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Boys Basketball 2019-20

Prentice @ Phillips Dec. 3rd

LCO @ Chequamegon Girls and Boys Dec. 5th

Mellen @ Chequamegon Dec. 16th

Prentice @ Rib Lake Dec. 17th


Girls Basketball 2019-20

Chequamegon @ Mellen Nov. 19th

Prentice @ Phillips Nov. 21st

Butternut @ Chequamegon Dec. 2nd

LCO @ Chequamegon Boys and Girls Dec. 5th



TEAM S.e.a.L. vs. Grantsburg Co-op Dec. 101h


Cross Country

Chequamegon Interviews Oct 31st 2019

Girls State Cross Country Play by Play Nov. 2nd 2019

Prentice Girls Cross Country State Interviews Nov. 2nd 2019

Boys Cross Country Coverage from State Nov. 2nd 2019


High School Football 2019

Chequamegon @ Three Lakes August 29th

Chequamegon @ Tri-County Sept. 6th

Sturgeon Bay @ Chequamegon Sept. 13th

White Lake @ Phillips Sept. 21st

White Lake @ Chequamegon Sept. 27th

Chequamegon @ Phillips Oct. 4th

Phillips @ Newman Catholic Oct 12th




Baseball 2019

Athens @ Phillips April 23rd

Rib Lake @ Phillips April 29th

Athens @ Phillips Baseball and Softball May  2nd

Chequamegon @ Prentice May 7th

Chequamegon @ Phillips May 14th

Philips @ Chequamegon May 16th

Cornell-Lake Holcombe @ Chequamegon May 28th

Bloomer @ Chequamegon May 29th

Butternut/Mercer vs. Webster June 4th 2019


Softball 2019

Phillips @ Athens April 25th

Chequamegon @ Phillips May 13th

Chequamegon vs. Shell Lake May 21st

Chequamegon @ Grantsburg May 23rd


Basketball 2018-2019 

 Girls Coaches Pre-Season Interviews

Girls Basketball

Phillips @ Prentice November 19th (Partial broadcast due to technical problems)

Abbotsford @ Chequamegon Dec. 4th

Phillips @ Prentice Dec. 7th

Chequamegon @ Prentice Dec. 21st

Chequamegon @ Phillips Jan. 8th 2019

Tomahawk @ Phillips Jan 14th 2019

Newman Catholic @ Phillips Jan 17th 2019

Phillips @ Ladysmith Jan 21st 2019

Edgar @ Phillips Jan 8th 2019

Athens @ Chequamegon Feb 15th 2019 Boys and Girls

Phillips @ Colby Feb 22nd 2019

Owen-Withee @ Prentice Feb. 25th 2019

Prentice vs. Clayton Feb. 28th  2019


 Boys Basketball

Chequamegon @ Phillips Nov. 27th

Chequamegon @ Northland Pines Dec. 11th

Hurley @ Phillips Boys Dec. 14th

Abbotsford @ Chequamegon Dec. 18th

Rib Lake @ Phillips Dec. 20th

Chequamegon @ Mellen Jan 4th 2019

Chequamegon @ Prentice Jan 11th 2019

Phillips @ Chequamegon Boys Jan 15th 2019

Prentice @ Phillips Jan. 22nd 2019

Phillips @ Athens Feb. 14th 2019

Athens @ Chequamegon Girls and Boys Feb. 15th 2019 (Boys game 2nd)

Prentice @ Chequamegon Boys Feb. 21st 2019 (most of game)

Thorp @ Phillips March 1st 2019


High School Wrestling

Phillips @ Chequamegon Jan 10th 2018



TEAM S.e.a.L. Hockey

vs. Grantsburg Co-op Dec. 8th

RAM @ TEAM Seal Jan 12th 2019

TEAM SeaL @ Rice Lake Feb 11th 2019


Football 2018

Pre-Season Interviews with Coaches – Prentice/Rib Lake, Phillips, Chequamegon and Mercer/Butternut

Chequamegon at Boyceville August 17th

Phillips @ Port Edwards August 17th 

Chequamegon @ Barron August 24th

Phillips @ Stephenson, MI August 30th

Florence @ Phillips Sept. 7th

Edgar @ Chequamegon Sept. 14th

Chequamegon @ Tomahawk Sept. 21st

Eleva-Strum @ Chequamegon Sept. 29th

Phillips vs. Wisconsin Heights Oct 5th

 Mellen @ Mercer/Butternut October 13th



Baseball 2018

Cheq. vs. Rib Lake @ Mauston April 23rd

Phillps at Chequamegon April 26th

Athens @ Chequamegon May 1st

Phillips vs Rib Lake May 3rd

Chequamegon vs. Prentice and Phillips – Baseball and softball – May 7th

Chequamegon vs. Prentice May 10th

Chequamegon vs. Newman Baseball Softball May 11th

Phillips vs. Athens May 15th

Chequamegon Baseball and Softball May 29th

Chequamegon vs. Phillips May 30th Regional Final

Butternut-Mercer vs. Washburn May 31st

Chequamegon and Butternut-Mercer Sectionals Game 1 June 5th

Butternut-Mercer vs. Thorp June 5th


Softball 2018

Chequamegon @ Phillips April 30th

Chequamegon vs. Newman Baseball Softball May 11th

Phillips vs Prentice Softball May 14th

Softball Regionals May 23rd featuring Phillips and Chequamegon

Chequamegon vs Clayton/Turtle Lake May 25th

Chequamegon Baseball and Softball May 29th



Girls Basketball 2017-18

LCO @ Chequamegon Nov. 14th

Prentice @ Phillips Nov. 27th

Phillips vs. Athens Dec. 5th

Chequamegon vs. Prentice Dec. 22nd

Phillips vs. Ashland Jan. 2nd

Chequamegon @ Phillips Jan. 9th 2018

Butternut @ Mellen Jan. 25th

Northland Pines @ Phillips Jan 29th

Washburn @ Chequamegon Feb. 8th

Edgar @ Phillips Regional Feb 20th

Prentice @ Clayton Regional Feb. 23rd


Boys Basketball 2017-18

Interviews with 1978 Park Falls State Team Players

Phillips vs Marathon Boys and Girls Dec. 1st

Chequamegon vs. Phillips Nov. 28th

Chequamegon vs. Kohler Dec. 2nd

Phillips vs. Owen-Withee Dec. 4th

Phillips vs. Prentice Dec. 8th

Chequamegon vs. Prentice Jan. 12

Chequamegon vs. Phillips Jan 16th

Phillips @ Prentice Jan 23rd

Abbotsford @ Chequamegon Jan. 30 (2nd half only)

Phillips @ Prentice Jan. 30th

Stratford @ Phillips Feb. 2nd

Chequamegon @ Athens Feb. 16th

Colby @ Phillips Feb. 27th 2018

Phillips @ Pacelli March 2nd, 2018



TEAM S.E.a.L. Hockey 2017-2018

vs. Grantsburg Co-op Dec. 9th

vs. Tomahawk Jan. 18th 2018

vs. Rice Lake Feb 13th



State Cross Country Coverage October 28th

High School Football 2017

Rib Lake/Prentice vs. Chequamegon Oct. 13th

Phillips vs. Wausau Newman Oct. 7th

Chequamegon vs. Auburndale Oct. 6th

Chequamegon vs. Eleva-Strum Sept 30th

Chequamegon vs. Tomahawk Sept. 22nd

Phillips vs. WI Heights Sept 16th

Chequamegon @ Edgar Sept. 15th

Phillips vs. Stephenson, MI

Phillips vs. Butternut/Mercer

Chequamegon vs. Marathon

Phillips vs. Oak Creek Aug 26th

Chequamegon vs. Neillsville August 25th

Boyceville @ Chequamegon Aug. 18th


Girls Softball 2017

Shell Lake @ Phillips March 31st

Prentice @ Chequamegon April 11th

Chequamegon @ Phillips April 28th

Phillips @ Edgar May 19th

Chequamegon @ Flambeau May 24th

Phillips vs. Grantsburg May 30th

Phillips vs. Marathon June 1st

Phillips vs. JudaAlbany June 8th

Boys Baseball

Prentice @ Chequamegon April 11th

Rib Lake @ Chequamegon April 13th

Phillips @ Prentice April 18th

Phillips @ Rib Lake April 24th

Prentice @ Phillips May 5th

Chequamegon @ Rib Lake

Athens @ Chequamegon

Rib Lake @ Phillips May 11th

Phillips @ Chequamegon May 12th

Chequamegon @ Phillips May 19th

Cameron @ Chequamegon May 25th

Phillips vs. Chetek-Weyerhaeuser May 31st

Butternut/Mercer vs. Webster June 6th


Boys Basketball 2016-2017

Chequamegon vs. Hurley Nov. 29th

Phillips vs. Northland Pines Dec. 1st

Chequamegon vs. Prentice Dec. 8th

Phillips vs. Prentice Dec. 13th

Phillips vs. Rib Lake Dec. 20th

Phillips vs. Hurley Dec. 22nd 

Chequamegon @ Phillips Jan. 5th

Athens @ Chequamegon Jan. 13th

Chequamegon @ Prentice Jan. 19th

Prentice @ Phillips Boys Jan. 24th

Chequamegon vs. Rib Lake Jan. 27th

Mellen @ Butternut Jan. 31st

Rib Lake @ Phillips Feb. 2nd

Phillips @ Chequamegon Feb. 7th

Phelps @ Phillps Feb. 9th

Phillips vs. WI Rapids Assumption @ Marathon Feb. 25th

Chequamegon @ Washburn Feb 28th

Phills vs St. Croix Falls March 4th

Phillips vs. Cumberland March 3rd

Phillips vs. Cameron March 9th


Girls Basketball 2016-2017

Solon Springs @ Chequamegon Nov. 15th

Prentice vs. Chequamegon Dec. 6th

Prentice vs. Phillips Dec. 9th

Phillips vs. Chequamegon Dec. 22nd (Girls game follows Phillips/Hurrley Boys game)

Phillips vs. Tomahawk Jan. 3rd 2017

Abbotsford @ Phillips Jan. 12th

Chequamegon @ Prentice Jan. 17th

Prentice @ Phillips Girls Jan. 20th

Phillips @ Chequamegon Feb. 3rd

Mellen @ Chequamegon Feb. 16th

Phillips @ Unity Feb. 21st

Owen-Withee @ Prentice Feb. 25th

Prentice @ Clayton Girls Feb. 27th

Mercer vs. South Shore March 2nd

Mercer vs. Clayton Girls March 4th


Boys Hockey

Pacelli @ TEAM SEAL Jan. 21st

TEAM SEAL @ Ashland Feb 14th


2017 Catholic Schools Week Live Broadcast



State Soccer Nov. 3rd Phillips vs St. Catherines

State Cross Country 10/29/16


2016 Girls Tournament Volleball

Phillips vs. Grantsburg Oct. 27th


2016 High School Football

Phillips vs. Tomahawk Aug. 8/26

Rib Lake/Prentice vs. Chequamegon 8/19

Chequamegon vs. Pittsville Sept. 9th

Phillips vs. Auburndale  Sept 16th

Chequamegon vs. Phillips Sept 23rd

Chequamegon vs. Marathon Sept. 30th

Phillips vs. Cadott Oct. 7th

Chequamegon vs. Edgar

Rib Lake/Prentice vs. Northern Elite Oct. 21st


2016 High School Baseball

Athens @ Chequamegon

Hurley @ Butternut/Mercer

Phillips @ Chequamegon

Chequamegon @ Athens

Prentice @ Chequamegon

Phillips @ Prentice

Rib Lake @ Chequamegon

Edgar @ Chequamegon

Cameron @ Chequamegon

Phillips @ Chequamegon Regional Final

Phillips vs Unity @ Durand Sectional Semi-Final


2016 High School Softball

Medford @ Phillips

Prentice @ Phillips

Ashland @ Chequamegon

Phillips @ Chequamegon

Prentice @ Chequamegon

Chequamegon @ Phillips

Siren/Webster @ Phillips – Regionals

Chetek/Wey @ Cheq AND Cameron @ Phillips Regional Semi

Phillips vs Grantsburg Regional Final

Chequamegon @ Clayton/Turtle Lake



2015 High School Football

Chequamegon vs Rib Lake/Prentice Aug 28th

Chequamegon vs. Auburndale Sept 11th

Chequamegon vs Phillips October 2nd

Chequamegon vs Marathon October 9th

Phillips vs. ELCHO August 27th

Phillips vs. Prentice/Rib Lake Sept 18

Phillips vs Stanley Boyd October 16th

Phillips vs Three Lakes Sept 24th

Phillips vs Rosholt August 21st

Phillips vWild Rose Sept 4th


2015-16 Basketball Games:


Chequamegon Boys @ Ladysmith

Chequamegon Boys vs Lakeland

Chequamegon vs Prentice December 15th

Chequamegon vs Rib Lake Boys and Girls February 4th

Phillips vs Ladysmith Boys January 19th

Phillips vs Northland Pine Boys Feb 22nd

Phillips vs Prentice Boys December 18th

Phillips vs. Rib Lake Boys Feb 9th





Chequamegon vs Rib Lake February 4th

Chequamegon vs Unity Girls Feb 23

Phillips vs. Abbotsford Girls March 3rd

Phillips vs. Chequamegon Girls Feb 11th

Phillips vs Edgar Boys and Girls Feb 5th

Phillips vs. Flambeau Girls January 14th

Phillips vs Prentice Girls Dec 17th

Phillips vs Prentice Girls Jan 28th

Phillips vs St Croix Falls Feb 26th

Phillips vs Unity Feb 27th

Phillips vs Lakeland November 19th

Phillips vs. EC Regis March 5th




TEAM S.E.A.L. Hockey

TEAM SEAL vs Rhinelander Dec 30th

TEAM SEAL vs Ashland January 5th

TEAM SEAL vs Lakeland January 21st

TEAM SEAL vs Medford Feb 17th


State Baseball Games 2015
Rib Lake vs. Ithaca June 17th
Chequamegon vs. Lake Country Lutheran June 17th

Boys and Girls Baseball/Softball Dualcast
Chequamegon vs. Phillips May 18th

Interview with Chequamegon Baseball Players from June 16th

Boys Baseball 2015
Phillips vs. Lakeland April 17th
Chequamegon vs Rib Lake April 24th
Chequamegon vs. Phillips April 30th
Chequamegon vs. Athens May 4th
Phillips vs. Butternut/Prentice May 5th
Chequamegon vs. Butternut/Prentice May 7th
Phillips vs. Rib Lake May 15th

Phillips vs. Hurley June 3rd

Chequamegon vs. Phillps May 18th Baseball and Softball

Chequamegon vs. St. Croix Falls June 9th
Chequamegon vs Durand June 9th

Girls Softball 2015
Phillips vs. Ladysmith April 14th
Phillips vs. Prentice May 11th
Chequamegon vs. Hurley May 12th
Chequamegon vs. Hurley Regional May 27th
Phillips vs. Ladysmith Regionals May 28th
Philips vs. Hurley May 30th

Sectionals Phillips vs. Unity March 12th
Regonal Wrestling Feb. 14th at Phillips
State Qualifier Isaac Week Interview Feb. 26th
Phillips vs. Ashland May 14th

Girls Basketball Games 2014
Phillips at Mellen November 20th
Chequamegon vs. Winter Dec. 4th
Chequamegon vs. Prentice Dec. 12th
Phillips vs. Prentice Dec. 18th
Phillips vs. Rib Lake Jan. 6th
Cheq vs Phillips Girls Jan 9
Cheq. vs. Prentice Jan. 23rd
Phillips vs. Prentice Jan. 29th
Butternut at Mellen Boys and Girls Feb. 3rd
Phillips vs. Chequamegon Feb 12th
Chequamegon vs. Colby Feb. 24th
Phillips vs. Hurley Regionals Feb. 27th
Phillips vs. Athens Feb. 28th

Boys Basketball Games 2014/2015
Hayward @ Chequamegon Dec. 2nd
Chequamegon vs Winter Dec. 4th
Hurley at Phillips Dec. 5th
Chequamegon vs Prentice Dec 16th
Phillips vs. Prentcie Dec. 19th
Chequamegon vs. Rib Lake Dec. 23rd
Phillips vs. Rib Lake Jan. 8th
Chequamegon vs. Hurley Jan. 10th
Chequamegon vs. Phillips Jan 13th (partial game archive)
Chequamegon vs. Prentice Jan. 27th
Phillips vs. Prentice Jan. 30th
Chequamegon vs. Rib Lake Feb. 5th
Phillips vs Rib Lake Feb. 10th
Chequamegon vs Phillips Feb 13
Phillips vs. Athens March 6th
Phillips vs. Hurley March 7th

Boys Hockey
TEAM SEAL at Baldwin-Woodville Dec 11th
Marshfield @ TEAM SEAL Dec 30
TEAM SEAl vs Medford Jan. 15th
TEAM SEAL vs. Tomahawk Jan. 17th
TEAM SEAL vs. Eau Claire North Feb 17th

Eagles Nest Wrestling 2014 with Coach Chris Schienebeck
Eagles Nest Dec 10th Part 1
Eagles Next Dec 10th Part 2
Dec. 18th Show

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