-0.

High School Boys Soccer

Last night the Phillips soccer squad defeated Phelps, in conference action, 9-0.
Shawn Brown had 3 goals, Harrison Fuhr had 2 goals, Seth Gehrke, Brad Halmstad, Dakota Bogdanovic, and Philip Gengenbach had 1 goal each.Harrison Fuhr had 3 assists, and Mark Cummings, Jathou, Jed Miller, and Finn Kempkes had 1 assist each.
The Loggers are 5-0 in conference play.

High School Boys Soccer

Last night the Phillips soccer team defeated Medford, 4-3.
Shawn Brown had 3 goals, Cole Vyskocil had 1.
Chris Hoffmann, Cole Vyskocil, and Jathau all had 1 assist.
The Loggers are now 12-2 on the season.

Boys High School Soccer
9/25 to 9/26

This past weekend, the Phillips soccer team traveled to the Fox River Valley area to compete against some higher caliber teams.
 On Friday, Xavier Catholic, defeated the Loggers, 2-3. Xavier, a division 3 team, is currently ranked 4th in the state.
 On Saturday, the Phillips team defeated Hortonville, a division 2 team, by a score of 8-2.
 A short time later, the small and exhausted Phillips squad was defeated in the last 7 minutes of the game by Ashwaubenon, by a score of 1-3. Ashwaubenon is also a division 2 team.
 Shawn Brown scored 8 goals this past weekend. Mark Cummings, Cole Vyskocil, and Harrison Fuhr, scored 1 goal each.
 Harrison Fuhr, had 3 assists. Jed Miller and Cole Vyskocil both had 1 assist.
 The Loggers are now 11-2 on the season and have scored an amazing 79 goals so far this season.

High School Football
Auburndale 42  Phillips 6
Stratford 46  Chequamegon 8
Abbotsford 62  Newman Catholic 28
Altoona 48  Pittsville 24
Edgar 29  Tomahawk 0
Hurley 54  Gogebic 28
Marathon 62  Rib Lake/Prentice 6
Medfrod 14  Lakeland 6
Mosinee 35  Ashland 0
Northland Pines 35  Ironwood, MI  6

Boys Soccer
Phillips 4   Three Lakes 0
Phillips took sole possession of first place in the Northern Lights soccer conference with a 4-0 victory over Three Lakes. Phillips is now  4-0 in conference play and 10-0 overall while Three Lakes falls to 5-1 in conference and 6-3 overall.  Willie Reukauf and Jathavan Thamaraichelvan earned the shut out in goal for Phillips and it was the 9th shutout of the season for Phillips goalkeepers.  Shawn Brown scored with an assist from Cole Vyskocil at 28:14 of the first half. Then Chris Hoffman scored with an assist from Shawn Brown at 14:27 of the first half. The final score of the first half was a goal by Shawn Brown with an assist by Harrison Fuhr at the 4:28 of the first half.  The only score of the second half was at the 31:04 mark when Shawn Brown scored his third goal of the night unassisted.

Boys Soccer

The Logger soccer team defeated the Washburn/Bayfield team, in conference action, by a score of 11-0.
Shawn Brown scored 4 goals, Cole Vyskocil scored 2 goals. Lucas Szwec, Collin Krause, Finn Kempkes, and Jathou all scored a single goal.
Harrison Fuhr had 3 assists, Brad Halmstad had 2 assists, and both Lucas Szwec and Jathou had 1 assist.The Loggers are now 9-0 on the season, and 3-0 in conference play.

Cross Country Results
Smiley Invitational – Wausau, WI
For Boys Varsity Results Click Here
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For Boys JV Results Click Here
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High School Football
Pittsville 30  Chequamegon 6
Phillips 26   Rib Lake/Prentice 20
Edgar 15  Stratford 13
Abbotsford 28  Owen-Withee 21
Cameron 34  Flambeau 28
Hurley 42  Northland Pines 20
Lakeland 20  Rhinelander 16
Marathon 43  Tomahawk 16
Merrill 19  Medford 12
Northwestern 30  Spooner 6

High School Boys Soccer
The Phillips soccer team defeated Phelps by a score of 7-0. Shawn Brown and Harrison Fuhr both had 3 goals. Lucas Szwec made the other goal.
Harrison Fuhr had 3 assits in the game and Seth Gerhke had 1.
The Loggers are now 8-0.

Girls Volleyball
Phillips 3   Abbotsford 1
25-13, 15-25, 25-21, 26-24
Prentice 3   Chequamegon 2

High School Soccer
The soccer team hosted the Lakeland T-Birds. Phillips won, 5-2. Shawn Brown earned 4 goals, and Chris Hoffmann had the other.
Assist were made by Cole Vyskocil, Mark Cummings, Shawn Brown, and Jathou.
The Logger are 7-0 on the season.
As of Sunday, September 12, Shawn Brown is the second Individual Goal Leader, and the third Individual Total Point Leader, in the state. Harrison Fuhr is the ninth Individual Assists Leader in the state.

High School Football
Auburndale 21  Chequamegon 7
Abbotsford 56  McDonell Central 28
Assumption 32  Athens 6
Bloomer 42  Ladysmith 7
Edgar 50  Phillips 0
Elk Mound 41  Flambeau 0
Hayward 40  Northwester 38
Hurley 20  Crystal Falls Forest Park, MI  14
Medford 44  Mosinee 13
Merrill 41  Rhinelander 6
Northland Pines 55  Hancock, MI  28
Pittsville 44  Rib Lake/Prentice 7
Stratford 14  Tomahawk 7

Boys High School Soccer
Phillips 5  Ashland 0
The Logger soccer team defeated the Ashland Oredockers, 5-0. Shawn Brown and Cole Vyskocil both earned 2 goals. Harrison Fuhr score the remaining goal.
Harrison Fuhr had 3 assists and Jed Miller had one.
The Loggers are now 6-0, and have scored 41 goals and allowed 0.
Cross Country
Chequamegon @ Cameron Invitational
Girls Varsity Results here
Boys Varsity Results here
Girls Middle School Results here
Boys Middle School Results here

High School Boys Soccer
Phillips  10  Washburn 0
The Phillips soccer squad defeated the Washburn/Bayfield team by a score of 10-0.
Shawn Brown and Cole Vyskocil both had 3 goals, Lucas Szwec had 1 goal, Harrison Fuhr had 1 goal, and Finn Kempkes had 1 goal. Lucas Szwec and Harrison Fuhr had 2 assists, and Cole Vyskocil, Jed Miller, Finn Kempkes and Philip Gengenbach all had 1 assist.

The defensive unit celebrated their 5th shut out game of the season. Congratulations to Willie Reukauf, Brad Halmstad, Lucas Szwec, Yeahtoo, and Collin Krause.

JV Football
Chequamegon 41  Washburn/Bayfield/South Shore 6

Girls Volleyball
Abbotsford def. Chequamegon
Phillips 3-0 over Athens (25-16, 25-16,25-23)
Phillips JV over Athens 2-1 (22-25, 25-11, 25-13

College Football
St. Norbert 35  Carthage College 5
Phillips Native R-J Callow named defensive player of the game, with 10 tackles @ Middle Linebacker position.

High School Football
Osseo-Fairchild 35  Chequamegon 14
Wild Rose 35    Phillips 6
Merrill 21   Lakeland 0

Athens 70  Gilman 0
Edgar 47  Pittsville 0
Marathon 33  Stratford 14
Mosinee 42  Rhinelander 7
Tomahawk 48  Northland Pines 6
Auburdale 47  Rib Lake/Prentice 24

Boys Soccer
The Phillips boys’ soccer team defeated Merrill, 3-0, in a hard-fought battle. Shawn Brown made all 3 goals. Jed Miller and Chris Hoffmann had an assist.  The Loggers are now 3-0 on the season.
Cross Country @ Bruce
For Complete Results Click Here

Boys High School Soccer
Phillips 10  Antigo 0
Shawn Brown and Chris Hoffmann had 4 goals each. Lucas Szwec and Mark Cummings both had a goal. Harrison Fuhr had 3 assists, Shawn Brown had 2 assists, and Seth Gehrke, Lucas Szwec, Finn Kempkes, and Mark Cummings had 1 assist each.

High School Football
Chequamegon 22   Rib Lake/Prentice 14 (ot)
Calumet, MI  44  Northland Pines 20
Edgar 43  auburndale 0
Flambeau 27  Ladysmith 24
Hurley 55  Ironwood, MI  6
Lakeland 13  Bloomer 8
Marathon 36  Laconia 0
Osceola 48  Northwestern 0
Rhinelander 36  Wittenberg-Birnamwood 0
Siren 44  Winter 34
Stratford 32  Colby 0
Tomahawk 41  Pittsville 0

Cross Country @ Ashland
For results click here

High School Football Scores
Thursday 8/27/15
Phillips 42   ELCHO/White Lake 0
The Phillips Loggers traveled to White Lake to take on the Elcho/White Lake Wolverines and came away with a 42-0 victory. With that win the Loggers evened their record at 1-1, while Elcho/White Lake fell to 0-2.  Phillips took the lead on a 1 yard touchdown run by Sawyer Haubert in the first quarter. The Loggers put the game away in the second quarter with a 25 yard touchdown run by Jacob Giannoni, 4 yard touchdown run by Tanner Riley and a 62 yard touchdown run by Sawyer Haubert. The second half started with a determined Elcho/White Lake team driving down the field, but Dillion Geboy intercepted a pass and ran 65 yards for a touchdown. The final score was produced when Dakota Olson scampered 5 yards for a touchdown in the 4th quarter.  The Logger defense pitched a shut out with Hjalmer Johnson controlling the line of scrimmage and preventing Elcho/White Lake from crossing the goal line.

High School Football Scores
Friday 8/21

Neillsville 35  Prentice/Rib lake 6
Edgar 46   Chequamegon 0
Roshold 20  Phillips 0
The Rosholt Hornets used three Phillips Logger turn overs in the first half to score three touchdowns and go onto a 20-0 victory Friday night at Logger Camp. Rosholt scored on a 1 yard run by Logan Esker, a 11 yard run by Logan Esker and a 4 yard run by Sawyer Kurtzwell.

Trailing 20-0 at half time the Phillips Loggers used a strong defense lead by Hunter Anderson and Marty Peterson to shut the Rosholt Hornets down.  Quarterback, Tanner Riley’s rushing and throwing lead a Phillips attack that drove deep into Rosholt territory in the second half but could not cross the goal line.
Rosholt now sports a 1-0 record and Phillips is 0-1 and will take on Elcho/White Lake next Thursday.

Amery 13  Hayward 12
Abbotsford 61  Gilman 0
Hurley 68  Shell Lake 12
Lakeland 53  Rhinelander 7
Marahton 55  Pittsville 0
Northwestern 21  Ashland 14
Rice Lake 49  Medford 6
Stratford 21  Mosinee 14
Tomahawk 35  Auburndale 0
Unity 48  Ladysmith 16

State Baseball Tournament
June 17th @ Fox Cities Stadium
Ithaca 9  Rib Lake 0 (listen to game here)
Lake Country Lutheran 9  Chequamegon 3 (listen to game here)



Boys Baseball Sectional Finals
Chequamegon 4  Durand 2 (Chequamegon advances to state!)  Listen to game here
Rib Lake 6  Wausaukee 5 (Rib Lake advances to state!)

Boys Baseball – Sectional Semi-Finals
6/9/15 (games in progress….listen live)
Chequamegon 4  St. Croix Falls 2 (Final) (Listen to the game here)
Shell Lake 5  Butternut/Prentice 4 Final – 9 innings
Rib Lake 9  Pittsville 2

Boys Regional Final Baseball
Chequamegon 10  Phillips 0 (5 innings)
Butternut/Prentice 4  Washburn 3
Butternut/Prentice and Washburn battled for 8 innings in Butternut on Friday before B/P came away with a 4-3 win to claim the Regional Championship.
Washburn scored first in the top of the 1st when Carlson drove in Olsen.  Bouchamp followed with it hit, but Carlson was thrown out at the plate to end the inning.  B/P tied the game when Taylor Brayton reached on an error and scored on Dakota’s Johnson’s hit, but could get no more that inning leaving the bases loaded.  In the top of the 3rd, Colt Logan struck out the first 2 batters, but then walked the next 3 before being relieved by Beau Merriman to end the rally.  Taylor Brayton came on in the 5th and gave up an unearned run  when Carrier reached on an error and later scored on Bouchamp’s single to give Washburn the 2-1 lead.  B/P left 2 on in the 6th, Washburn stranded 2 in the top of the 7th to set up the B/P rally in the bottom of the 7th.  Colt Logan lead off with a double, scored on an Alec Ulrich single, but the rally ended when Washburn turned a double play.
In the 8th, just as then night before, Washburn scored on an odd play.  With 2 outs and the bases loaded Bouchamp bunted hard down the first base line, eluding the tag of the pitcher, Brayton, and then the flip to first was bobbled with the runner safe and Powell scoring.  A second runner tried to sneak in on the play but was gunned down to end the inning.
In B/P’s half of the 8th, Dakota Johnson was walked, Titus Bowles HBP,  Erickson walked and on a wild pitch Johnson scored to tie the game.  Washburn went back to Carrier who started the game.  He struck out the next batter bringing the Colt Logan to the plate with runners on 2nd and 3rd.  With the infield drawn in and moving an out fielder in for a 5th fielder, Logan grounded up the middle, the throw to the plate was just a bit high and late as Hawkins scored the winning run.
Colt Logan pitched 2-2/3, Merriman 1-1/3, and Brayton 4 innings for the win.  Carrier pitched well in the tough loss for Washburn.
“Great game, very exciting.  It’s been a while for both Butternut and Prentice to claim a title.  The kids worked hard and never game up. This was our goal at the beginning of the season and they made it.  Now we need to raise the bar and see what we can do”

Rib Lake 9  Loyal 3

Boys Baseball – Regionals
Chequamegon 10  Ladysmith 0 (6 innings)
Phillips 7  Hurley 3 (6 innings…call due to lightning) LISTEN TO GAME
The Phillips Loggers prevailed over the Hurley Midgets in Division 3 semi-regional action in baseball. The game was ended after six innings after a nearly one hour delay due to inclement weather.  The final score was 7-3 in favor of Phillips. Getting the win for Phillips was Trent Sauter who pitched 4 strong innings giving up 3 runs on  5 hits.  The save was recorded by Tyler Potter who faced the minimum of 6 batters in the final two innings and recorded 3 strikeouts.  Ryan Giannoi started the game off by slamming a two run homer to left field and the Loggers never trailed from that point.
Hurley pitcher, Mitch Maki took the loss going up 7 runs on 6 hits. Mitch Maki and Steven Chavers each had two hits for the Hurley Midgets while Ronnie Nickel, Cole Hudtari, and Dannie Bender each picked up one hit each.
Butternut/Prentice 7  Solon Springs 3
Beau Merriman was 3-4 at the plate, and had 9 K’s in 4-2/3 innings on the mound, Taylor Brayton pitched the final 2-1/3 innings for the save to lead Butternut/Prentice over Solon Springs last night in Butternut.  Brant Johnson and Dakota Johnson each scored 2 runs.

Girls Sectional Softball
Grantsburg 9  Phillips 2 (final)

Boys Regional Baseball
Phillips 6  Cornell/Lake Holcombe 4

Girls Regional Final Softball
Phillips 10  Hurley 5 (Listen to game here
Girls Regional Softball
Phillips 9  Ladysmith 1
The Phillips Loggers Girl’s softball team advanced to the Regional Final by defeating Ladysmith by a score of 9-1. Winning pitcher was Moran Edwards who pitched a complete game. She gave up 1 run on two hits, struck out 9 while walking only 1.Taking the loss for Ladysmith was Megan Dennis who gave up 9 runs on 8 hits. She struck out 1 and walked 4.Leading hitters for Phillips were Morgan Edwards who went 2 for 2 and Brooke Spacek who went 2 for 4. Hitting a long home run for Ladysmith was Makala Malec.
Defensively, centerfielder, Lorren Sauter, made two outstanding catches.

Boys Baseball
Butternut/Prentice 13  Mellen 10
Girls Regional Softball
Hurley 6   Chequamegon 4
A five-run Hurley second inning proved to be too much for the Chequamegon High School softball team to overcome as the fourth-seeded Midgets notched a 6-4 victory over the top-seeded Screaming Eagles on Wednesday, May 27, at the Park Falls Athletic Complex.
Chequamegon opened the scoring in the first with an RBI double by Morgan Hilgart, who then scored on a throwing error.
Hurley opened the second inning with a pair of singles and a fielder’s choice which didn’t net an out. After an RBI single, another fielder’s choice loaded the bases ahead of Kirkie Pecotte’s two-run double.
Danielle Masterson doubled in the third after two were out and scored on Megan Mader’s RBI single.
Hurley added a run in the fifth on a solo home run by Paige Aho.
Remi Orr walked to lead off the Chequamegon sixth, Mackenzie Dane doubled and pinch runner Klaudia Swanson scored on a sacrifice fly by Kayla Herbst.
The Screaming Eagles were robbed of a two-run homer in the fifth inning and had the sixth and seventh innings end in line outs.
Chequamegon finished the season with a record of 17-8

Boys Baseball
Edgar 10  Butternut/Prentice 3

Regional Track
Chequamegon Boys and Girls Win Regional Titles!  Click HERE for results

Girls Regional Softball
Phillips 24  Washburn/Bayfield 0

Girls Softball
Northwestern 17, @Chequamegon 0
The Chequamegon High School softball team fanned seven times in five innings and managed only a single by Emily Mader in a 17-0 loss to Northwestern on Thursday, May 21, at the Park Falls Athletic Complex.
Northwestern rapped 17 hits, including six doubles, a triple and three home runs, blowing open a 2-0 game with four runs in the third inning and eight in the fourth.
Chequamegon finished the regular season with a record of 17-7.

Boys Baseball
Abbotsford 15    Butternut/Prentice 14

Girls Softball
@Chequamegon 15, Prentice/Butternut 0
Chequamegon 20, Prentice/Butternut (home team) 1
The Chequamegon High School softball team wrapped up its fourth-straight Marawood North Conference championship with a 15-0, 20-1 doubleheader sweep of Prentice/Butternut on Tuesday, May 19, at the Park Falls Athletic Complex.
Chequamegon tallied seven times in both the first and second innings in game one before Maggie Miller’s RBI single in the third ended it on the 15-run rule. Morgan Hilgat was 3-for-3 with two doubles and Emily Mader was 2-for-2 with a double and three runs batted in. Danielle Masterson, Megan Mader and Kayla Herbst each drove in a pair of runs.
Megan Mader notched the win, allowing two hits, both in the first inning which ended in a 4-3-6 twin killing. Mader fanned four of the 10 batters she faced.
As the visitor in game two, the Screaming Eagles again tallied seven runs in the first. They added five in the second and eight in the third.
Masterson was 2-for-2 with a solo home run and three runs batted in. Remi Orr was also 2-for-2. Makayla Casey was 1-for-1 with three RBI and Trista Cegielski ripped a three-run double.
Mackenzie Dane allowed two hits and struck out five with no walks for the win.

Boys Baseball
Phillips 7  Flambeau 1
Chequamegon 15  Butternut/Prentice 2

Marwood North Conference Track Meet
For complete results click here

Boys Baseball
Chequamegon 15  Phillips 4 (6 innings)

Girls Softball
Chequamegon 20  Phillips 2 (4 Innings)
The Chequamegon High School Softball team capitalized on errors and walks en route to a 20-2 victory over Phillips on Monday, May 18, at the Park Falls Athletic Complex.
The Loggers tallied a solo run in the first inning, but Chequamegon answered with five in its half of the inning, capped by a two-run double by Remi Orr and RBI single by Makayla Casey.
The Screaming Eagles tacked on four in the second with Mackenzie Dane and Korrie Herbst singling home runs.
Orr’s three run homer and a three-run double by Morgan Hilgart fueled an 11-run third inning for the Screaming Eagles.
Megan Mader notched the win, allowing six hits and fanning two.
Orr and Hilgart were both 3-for-4 on the night with Orr driving in four runs and Hilgart three.

Girls Softball
Chequamegon 12, Cochrane-Fountain City 8
Chequamegon 7, Neillsville 3
The Chequamegon High School softball team notched a pair of wins in round-robin play at Neillsville on Saturday, May 16, beating Cochrane-Fountain City 12-8 and Neillsvillel 7-3.
The Screaming Eagles had a 7-0 lead wiped out in their opener against the Div. 4 12th-ranked Pirates before scoring four times in the top of the seventh for the winning margin.
Emily Ernest went 4-for-5 with three RBI, Megan Mader had two hits and drove in three runs and Emily Mader and Morgan Hilgart each had two hits and two RBI.
Mackenzie Dane allowed just one earned run, allowing six hits, striking our five and walking four.
A two-run homer by Ernest fueled a six-run first inning for the 16th-ranked Screaming Eagles against Neillsville. Ernest, Emily Mader, Danielle Masterson and Maggie Nesbit had two hits each, with Nesbit driving in a pair of runs.
Megan Mader allowed no earned runs on six hits with four strikeouts and two walks to notch the win in the circle.
Chequamegon is now 14-6.

Boys Baseball
Rib Lake defeated Phillips by a  score of 6-2 in Marawood North baseball action. Winning picture was Jerry Reinhart who went 4 innings and gave up 1 run on 4 hits while striking out three and walking 4.  Brian Solis pitched the last three innings to get the save.  The big hit of the game was a two run inside the park home run by Austin Zondlo in the seventh inning. Taking the loss for Phillips was Ryan Giannoi who gave up 4 nurse on 6 hits while striking out two and walking four in 5 innings of work. Ryan Giannoi lead the Phillips hitters with two hits including a triple.

Athens 10  Butternut/Prentice 1

Girls Softball
Phillips 11  Ashland 10 (Listen to the game here)
Marathon 11  Chequamegon 1
Marathon rapped 11 hits to go along with a healthy mix of Chequamegon errors in an 11-1 home victory on Thursday, May 14. On the flipside, the Screaming Eagles managed just a pair of hits — back-to-back singles by Megan Mader and Remi Orr — which led to their only run in the second.
Chequamegon is now 12-6 on the season.

Boys Baseball
Phillips 5  Abbotsford 2

High School Track @ Marathon
For results click here

Boys Baseball
Edgar 6  Phillips 5 (8 innings)
Abbotsford 12  Butternut/Prentice 1

Girls Softball
Chequamegon 8  Hurley 1

Boys Baseball
Chequamegon 3  Rib Lake 2
Girls Softball
Phillips 10  Prentice 0
Chequamegon 15, @ Rib Lake 1 (5)
Megan Mader fanned 11 in a five-inning four-hitter, backed by 15 hits, as the Chequamegon High School softball team defeated Rib Lake 15-1 in Marawood North Conference action on Monday, May 11.
Mackenzie Dane went 4-for-4 on the night with seven runs driven in. She had a two-run single in the first inning, RBI singles in the second and fourth innings, and a three-run double in the fifth. Emily Ernest, Danielle Masterson, Morgan Hilgart and Megan Mader added two hits each for the Screaming Eagles, with Hilgart driving in three runs.
Chequamegon is 11-5 overall and 8-1 in MNC play.

Boys Baseball
Butternut/Prentice won a pair of games in the Bruce Tourney on Saturday, defeating Solon Springs 8-6 and then Mellen 18-6.  Colt Logan and Riley Christian were named to the all-tourney team.  B/P is now 5-9.

Boys Baseball
@ Chequamegon Armstrong Field
Chequamegon 15  Hurley 0
WP – Sam Lehman
Leading Hitters:  Wyatt Juneau 2 Hits 2 RBI,
2 hits each for Claeb Armstrong, Sam Lehman and Christian Armstrong

Tomahawak 15  Chequamegon 6
2 Hits for Hunter Bay

Girls Softball
The Chequamegon High School softball team beat Glenwood City and lost to Stevens Point Pacelli and Arcadia at the Gilman-Thorp SlamFest on Saturday, May 9.
The Screaming Eagles, ranked 14th in Div. 3 by the Fastpitch Chronicle, opened the day with a 10-2 victory over Glenwood City behind the pitching of Mackenzie Dane. Chequamegon rapped 12 hits in the game, including two each by Danielle Masterson, Megan Mader and Korrie Herbst. Chequamegon broke the game open with a six-run fourth inning, highlighted by Emily Ernest’s three-run triple.
Pacelli (15-3), ranked fourth in Div. 4, scored solo runs in each of the first three innings and three in the fourth to open a 6-0 lead over Chequamegon in game two. Back-to-back RBI doubles by Morgan Hilgart and Megan Mader cut the deficit to 6-2, but Pacelli tacked on two unearned runs in the fifth to lead 8-2. singles by Danielle Masterson and Megan Mader set the table for RBI singles by Remi Orr and Dane in a three-run sixth for Chequamegon. Masterson, Mader and Orr each had two hits in the game.
Five errors fueled Arcadia’s 12-8 victory over the Screaming Eagles in the day’s final game. Chequamegon fell behind 6-1 before putting up a five-spot in the third, with Dane drilling a three-run triple and Makayla Casey following with an RBI single. Arcadia regained the lead with four runs in the fourth and two in the fifth. Masterson had three doubles in the game and Casey had three hits, including a double, and drove in a pair of runs.

Boys Baseball
Chequamegon 10  Edgar 0
WP – Caleb Armstrong (no-hitter)
2 Hits for Justin Herbst
Hunter Bay 2 hits
Camerson Pearon 2 RBI

Girls Softball
@Chequamegon 11, Edgar 1
The Chequamegon High School softball team rapped four doubles and two home runs to back the 6-hit pitching of Megan Mader in an 11-1 five-inning victory on Friday, May 8, at the Park Falls Athletic Complex.
Mader fanned four and walked none as the Screaming Eagles improved to 9-3 overall and 7-1 in the Marawood North Conference.
Emily Mader led off the Chequamegon first with a double and courtesy runner Klaudia Swanson scored on Danielle Masterson’s single. Morgan Hilgart doubled and Megan Mader singled home a run to close the frame.
Masterson belted a three-run, two-out double in the Chequamegon second.
Emily Mader led off the Chequamegon fourth with her third hit of the night and Swanson scored her third run on an RBI double by Ernest. Megan Mader plated a run with a suicide squeeze and Mackenzie Dane lined a two-run homer to cap the five-run inning.
Ernest hit a two-out dinger in the fifth to end the game via the 10-run rule

Boys Baseball
Chequamegon 13  Butternut/Prentice 1
For Chequamegon – Justin Herbst double and HR
Hunter Bay – 2 hits
Ben Godleske 2 hits

Track Invitational @ Rib Lake
1st)  Chequamegon       114
Phillips                           54
Rib Lake                         41
Prentice                          32

1st)  Chequamegon              108
Phillips                                 51.5
Rib Lake                              51.5
Prentice                               38

Girls Soccer
Phillips 1  Bayfield/Washburn 0
Phillips won against Bayburn (combined team of Bayfield/Washburn) on Tuesday, May 5, with a final score of 1-0.  This was a conference game. Senior Captain Shelby Reukauf (#6) scored the lone goal for Phillips in the first half. Goalkeeper Amanda Kubly blocked all Bayburn shots on goal.
Girls Softball
Chequamegon 13, @Drummond 3
The Chequamegon High School softball team notched its fourth straight win, 13-3 at Drummond on Tuesday, May 5, to improve to 8-3 on the season.
Mackenzie Dane tossed a five-hitter with three walks and four strikeouts. Kayla Herbst and Remi Orr had two hits apiece to lead the 10-hit effort by the Screaming Eagles. Orr and Korrie Herbst drove in two runs each.
Chequamegon took a 2-0 lead in the third with Korrie Herbst and Emily Mader driving in runs, but Drummond answered to knot the score in the bottom of the frame.
Klaudia Swanson led off the Chequamegon fifth with a triple before Korrie Herbst was hit by a pitch. Makayla Casey drove in a run and Herbst scored later in the frame to give the Screaming Eagles a 4-2 lead. Back-to-back singles by Megan Mader and Remi Orr led to runs scored by Ally Derr and Kayla Herbst in the sixth.
Chequamegon tacked on seven in the seventh, with Kayla Herbst starting and capping the rally with singles and Orr rapping a two-run double. Dane added an RBI single.

Chequamegon will take its 6-1 Marawood North Conference record to Prentice on Thursday to face Prentice/Butternut.

Boys Baseball
Phillips 14  Butternut/Prentice 0 (6 innings)

Boys Baseball
Athens 13  Chequamegon 4
Rib Lake 12  Butternut/Prentice 1

Girls Softball
Chequamegon 7, @Athens 5
Staring at a 4-1 deficit with only four outs remaining, the Chequamegon High School softball team rallied for four runs after two were out in the sixth inning to take a 5-4 lead and tacked on a pair of insurance runs in the seventh inning for a 7-5 victory at Athens on Monday, May 4.
With the win, the Screaming Eagles moved into a first-place tie with the Div. 4 5th-ranked Blue Jays, each with conference records of 6-1. Chequamegon is 7-3 overall.
Danielle Masterson’s RBI single plated Emily Mader in the top of the first inning. Athens tallied four unearned runs after two were out in the bottom of the second.
A two-out error in the sixth scored Morgan Hilgart, who had doubled, and Mackenzie Dane followed with a double to put runners at second and third. Both runners scored on Makayla Casey’s grounder, which was booted. A walk to Kayla Herbst and single by Emily Mader loaded the bases ahead of an RBI single by Emily Ernest which plated Casey with the go-ahead run.
After a 1-2-3 sixth, Hilgart reached on an error, Orr singled, and Dane followed with an RBI single. Orr scored on Casey’s RBI grounder to give the Screaming Eagles a three-run cushion. Athens tallied once in the bottom of the seventh.
Ernest, Hilgart and Dane had two hits each to spark the Screaming Eagles’ 10-hit attack.
Megan Mader tossed a six-hitter with four walks and four strikeouts and was backed by a pair of double plays on liners to Masterson at shortstop.

Girls Softball
Friday, May 1st
Chequamegon 12  Abbotsford 1

Boys Baseball
Friday, May 1st
Edgar 10  Butternut/Prentice 0
Chequamegon 15  Abbotsford 5
WP – Ben Godleske
Hunter Bay – 2 hits and 4 walks…reaching base 6 times
2 hits each for Erik Tank and Christian Armstrong

High School Track Invite @ Northland Pines
For boys results click here
For girls results click here

Boys Baseball
Chequamegon 9  Phillips 4 (Listen to archive of the game here)

Girls Softball
Chequamegon 7  Phillips 1
Chequamegon 7, @Phillips 1
Megan Mader held the Phillips Loggers’ in check and the Screaming Eagles erupted for five runs in the fourth inning en route to a 7-1 victory at Phillips in Marawood North Conference softball action on Thursday, April 30.
Mader didn’t allow a hit until the fifth inning and only two into the seventh before three Logger singles led to their only tally. Mader scattered five hits, fanned five and walked one, inducing 13 ground ball outs, including five come-backers.
Danielle Masterson and Morgan Hilgart led off the Chequamegon fifth with back-to-back doubles, Mader singled home a run, Remi Orr singled and Mackenzie Dane followed with the first of her two run-scoring doubles on the night. Klaudia Swanson and Korrie Herbst each had RBI ground outs to cap the scoring in the inning.
The Screaming Eagles are 5-3 overall and 4-1 in MNC.

Boys Baseball
Chequamegon 10  Ironwood 0
WP – Ryan Prellwitz – 1 Hitter – 6 K’s
Leading Hitters:  Wyatt Juneau 2 Hits, Christian Armstrong 2 RBI.
Phillips 20 Drummond 2
Athens 14  Butternut/Prentice 0
Butternut/Prentice 2 game winning streak came to an abrupt end as Athens scored 14 runs on 8 hits, including a Thurs grand slam in a 14-0 drubbing.  Lane Tessmer and Shane Coker combined on the 3 hit shutout.  Taylor Brayton and Trevor Pollitt pitched for B/P.  “They’re a good team that is getting healthy.  We did not come out with the same confidence and energy that we’ve had the past 2 games.  That won’t work against teams like this.” – Coach Scherwinski.

High School Track Invitational @ Park Falls
For Girls Results click here
For Boys Results click here
Boys Baseball
Rib Lake 5  Phillips 0
Chequamegon 6  Tomahawk 4
WP – Caleb Armstrong
Leading Hitters – 2 hits each for Wyatt Juneau, Sam Lehman, Justin Herbst and Caleb Armstrong

Butternut/Prentice 9  Thorp 8
Another 7th inning rally pushed Butternut/Prentice to a 9-8 win at Thorp last night.  Taylor Brayton opened the scoring with a 2 run triple in the 3rd, scoring on a throwing error on the play for a 3-0 lead.  After Thorp rallied to lead 5-3 in the 5th, Riley Christian singled in Trevor Pollitt for the go ahead run in the 6th, before Thorp rallied to tie in the bottom half.  Then with 2 outs in the 7th, Kason Maki singled in Taylor Brayton with the game winner.  Colt Logan pitched solid into the 6th, Beau Merriman two innings in relief for the win.  Logan, Merriman, Brayton, and Maki all had 2 hits in the game.  B/P is now 3-4.

Girls Softball
@ Stratford 3, Chequamegon 2
The Fastpitch Chronicle’s 10th- and 16th-ranked Div. 3 teams met up in Stratford on Monday, April 27, with the No. 16 Tigers emerging with a 3-2 victory on their home field.
The Screaming Eagles opened the game with consecutive singles by Emily Mader, Emily Ernest and Danielle Masterson to open the scoring before a line-out double play.
Stratford scored an unearned run in the third and added solo tallies in the fourth and sixth to take a 3-1 lead.
Emily Mader blasted a two-out homer in the seventh for Chequamegon. Ernest singled Masterson drilled a liner to right which was caught on the shoe tops to end the game.
Emily Mader and Ernest had three hits each for the Screaming Eagles.

Boys Baseball
Chequamegon 9  Edgar 3
WP – Justin Herbst 10K’s
Leading Hitters:  Hunter Bay 304, Sam Lehman and Ben Godleske 2 hits each
Phillips 3  Hurley 1
Phillips 7 Washburn 5
Butternut Prentice 1  Drummond 0
Butternut/Prentice hosted Drummond in Butternut.  Locked up in a pitcher’s dual, Riley Christian singled in Charlie Hirtreiter with 2 outs in the bottom of the 7th for the 1-0 win.  Beau Merriman pitched the shutout for the win, spreading out 5 hits and 2 walks, striking out 9 Lumberjacks.  Colin Mergen went the distance for Drummond to take the tough luck loss, giving up 6 hits and 2 walks, striking out 7.  3 of Drummond’s 5 hits were doubles, but Merriman, back by some good defense, was able to prevent them from scoring.  Kason Maki had 2 hits in the game for
B/P.  Jordan Miller had 2 hits for Drummond.  B/P is now 2-4 on the season..

Girls Softball
@ Chequamegon 14, Rib Lake 0 (5)
Chequamegon’s Mackenzie Dane struck out 8 and walked 1 in a five-inning, 2-hit victory over Rib Lake in Marawood North Conference softball action on Friday, April 24, at the Park Falls Athletic Complex.
The Screaming Eagles rapped 11 hits and drew 7 walks on the night. Danielle Masterson had a triple among her three hits, Morgan Hilgart double twice and Emily Mader had two hits, including a double. Masterson, Hilgart and Dane each drove in a pair of runs.
The Screaming Eagles are 4-2 overall; 3-1 MNC.

Boys Baseball
Chequamegon 14  Edgar 7
WP – Caleb Armstrong 7K’s
Cam Pearson – 3 Run HR
Justin Herbst 2 Hits
Caleb Armstrong 2 Hits
Ben Godleske 2 Hits

Bruce 16  Butternut/Prentice 5
Butternut/Prentice fell to Bruce last night 16-5 in Prentice.  A 3 run rally in the 5th inning started by a perfectly executed squeeze bunt by Beau Merriman made it a 5-3 game after 5.  But B/P could get no closer as Bruce pulled away with 5 runs in the 6th and 6 runs in the 7th.  Taylor Brayton pitched a solid 5 innings, taking the loss.  B/P is now 1-4 on the year

Girls Softball
Chequamegon 10, @Edgar 7
The Chequamegon High School softball team erupted for 8 runs in the fifth inning en route to a 10-7 Marawood North Conference victory at Edgar on Thursday, April 23.
Aided by a couple of Wildcat errors, the Screaming Eagles rapped 8 hits in the inning, including doubles by Emily Ernest, Morgan Hilgart and Danielle Masterson, and a two-run dinger by Remi Orr.
Chequamegon led 9-2 after the fifth before allowing two Edgar runs in the sixth and three in the seventh.
Megan Mader pitched five innings for the victory, surrendering two runs, fanning four and walking none. Her defense backed her with two 6-4-3 double plays.
Emily Mader had three hits and scored three times for Chequamegon. Ernest, Masterson and Hilgart had two hits each.
The Screaming Eagles are 3-2 overall; 2-1 MNC.

High School Track
@ Bruce Invitational
Chequamegon Boys and Girls Take 1st Place

Girls Soccer
Phillips 2  Three Lakes 0
– Goals by Ellie Lochner (2)

Girls Softball
@ Medford 2, Chequamegon 1 (10 innings)
Medford senior Kayla Hartl and Chequamegon freshman Mackenzie Dane went toe-to-toe in the circle in non-conference softball action Friday, April 17, with the host Raiders eking out a 2-1 victory in 10 innings.
Hartl struck out 20 with no walks, allowing six hits. Dane gave up just five hits, striking out nine and walking six.
Chequamegon scored in the top of the sixth when Emily Mader reached and later scored on an RBI fielder’s choice off the bat of Danielle Masterson.
Kaitlin Walsh’s solo home run to lead off the Medford half of the six knotted the score. After two were out in the bottom of the 10th, Sydney Elsner singled for Medford and then scored on Jenna Klemm’s walk-off double.
Morgan Hilgart had two hits for Chequamegon, including a double, and Emily Ernest had two hits. Dane also doubled for the Screaming Eagles (2-2).

Boys Baseball
Chequamegon 18  Hurley 3

Boys Baseball
Lakeland 11  Phillips 4 (listen to game here)

Girls Soccer
Phillips 4  Medford 1
Goals by Ellie Lochner (2) and Jill Schneider.  Assists by Jill Schneider and Lyndsey Holan

Girls Softball
Phillips 13  Ladysmith 0
WP – Morgan Edwards
Leading Hitters:  Mikayla Williams 2 hits

Boys Baseball
Spencer 12 Butternut/Prentice 0
Spencer combined for 9 hits with 6 walks to pull away with the win.
Beau Merriman took the loss on the mound.
Ladysmith 8  Phillips 3

Girls Soccer
Ashland 9  Phillips 0

Boys Baseball
Phillips  4  Athens 3
Butternut/Prenitce 10  Three Lakes 0
WP – Taylor Brayton – 12K’s
Leading Hitters:  Tristen Johnons 2 hits, 4RBI;  Brayton and Brant Johnson 2 hits each

Girls Soccer
Phillips 2  Bayfield/Washburn 1
Goals for Phillips:  Jill Schnieder (assisted by Claire Langfoss
Ellie Lochner (unassisted)

Boys Baseball
4/11/15 @ Mauston Woodside Challenge
Bloomer 9  Chequamegon 1
Leading Hitter:  Justin Herbst with 2 hits
Westbay 11  Chequamegon 5
Leading Hitter:  Ben Godleske 2 hits

Boys Baseball
4/10/15 @ Mauston Woodside Challenge
Chequamegon 14  Shoreland Lutheran 3
WP – Ryan Prellwitz…4K’s
Leading Hitters:  Sam Lehman 3B,
Hunter Bay adn Christian Armstrong – 3 hits each
Wyatt Juneau 2 hits

Girls Sotball
Athens 9, @ Chequamegon 6
With two all-conference pitchers squaring off in the circle, hits and runs were expected to be at a premium when the Athens and Chequamegon High School softball teams battled on Friday, April 10, at the Park Falls Athletic Complex. When the smoke cleared 24 hits and 15 runs later, Athens got a leg up in the Marawood North Conference race with a 9-6 victory.
Athens rapped 13 hits to 11 for Chequamegon and strung four hits in a row to lead off the pivotal four-run fifth inning. The win went to Kyncaide Diedrich, the reigning Div. 4 state player of the year and three-time MNC North player of the year, who walked three and struck out five.
Emily Mader led off the Chequamegon first inning with a double and scored on Megan Mader’s ground out. A two-run homer by Kaitlin Felzkowski  put Athens on top in the second inning. The Screaming Eagles tied things up in their half of the second on Kenzi Dane’s double and a two-out  RBI single by Abby Lee. Athens’  Emily Czech rapped a two-run double in the third and the Blue Jays added an unearned run in the fourth to lead 5-2. A triple by Dane and RBI double by Korrie Herbst trimmed it to 5-3 after four complete. Athens’ four-spot in the fifth was the back-breaker.
Chequamegon inched closer on Morgan Hilgart’s two-run home in the fifth and Dane’s second double and fourth hit of the game drove in the Screaming Eagles’ final tally in the seventh.

Girls Soccer
Phillips 2  Hayward 0
Goals:  Ellie Lochner (2) (assist by Shelby Reukauf)

Boys Baseball
Athens 6  Chequamegon 1
Girls Softball
Chequamegon 10, Abbotsford 0 (5 innings)
The Chequamegon High School softball team erupted for seven runs in the fifth inning en route to a 10-0 victory over Abbotsford on Tuesday, April 7, at the Park Falls Athletic Complex.
Megan Mader spun her second shutout of the season, scattering five hits, walking one and fanning five.
“Again, Megan was very efficient and pretty well in control. She worked her way out of a couple situations to keep the shutout intact,” Dischler said. “We got off to a shaky start with our only error of the game and only walk, but Megan closed the frame with back-to-back punchouts.”
Chequamegon broke the ice with two on and two out in the third when Morgan Hilgart doubled home the games first run and Remi Orr followed with a two-run single.
“We finally got something brewing on a couple of badly needed clutch hits there by Mo and Remi,” Dischler said.
The Screaming Eagles batted around in the seventh with Megan Mader leading off the inning with a double and ending the game via the 10-run rule with a RBI double. Orr rapped another two-run single and Emily Mader plated a run on a suicide squeeze. The game ended on consecutive doubles by Emily Ernest, Masterson and Megan Mader . Ernest had a pair of doubles in the game.

Girls Softball

Chequamegon 3, @ Spencer 0
Senior Megan Mader fired a masterful two-hitter and junior Emily Ernest capped a 3-for-4 night with her first career home run as the Chequamegon High School softball team opened its season with a 3-0 victory at Spencer on Tuesday, March 31.
Mader fanned nine en route to the victory, with no walks, and helped her own cause with five infield assists.
Freshman Kenzie Dane added two hits in the 10-hit attack for the Screaming Eagles and Emily Mader rapped a double and scored two runs.

High School Track
Indoor Meet @ Northland PInes

Girls Team Placings (for indidividual results click here


1) Northland Pines 141.5

2) Chequamegon 120

3) Prentice 104

4) Rib Lake 66

5) Ashland 59

6) Hayward High School 58

7) Crivitz Public School 19.5

8) Three Lakes High School 16

9) Menominee Indian High school 15
Boys Team Placings (for individual results click here


1) Northland Pines 137.5

2) Chequamegon 128

3) Ashland 101

4) Rib Lake 78

5) Crivitz Public School 66.5

6) Hayward High School 53

7) Prentice 40

8) Three Lakes High School 2


2015 WIAA Individual State Results for Chequamegon
D3-152 – Isaac Weik (42-6) placed 6th and scored 6.00 team points.
Champ. Round 1 – Isaac Weik (Chequamegon) 42-6 won by decision over Taran Holland (Princeton) 29-14 (Dec 4-3)
Quarterfinal – Kevin Lansin (Coleman) 41-3 won by fall over Isaac Weik (Chequamegon) 42-6 (Fall 3:54)
Cons. Round 1 – Isaac Weik (Chequamegon) 42-6 won by decision over Mason Matthias (Mishicot) 28-11 (Dec 3-2)
Cons. Semi – Micah Johnson (Boyceville) 17-3 won by fall over Isaac Weik (Chequamegon) 42-6 (Fall 0:27)
5th Place Match – Zach Coffeen (Laconia) 47-5 won by fall over Isaac Weik (Chequamegon) 42-6 (Fall 4:15)
6th place for Isaaac!  Congratulations!


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Boys Basketball Tournament Brackets
Division 1
Division 2
Division 3
Division 4
Division 5

Follow TEAM S.E.A.L. in the WIAA State Hockey Tournament!  For the brackets click HERE
For Girls Basketball Division 5 Tournament Brackets:
Division 5
Division 4
Division 3
Division 2
Division 1

Marathon 68  Phillips 57

Auburndale 60  Chequamegon 36
Antigo 49  Medford 42
Ashland 59  South Shore 45
Bloomer 48  Northwestern 42
Bruce 42  Flambeau 40
Hayward 62  Ladysmith 24
Mellen 53  Drummond 50
Mosinee 65  Lakeland 54
Pittsville 55  Abbotsford 37
Rhinelander 70  Northland Pines 38
Stratford 67  Prentice 40

Hayward 49  Amery 36
Northwood 54  South Shore 51
Prentice 71  Northland Pines 61
Washburn 67  Chequamegon 44

Chequamegon Girls are Conference Champs!
1st)  Chquemegon           119.85
2nd)  Mosinee/Marathon  115.850
Medford                           115.40
Rhinelander                     113.950
Lakeland                          112.075

For Chequamegon:
Cassie Riddiford – 2nd team all conference All-Around, 3rd place honorable mention on beam, 1st team all conference on floor.
Brooke Lustig – 1st team all conference on bars
Hannah Mader – 3rd place honorablemention for All Around, 1st team all conference on floor.

Marawood North All Conference Honors:
1st Team:
Shane Wakefield – Chequamegon
Danny Baratka – Phillips
Cade Rose – Phillips
Drew Rohde – Prentice

2nd Team:
Ryan Giannoni – Phillips
Joe Scheithauer – Rib Lake

Honorable Mention:
Justin Herbst and Ben Godleske – Chequamegon
Alex Olson – Phillips
Cody Esterholm – Prentice
Jordan Blomberg and Jordan Cardey – Rib Lake

Coach of the Year – Trevor Raskie of Phillips
Co-Players of the Year – Shane Wakefield – Chequamegon and Danny Baratka – Phillips

1st Team:
Shawnie Sarkkinen – Prentice
2nd Team:
Makala Williams – Phillips
Honorable Mention:
Alexi Canik and Emily Ernest – Chequamegon
Ellie Lochner and Morgan Edwards – Phillips
Alyson Nehls and Brianna Schellin – Prentice
Katie Cardey and Regan Dobbs – Rib Lake

Sectional Wrestling From Osseo-Fairchild
WIAA D3 Sect. A Independence Results for Phillips
113 – Brad Halmstad (28-13) place is unknown and scored 2.00 team points.
Quarterfinal – Brad Halmstad (Phillips) 28-13 won by decision over Josh Rothering (Cochrane-Fountain City) 20-15 (Dec 7-3)
Semifinal – Lucas Graf (Cumberland) 35-3 won by fall over Brad Halmstad (Phillips) 28-13 (Fall 2:51)
Cons. Semi – Andrew Gunderson (Cadott) 37-6 won by decision over Brad Halmstad (Phillips) 28-13 (Dec 7-1)

120 – Jasper Bushman (20-14) place is unknown and scored 0.00 team points.
Quarterfinal – Seth Schlegel (Spring Valley/Elmwood) 33-13 won by fall over Jasper Bushman (Phillips) 20-14 (Fall 1:22)

126 – Liam Clapero (21-15) place is unknown and scored 0.00 team points.
Quarterfinal – Trey Lundequam (Cumberland) 38-6 won by fall over Liam Clapero (Phillips) 21-15 (Fall 1:48)

170 – Hunter Anderson (25-17) placed 4th and scored 7.00 team points.
Quarterfinal – Tevin Anderson (Unity) 32-7 won by fall over Hunter Anderson (Phillips) 25-17 (Fall 1:13)
Cons. Semi – Hunter Anderson (Phillips) 25-17 won by injury default over Richie Hotelling (Arcadia) 35-10 (Inj. 0:00)
3rd Place Match – Quint Schmidt (Ladysmith) 24-13 won by fall over Hunter Anderson (Phillips) 25-17 (Fall 1:08)

182 – Marty Peterson (18-14) place is unknown and scored 0.00 team points.
Quarterfinal – Isiah Brown (Aquinas) 24-10 won in sudden victory – 1 over Marty Peterson (Phillips) 18-14 (SV-1 10-5)

WIAA D3 Sect. A Independence Results for Chequamegon
113 – Seth Peterson (14-25) place is unknown and scored 0.00 team points.
Quarterfinal – Aaron Raabe (Luther) 33-7 won by fall over Seth Peterson (Chequamegon) 14-25 (Fall 1:27)
Cons. Semi – Derek Johnson (Unity) 23-16 won by major decision over Seth Peterson (Chequamegon) 14-25 (MD 11-2)

126 – Absalom David (14-24) place is unknown and scored 0.00 team points.
Quarterfinal – Kal Gerber (Cameron) 42-0 won by fall over Absalom David (Chequamegon) 14-24 (Fall 1:28)
Cons. Semi – Isaiah Eitrem (Spring Valley/Elmwood) 17-6 won by tech fall over Absalom David (Chequamegon) 14-24 (TF-1.5 2:55 (15-0))

132 – Erik Tank (6-11) place is unknown and scored 0.00 team points.
Quarterfinal – Alex Cortez (Luther) 28-11 won by decision over Erik Tank (Chequamegon) 6-11 (Dec 8-1)

138 – Hunter Schienebeck (34-8) place is unknown and scored 0.00 team points.
Quarterfinal – Trevor Giedd (Mondovi) 26-7 won by fall over Hunter Schienebeck (Chequamegon) 34-8 (Fall 0:49)

152 – Isaac Weik (40-3) placed 2nd and scored 15.00 team points.
Quarterfinal – Isaac Weik (Chequamegon) 40-3 won by major decision over Michael Prokop (Arcadia) 20-19 (MD 8-0)
Semifinal – Isaac Weik (Chequamegon) 40-3 won by decision over Trystin Adams (Cumberland) 39-4 (Dec 6-2)
1st Place Match – Micah Johnson (Boyceville) 15-2 won by fall over Isaac Weik (Chequamegon) 40-3 (Fall 0:56)
2nd Place Match – Isaac Weik (Chequamegon) 40-3 won by rule over Trystin Adams (Cumberland) 39-4 (RULE)

160 – Wyatt Juneau (21-15) placed 4th and scored 6.00 team points.
Quarterfinal – Jed Schlegel (Spring Valley/Elmwood) 40-3 won by fall over Wyatt Juneau (Chequamegon) 21-15 (Fall 1:51)
Cons. Semi – Wyatt Juneau (Chequamegon) 21-15 won by major decision over Josh Nitek (Blair-Taylor) 12-10 (MD 11-2)
3rd Place Match – Andrew Johnson (Clear Lake) 30-9 won by decision over Wyatt Juneau (Chequamegon) 21-15 (Dec 9-2)

Abbotsford 42  Chequamegon 36
Bloomer 58  Ladysmith 41
Rib Lake 57  Athens 44
Prenticie 49  Edgar 47
Winter 39  New Auburn 7

Drummond 61  Lac Courte Oreilles 21
Hurley 38  Ashland 35
Medford 41  Nekoosa 27

Siren 4  Spooner 2
Eau Claire North 3  TEAM S.E.A.L. 1
Rice Lake 7  Medford 0
Mosinee 8  Lakeland 1
Northland PInes 10  Tomahawk 0
Pacelli/Assumption 3  Rhinelander/Three Lakes 1

Chequamegon 65  Ladysmith 45
– For Chequamegon – Shane Wakefield 21pts, Justin Herbst 12 pts
Hurley 64  Bessemer, MI  58
Ironwood, MI  72  Butternut 34
Medford 53  Northland PInes 42
Mosinee 49  Rhinelander 47
Prentice 62  Bruce 50
Stratford 69  Amherst 58


Auburndale 62  Athens 38
Colfax 50  Ladysmith 26
Hayward 47  Eau Claire Regis 25
Ironwood, MI  44  Butternut 31
Medford 57  Northland Pines 39
Mercer 61  Wakefield-Marenisco, MI  52
Mosinee 50  Rhinelander 47

Hayward 52  Phillips 49
Schofield, DC Everest 55  Lakeland 39

Click HERE for Phillips Regional Resutls
Sectonal Qualifiers:
Phillips – Brad Halmstad, Jasper Bushman, Liam Clapero, Hunter Anderson, Peterson,
Chequamegon – Seth Peterson, Absalom David, Eric Tank,  Hunter Schienebeck, Isaac Weik,  Wyatt Juneau,

Phillips 56  Chequamegon 43
– Phillips clinches Marawood North Conference Championship!

Auburndale  63, Northland Lutheran 29
Barron 60, Ladysmith 46

Edgar 56, Athens 40
Hayward 49, Bloomer 48
Marathon 51, Stratford 33

Mellen 53, South Shore 49
Northwestern 63, Spooner 20


Prentice 75, Flambeau 44
Rhinelander 52, Antigo 42
Solon Springs 71, Bayfield 49

Wakefield-Marenisco, Mich. 71, Butternut 49

Washburn 67, Drummond 20


Antigo 35, Rhinelander 22

Lakeland 39, Medford Area 23
South Shore 63, Mercer 43
Wakefield-Marenisco, Mich. 59, Butternut 42

Winter 70, Lake Holcombe 40

Phillips 39 Chequamegon 34
Ashland 53  Duluth Denfeld, MN  40
Bayfield 41  Mellen 36
Flambeau 73  Spencer 39
Hurley 54  Bessemer, MI  32
Prentice 43  Bruce 22
Spooner 37  Chetek-Weyerhaeuser 31

Chequamegon 61  Northland Pines 46
-For Cheq. – Shane Wakefield 29 (1000+pts for career), Justin Herbst 13
Phillips 61 Rib Lake 41 (Phillips clinches share of Marawood North Title)
(Danny Baratka his 1000+pt mark for career)
Cornell 71  Winter 45
Drummond 39  South Shore 25
Edgar 66  Abbotsford 47
Hurley 53  Ironwood, MI  37
Marathon 64  Auburndale 55
Medford 61  Bloomer 50
Mellen 68  Solon Springs 63
Mercer 49  Butternut 44
Merrill 53  Lakeland 44
Pittsville 53  Stratford 51
Prentice 57  Athens 35
Washburn 90  Bayfield 39

Ashland 62  Proctor, MN  42
Flambeau 56  Lake Holcombe 18
Ladysmith 54  Phillips 48
Mercer 46  Butternut 29
Mosinee 68  Medford 53
Northland Pines 56  Prentice 41

Boys Hockey
TEAM S.E.A.L.  6  Lakeland 4

Chequamegon 51  Chetek-Weyerhaeuser 40
– For Cheq. – Emily Wagner 28pts

Boys Basketball
Antigo 63  Northland  Pines 26
Bessemer, MI  86  Butternut 33
Drummond 53  Bayfield 37
Hurley 59  Wakefield-Marenisco, MI  43
Ironwood, MI  44  Mercer 31
Mosinee 62  Medford 59
Phillips 36  Edgar 30
Rhinelander 45  Tomahawk 42
Stratford 60  Athens 45
Washburn 66  Mellen 49

Girls Basketball
Bessemer, MI  46  Butternut 29
Flambeau 67  Chequamegon 48
Marathon 47  Auburndale 39
Mercer 60  Ironwood, MI  47
Northland Pines 42  Antigo 41
Northwestern 65  Spooner 22
Stratford 47  Pittsville 24
Winter 83  Washburn 35

Chequamegon 52  Rib Lake 38

Chippewa Falls 54  Medford 30
Drummond 40  Mellen 16
Hurley 51  Butternut 30
Solon Springs 42  Washburn 33
South Shore 76  Bayfield 26
Superior 71  Ashland 44

Amery 65  Spooner 47
Ashland 47  Hayward 41
Bayfield 49  Mercer 41
Bessemer, MI  45  South Shore 30
Bruce 57  Winter 47
Hurley 47  Drummond 44
Luck 63  Flambeau 36
Marathon 60  Athens 24
Mellen 74  Butternut 42
Phillips 71  Northland Pines 64
Solon Springs 91  Wakefield-Marenisco, MI  57
Washburn 64  Ironwood, MI  45

Chequameong 57  Rib Lake 31
For Cheq. – Emily Wagner 19pts, Emily Ernst 17 pts
Bayfield 48  Mercer 47
bruce 65  Winter 56
Hayward 55  Ashland 15
Ladysmith 40  Medford 37
Lakeland 52  Phillips 33
Mellen  44  Butternut 38
Prentice 51  Abbotsford 35

Hayward 8   TEAM SEAL   0
Antigo 4  Northland Pines 3
Northwest Iceman 6  Ashland 2

Turtle Lake 60  Flambeau 57

Hurley 49  Ironwood, MI  42
Solon Springs 41  Mellen 32
South Shore 76  Drummond 22

Northern Edge 6  Lakeland 0
Northland Pines 2  Tomahawk 1

Team scores: 1. Stratford 261; 2. Edgar 178.5; 3. Athens 176; 4. Auburndale 131.5; 5. Chequamegon 120.5; 6. Pittsville 92; 7. Phillips 89; 8. Marathon 59.
Individual Results
106 pounds

Championship: A.J. Schoenfuss (ST) pinned Tyler Dammann (PIT) in 5:24.
Third place: Brad Halmstad (PH) pinned Nathan Franke (MAR) in 2:00.
Fifth place: Matthew Leick (AUB).
113 pounds
Championship: Jeremy Schoenherr (ST) pinned Matthew Grossman (PIT) in 3:33.
Third place: Colton Heil (ED) pinned Seth Peterson (CHQ) in 4:33.
Fifth place: Hunter Reed (MAR) def. Jasper Busman (PH) 11-6.
120 pounds
Championship: Veliko Kochiu (ED) def. Kody Kauth (PIT) 8-4.
Third place: Jordan Becker (ST) pinned Brett Albrecht (ATH) in 3:48.
Fifth place: Liam Clapero (PH) pinned Trenton Graveen (MAR) in 3:32.
126 pounds
Championship: Anthony Gliniecki (ST) def. Dylan Altmann (AUB) 5-4.
Third place: Kodi Chase (ED) won by technical fall over Absalom David (CHQ) 20-4.
Fifth place: Fernando Zavaleta (MAR) def. Andy Nowacki (ATH) 6-5.
132 pounds
Championship: Mason Kauffman (ST) pinned Scott Schooley (PIT) in 2:42.
Third place: Aaron Willfahrt (AUB) won major dec. over Kevin Albrecht (ATH) 10-2.
Fifth place: Erik Tank (CHQ) def. Jordan White (ED) 11-7.
138 pounds
Championship: Nate Morse (ATH) pinned David Marquardt (ST) in 1:30.
Third place: Hunter Schienebeck (CHQ) pinned Eli Larson (AUB) in 0:33.
Fifth place: Max Hoogland (PH) def. Riley Wayerski (PIT) 10-3.
145 pounds
Championship: Austin Engel (ATH) def. Paul Willfahrt (AUB) 12-7.
Third place: Mark Handrick (ST) pinned Herman Santos (CHQ) in 5:42.
Fifth place: Cade Littleton (ED) won by injury default over Martin Schwanebeck (PIT).
152 pounds
Championship: Isaac Weik (CHQ) def. Alex Lemanski (ED) 6-2.
Third place: Kyle Giebel (ST) won major dec. over Devon Diethelm (ATH) 14-0.
Fifth place: Joe Sedivy (MAR) pinned Bryen Bushman (PH) in 3:21.
160 pounds
Championship: Marshall Westfall (ATH) pinned Kyle Martin (ST) in 1:52.
Third place: Wyatt Juneau (CHQ) pinned Kaleb Meyer (PIT) in 5:48.
Fifth place: Keller Wolfe (AUB) pinned Bryce Imhoff (ED) in 3:11.
170 pounds
Championship: Devin Lemanski (ED) pinned Wyatt Weiler (AUB) in 3:21.
Third place: Hunter Anderson (PH) pinned Taylor Krall (ST) in 3:13.
Fifth place: Tannor Frahm (ATH) def. Parker Zeman (CHQ) 11-6.
182 pounds
Championship: Kam Bornbach (ST) def. Wylie Frahm (ED) 8-3.
Third place: Marty Peterson (PH) pinned Jordan Zinkowich (ATH) in 0:56.
Fifth place: Jordan Schneeberger (MAR) pinned Taylor Fox (CHQ) in 2:30.
195 pounds
Championship: Kurt Jankowski (AUB) def. Bryce Murray (ST) 1-0.
Third place: Tucker Roesler (ATH) pinned Kade Schraufnagel (ED) in 0:55.
Fifth place: Kaden Calloway (MAR).
220 pounds
Championship: Wesley Dittman (ED) def. Hunter Kauffman (ST) 3-2 (UTB).
Third place: Dakota Venzke (ATH) pinned Kristofer Runnheim (PH) in 1:55.
Fifth place: Robbie Renken (CHQ) pinned Henry Myers (PIT) in 4:28.
285 pounds
Championship: Tyson Kauffman (ST) def. Tyson Sommer (ATH) 7-1.
Third place: Brad Graveen (ED) pinned Josh Gabel (AUB) in 3:07.
Fifth place: Dakota Leach (CHQ) pinned Shayne Foytik (PH) in 3:30.
Antigo 77  Tomahawk 44
Barron 53  Hayward 42
Birchwood 66  Flambeau 55
Bloomer 66  Spooner 41
Cloquet, MN  91  Ashland 68
Edgar 53  Chequamegon 49 (ot)
Hurley 56  South Shore 42
Ironwood, MI  62  Drummond 29
Mellen 45  Mercer 34
Phillips 59  Prentice 52
Rhinelander 41  Medford 37
Solon Spring 72  Butternut 31
Stratford 73  Owen-Withee 53

Antigo 61  Tomhawk 37
Butternut 56  Solon Spring 47
Flambeau 69  Birchwood 16
Mercer 54  Mellen 35

Winter 51 Flambeau 49

Edgar 54  Chequamegon 30
– Emily Wagner 20 points for Chequamegon
Flambeau 74  Winter 46
Ladysmith 49  Spooner 19
RHinelander 57 Medford 44

Chequamegon 55 Prenitce 46
For Cheq. – Calem Armstrong 10 pts, Christian Armstrong 10 pts, Justin Herbst 10 pts
Bessemer, MI  77  Mellen 66
Chetek-Weyerhaeuser 71 Ladysmith 54
Edgar 52  Rib Lake 36
Hurley 64  Bayfiedl 28
Ironwood, MI  52  South Shore 31
Medfor 35  Stanley BOyd 31
Northwestern 44 Hayward 42
Phillips 77  Athens 43
Solon Springs 69  Mercer 45
Washburn 76  Butternut 19

Girls Basketball
Northland Pines 60  Chequamegon 15
Altoona 46  Ladysmith 34
butternut 45  Washburn 41
Hurley 54  Mellen 25
Mercer 63  Solon Springs 48
Northwood 33  Ashland 19
Stanley Boyd 62  Medford 31

Bayfield 67  Butternut 58
Bessemer, MI   69  Drummond 47
Birchwoood 54  Winter 43
Chequamegon 60  Athens 53
Flambeau 53  Bruce 32
Ironwood, MI  45  Mellen 30
Lakeland 66  Antigo 64
Medford 47  Tomahawk 36
Phillips 48  Owen-Withee 34
Rhinelander 60  Ashland 52
Solon Springs 62  Hurley 60 (ot)

Bayfield 54  Butternut 26
Flambeau 53  Bruce 32
Hayward 62  Barron 31
Lakekalnd 43  Antigo 36
Medford 61  Tomahawk 24
Mercer 51  Washburn 29
Prentice 61  Chequamegon 30
Superior 67  Ashland 57
Winter 69  Birchwood 33

Hayward 55  Spooner 33
Phillips 47  Abbotsford 41

South Shore 61  Hurley 38

Drummond 42  Mercer 28
Merrill 56  Lakeland 52
South Shore 67  Butternut 29

Girls Basketball
Mercer 49  Drummond 28
Prentice 38  Rib Lake 36
South Shore 79 Butternut 24
Winter 52  Webster 40

Boys Basketball
Phillips 64  Bruce 37
Spencer 64  Rib Lake 54
Ladysmith 55  Flambeau 41
Stratford 50  Chequameon 37

Girls Basketball
Bessemer, MI  57  Mellen 45
Hurley 51  Bayfield 35
Medford 43  Northland Pines 29
Rib Lake 53  Lake Holcombe 13

Boys Basketball
Abbotsford 72  Chequamegon 58
Athens 67  Rib Lake 65
Edgar 54  Prentice 39
Lakeland 71  Mosinee 55
Medford 52  Antigo 31
Phillips 56  ELCHO 26

Girls Basketball
Hurley 60  Solon Springs 28
Ironwood, MI  59  Mellen 40
Lakeland 49  Mosinee 44
Rhinelander 63  northland Pines 32

Girls Basketball
Abbotsford 42  Chequamegon 21
Drummond 42  Butternut 29

Boys Basketball
Ironwood, MI  71  Solon SPrings 48

Boys Hockey
TEAM SEAL 8  Medford 4

Pittsville 42 Phillips 33

Boys Basketball
Chequamegon 53  Phillips 50
Auburndale 58  Northland :utheran 24
Cornell 63  Flambeau 48
Edgar 45  Athens 31
Lake Holcombe 70  Winter 28
Marathon 54  Stratford 41
Prentice 46  Loyal 42
Proctor, MN  86  Ashland  85
Rib Lake 59  Abbotsford 55
WI Rapids Lincoln  47  Rhinelander 40

Girls Basketball
Ashland 53  Hermantown, MN 47
Bayfield 54  Ironwood, MI  31
Bessemer, MI  45  Solon Springs 39
Flambeau 69  Cornell 47
Hurley 58  Washburn 23
Northland Pines 28  Elcho 29
Prentice 57  tomahawk 30
Wakefield-Marenisco, MI  51  Mellen 18

Boys Hockey
Ashland 4  Hayward 3
Lakeland 6  Medford 0

Girls Hockey
Central WI  5  Tomahawk 1
Hayward/Spooner 9  Chippewa Falls 0

Boys Basketball
Hayward 50  Cumberland 27
Hurley 71  Bessemer, MI  57
Ironwood, MI  56  Butternut 15
Solon Springs 45  Drummond 25
Wakefield-Marenisco, MI  60  Mercer 39

Girls Basketball
Cameron 60  Ladysmith 34
Ironwood, MI  44  Butternut 33
Northwood 45  Drummond 15
Wakefield-Marenisco, MI  46  Mercer 40

Boys Basketball
Chequamegon 69  Hurley 33
Tomahawk 63  Northland Pines 58

Boys Basketball
Barron 55  Ladysmith 38
Cornell 60  Winter 40
Hermantown, MN  78  Ashland 63
Hurley 52  Mercer 32
Phillips 51  Ashland 50
Solon Springs 84  Bayfield 19
South Shore 72  Mellen 53
Washburn 61  Drummond 31

Girls Basketball
Hurley 56  Mercer 41
Winter 63  Cornell 53

Boys Basketball
Edgar 60  Abbotsford 33
Northwestern 38  Spooner 25
Rhinelaner 55  Lakeland 44
Tomahawk 63  Northland Pines 58

Girls Basketball
Abbotsford 46  Rib Lake 30
Athens 74  Edgar 6t
Bruce 30  Drummond 18
Flambeau 58  Lake Holcombe 22
Hayward 38  Ladysmith 19
Lakeland 54  Rhinelander 37
Marathon 57  Stratford 38
Medfrod 54  wausau East 44

Boys Basketball
Lakeland 44  Tomahawk 36
Marathon 60  Abbotsford 26
Mercer 54
Winter 37
Phillips 62  Ladysmith 42
Rhinelander 51  Mosinee 45

Girls Basketball
Phillips 44  Rib Lake 31
Athens 81  Prentice 37
Bloomer 39  Ladysmith 32
Edgar 48  Abbotsford 33
Hurley 53  Bessemer, MI  24
Lakeland 68  Tomahawk 24
Mosinee 49  Rhinelander 31
South SHore 73  Washburn 33
Stratford 43  Pittsville 7
Winter 51  Mercer 45

Boys Hockey
Ashland 4  TEAM SEAL 1
Antigo 11  Tomahawk 1
Mosinee 9  Rhinelander 2
Northland Pines 10  Medford 1

Boys Basketball
Friday, January 2nd
Lakeland 66  Chequamegon 57
The Chequamegon Screaming Eagles Boys BB team traveled to Lakeland Friday night and came up short in a 66-57 loss to the T-Birds.  The Eagles battled the entire game, led by Shane Wakefield’s 27 points and Justin Herbst’s 15 points.
Herbst started the game well as he scored 8 of the Eagles 12 first quarter points.  The Eagles trailed 16-12 after one quarter.  A late second quarter surge pushed the T-Birds lead to 36-29 at the half.
In the 3rd period, Wakefield scored 10 points including a three quarter court shot at the buzzer to make the score 52-46.
In the 4th Quarter, three pointers from Caleb Armstrong and Wakefield cut the deficit to 61-57.  After getting a turnover, the Eagles were unable to  convert and lost 66-57.
Next game is Saturday 3pm vs. Hurley
Before that game Saturday, The Park Falls Boys State Championship Team from 1999 will be honored.
After the game, there will be reception at AJ’s in Park Falls in honor of the 1999 State Championship Team.

Boys Hockey
Tuesday, Dec. 30th
Marshfiedl 5  TEAM SEAL 3

Boys Basketball
Wednesday, Dec. 24th
Rib Lake  68  Chequamegon 65

Boys Basketball
Monday, Dec. 22nd
Birchwood 54  Mellen 45
Northwood 54  Solon Springs 44
Phillips 50  Edgar 39

Girls Basketball
Monday, Dec.22nd
Mamery 52  Spooner 28
Hayward 64  Cameron 48 (ot)
Northwood 56  Solon Springs 33
Siren 61  Drummond 21
Winter 58  Butternut 34

Saturday, Dec.20th
Tomahawk Invitational
Chequaemgon places 6th out of the 17 team field.
For Chequamegon:
Isaac Weik 1st
Hunter Schienebeck 2nd
Dawson Weik 6th
Nick Pinzl 6th
Dakota Leach 6th
Seth Peterson 7th

Boys Hockey
Saturday, Dec. 20th
EC North 3  TEAM SEAL 0

Friday, Dec. 19th
Assumption 36, Auburndale 35
Athens 51, Abbotsford 39
Bruce 63, Birchwood 40
Cameron 85, Flambeau 24

Dodgeland 60, Fall River 50
Dominican 75, Racine Lutheran 43
Edgar 49, Chequamegon 33
Ironwood, Mich. 57, Ashland 52
Mosinee 61, Tomahawk 20
ewman Catholic 74, Pittsville 36
Northwestern 56, Cumberland 34
Phillips 56, Prentice 53
Rhinelander 36, Antigo 32
Rice Lake 51, River Falls 34
Spooner 54, Ladysmith 46
Stratford 51, Wisconsin Valley Luth. 43
Wabeno 70, Northland Pines 59

Friday, Dec. 19th
Edgar 68, Chequamegon 25
Northwestern 58, South Shore 49
Northwood 47, Prairie Farm 15
Winter 42, Rib Lake 34

Boys Basketball
Thursday, Dec. 18th
Northwestern 67  Washburn 66
South Shore 45  Siren 40

Girls Basketball
Thursday, Dec. 18th
Athens 67  Abbotsford 56
Barron 49  Ladysmith 35
Hayward 40  Boomer 28
Northwestern 68  Spooner 32
Phillips 57  Prentice 51 (Listen to the game here)

Boys Hockey
Thursday, Dec. 18th
North Shore, MN  3 Hayward 2
Northwestern Iceman 4  Ashland 2
Regis/McDonell/Bloomer 6  Baldwin-Woodville 3
Rhinelander 5  Medford 2

Girls Hockey
Thursday, Dec. 18th
Northern Edge 11  Medford 4

Boys Basketball
Tuesday, Dec. 16th
Antigo 59  Northland Pines 36
Auburndale 38  Stratford 27
Bloomer 69  Ladysmith 36
Butternut 53  Lac Courte Oreilles 31
Chequamegon 54 Prentice 37
Ewen-Trout Creek, MI  54  Hurley 35
Drummond 62  Winter 39
New Auburn 62  Flambeau 37
Northwestern 50  Ashland 44
Phillips 43  Athens 42
Rhinelander 56  Tomahawk 40

Girls Basketball
Tuesday, Dec 16th
Butternut 51  Lac Courte Oreilles 31
Hayward 64  chetek-Weyerhaeuser 22
Ladysmith 40  Spooner 16
Northland pines 48  Antigo 40
Owen-Withee 56  Abbotsford 55
Stratford 56  Colby 41
Thorp 58  Prentice 51 (ot)
Winter 50  Drummond 28

Boys Hockey
Tuesday, Dec. 16th
Ashland 5  TEAM SEAL 2
Rice Lake 3  Eau Claire North 1

Girls Hockey
Tuesday, Dec. 16th
Hayward/Spooner 3  Chippewa Falls 0

Saturday, Dec. 13th
@ Spooner Invitational
1st Place:  Hunter Schienebeck, Isaac Weik and Wyatt Juneau
3rd Place:  Seth Peterson, Absalom David, Nick Pinzl,

Boys Basketball
Saturday, Dec. 13th
DC everst 46  Rhinelander 35
Rice Lake 85  Lakeland 51
Washhburn 112  Lakeviewchristian Academy, MN  104

Boys Basketball
Friday, Dec. 12th
Chequamegon 52  Athens 48
Antigo 47  Tomahawk 32
Bloomer 74  Spooner 36
Bruce 70  Winter 41
Cadott 49  Abbotsford 40
Ladysmith 52  Cumberland 43

Rhinelander 40  Medford Area 9
Supeeriior 66  Ashland 53

Girls Basketball
Friday, Dec. 12th
Auburndale 59  Sratford 49
Bayfiedl 76  Solon Springs 38
Bruce 55  Winter 26
Drummond 51  Washburn 31
Lakeland 47  Northland Pines 34
Marathon 63  Mosinee 31
Prentice 41  Chequamegon 23
South Shore 49  Northwoods 31

Boys Basketball
Thursday, Dec. 11th
Ironwood, MI  48  Hurley 21
Mercer 45  Butternut 34
Solon Springs 69  Mellen 50
South Shore 44  Drummond 33
Washburn 78  Bayfield 36

Girls Basketball
Thursday, Dec. 11th
Hayward 48  Barron 27
Ladysmith 39  Cumberland 28
Mercer 49  Butternut 21

Boys Hockey
Thursday, Dec. 11th
Baldwin-Woodville 10  TEAM SEAL 2 (Listen to game here)
Northland PInes 6  Rhinelander/Three Lakes 0

Boys Basketball
Tuesday, Dec. 9th
Barron 46  Spooner 31
Chetek-Weyerhaeuser 52  Ladysmith 49 (ot)
Hayward 44  Maple, NW   38
Lakeland 57  Ashland 48
Meonmonie 42  Medford 35
Owen-Withee 55  Abbotsford 43
Tomahawk 54  Chequamegon 50 (ot)
For Cheq. – Shane Wakefield 15, Justin Herbst 12

Girls Basketball
Tuesday, Dec. 9th
Athens 62  Chequamegon 24
Auburndale 56  Edgar 42
Drummond 46  Mellen 24
Flambeau 74  Winter 71
Hayward 38  Colfax 29
Marathon 61  Pittsville 6
Prentice 46  Rib Lake 39
Solon SPrings 64  Washburn 34
South SHore 73  Bayfield 48
Stevens Point 52  Rhinelander 49
Stratford 52  Wausau Newman Catholic 43

Boys Hockey
Tuesday, Dec. 9th
Ashland 7  ALtoona 1
Hayward 1  Northwest Iceman 0
Northland PInes 8  Tomahawk 3

Boys Basketball
Monday, Dec. 8th
Bessemer, MI  72  Butternut 34
Houghton, MI  83  Northland Pines 64
Ironwood, MI  62  Mercer 13
South Shore 47  Solon Springs 40
Wakefield-Marenisco, MI  63  Hurley 59

Girls Basketball
Monday, Dec. 8th
Bessemer, MI  40  Butternut 20
Mercer 56  Ironwood, MI  31

Boys Basketball
Thursday, Dec. 4th
Chequamegon  79  Winter 34
For Cheq. – Austin Hilgarg 14, Shane Wakefield 14, Caleb Armstrong 12, Justin Herbst 12
For Winter – Trent Biller 10
Hayward 54  Spooner 31
Maple, NW  56  Ladysmith 31
Marathon 53  Edgar 36

Girls Basketball
Thursday, Dec. 4th
Winter 63  Chequamegon 57 (ot)
For Cheq. – Emily Wagner 23pts

Boys Hockey
Thursday, Dec. 4th
Merrill 4  TEAM SEAL 3
Antigo 5  Rhinelander 1
Mosinee 9  Tomahawk 0

Boys Basketball
Tuesday, Dec. 2nd
Edgar 67  Northland Lutheran 20
Marathon 58  Mosinee 47
Mellen 83  Winter 54
Merrill 61  Medford 52
Northwoods 58  Birchwood 31
Pulaski 48  Rhinelander 41
Washburn 79  Hurley 28

Girls Basketball
Tuesday, Dec. 2nd
Abbotsford 55  Pittsville 23
Antigo 52  Medford 41
Bayfield 49  Drummond 41
Flambeau 49  Bruce 40
Hayward 63  Spooner 10
Northwestern 38  Ladysmith 20
Northwoods 41  Luck 29
Prentice 51  Lake Holcombe 28
Rhinelander 57  Northland Pines 31
South Shore 75  Solon Springs 20
Stratford 59  Iola-Scandinavia 35
Wakefield-Marenisco, MI  42  Hurley 33
Winter 72  Birchwood 26

Boys High School Hockey
Tuesday, Dec. 2nd
Ashland 3  Lakeland 1
Chippewa Falls 8  TEAM SEAL 0
Houghton, MI  3  Northland Pines 2
Rhinelander 6  Merrill 2
Wausau East 9  Tomahawk 4

Girls High School Hockey
Tuesday, Dec. 2nd
Hayward/Spooner 4  New Richmond 0
Boys Basketball
Monday, Dec. 1st
Hayward 50  Chequamegon 36 (listen to game here)

Boys Basketball
Tuesday, Nov. 25th
Marshfield Columbus Catholic 59  Rib Lake 58
Northland Pines 65  Crandon 36

Girls Basketball
Tuesday, Nov. 25th
Chequamegon 55  Washburn 37
For Cheq. – Emily Wanger 33pts/10reb/10assists…..Kayla Mrotek 7pts
Lakeland 49  Hurley 33
Northland Pines 57  Three Lakes 46
Stratford 45  Edgar 31

Boys Hockey
Tuesday, Nov. 25th
TEAM SEAL 2  Rhinelander 2 (tie)

Girls Basketball
Friday, Nov. 21st.
Chequamegon def. Phelps
Aquinas 45  Hayward 43
Athens 59  Port Edward 26
Merrill 46  Medford 43
Stratford 45  Rib Lake 25

Girls Basketball
Thursday, Nov. 20th, 2014
Phillips 67  Mellen 19 (Listen to game archive here)
Ashland 58  Maple, Northwestern 40
Marshfield 69  Rhinelander 28
Northland pInes 53  Crandon 45
Northwoods 43  Flambeau 30

State High School Cross Country Meet
Wisconsin Rapids
Saturday, November 1st.
Kevin Koski of Chequamegon wins the Individual State Division 3 Championship!
Chequamegon Boys Team 2nd
Phillips Girls Team 5th
Chequamegon Girls Team 10th
For Divsion 3 Boys  Results click:  Team    Individual
For Division 3 Girls Results click:  Team    Individual

High School Footbal Playoffs
Friday, Oct. 31st.
Stanley-Boyd 35 Chequamegon 7 (click here to listen to game archive)
Amherst 41  Stratford 6
Aracadia 38  Auburndale 8
Athens 28  Marathon 16
Spring Valley 41  Hurley 14
Edgar 49  Necedah 8
Rice Lake 49  Mosinee 21

High School Football Playoffs
Friday, October 24th
Chequamegon 42 Colfax 22 (Final)
Click here to listen a recording of the game
Comlete Division 5 brackets can be found here

Cross Country Sectionals
Friday, October 24th
Phillips Girls are Sectional Champions!
For Phillips and Prentice/Rib Lake Results in Athens
Click here for boys
Click here for girls

Chequamegon Boys and Girls are Sectional Champs!
For Chequmaegon Boys and Girls results
Click here

Sectional Boys Soccer
Thursday, Oct. 23rd
Barron 3  Phillips 1

Regional Girls Volleyball
Thursday, Oct. 23rd
Bloomer def. Phillips 3-2
14-25, 21-25, 25-22, 25-17, 15-9
Winter def. Siren 3-0
25-11, 25-16, 25-18
Mercer def. Mellen 3-0
25-19, 25-15, 25-15

High School Football
Friday, October 20th
Chequamegon 27  Tomahawk 18

Boys High School Soccer
Thursday, October 16th
Phillips 5  McDonell/Regis 1 Regional Champ, something that hasn’t happened since 2007.
Cole Vyskocil had 3 goals, Harrison Fuhr 1 goal, and Miguel Ferrero 1 goal.
The team will now take on Barron Thursday, October 23rd in semi-final Sectional game.
Congratulations boys!
To view soccer WIAA brackets, click here

Marawood Conference Cross Country Meet
Thursday, October 16th @ Athens
For Boys Results click here
for Girls Results click here