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Joe Pearson – Voice of Chequamegon Sports                                              Scott Hueckman – Voice of Logger Sports


Announcers:   Joe Pearson, Scott Hueckmann, 

Herman Luedtke, Ed Schmocker and Joel Karnick

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2019 High School Football Broadcast Schedule

2019-2020 Winter Sports Broadcast Schedule


Date                                   Teams                                              Tim                      Anncers                    

Tuesday, Nov. 19th          GBB – Cheq. @ Mellen                 715pm                Joe

Thursday, Nov. 21st        GBB – Prentice @ Phillips            715pm                Scott

Monday, Dec. 2nd            GBB – Butternut @ Cheq.            715pm                Joe

Tuesday, Dec. 3rd             BBB – Prentice @ Phillips             715pm                Scott

Thursday, Dec. 5th           GBB – LCO @ Cheq.                      545pm                Joe

BBB – LCO @ Cheq.                       715pm                Joe

Tuesday, Dec. 10th           Hockey – Grantsburg @ S.E.A.L.  6pm                    Joe

Friday, Dec. 13th              GBB – Northlane Pines @ Phillips 715pm              Scott

Monday, Dec. 16th           BBB – Mellen @ Cheq.                  715pm                Joe

Tuesday, Dec. 17th           BBB – Phillips @ Rib Lake             715pm                Scott

Friday, Dec. 20th              BBB – Assumption @ Cheq.        715pm                Joe

Friday, January 3rd           BBB – Prentice @ Cheq.                715pm                Scott

Saturday, Jan. 4th             Hockey – BRF @ S.E.A.L.               2pm                    Herman

Monday, Jan 6th               BBB – Ladysmith @ Phillips         715pm                Scott

Tuesday, Jan. 7th              GBB – Cheq. @ Phillips                 715pm                Scott

Monday, Jan. 13th            GBB – Prentice @ Cheq.              715pm                Joe

Tuesday, Jan. 14th            BBB – Cheq. @ Phillips                  715pm                Joe/Scott

Thursday, Jan. 16th        GBB – Phillips @ Prentice            715pm                Scott

Friday, Jan. 17th               BBB – Phillips @ Prentice             715pm                Scott

Monday, Jan. 20th            GBB – Athens @ Phillips               715pm                Scott

Tuesday, Jan. 21st            GBB – Abbotsford @ Cheq.         715pm                Joe

Thur., Jan 23rd                  Hockey – Medford @ S.E.A.L.     7pm                    Herman

Friday, Jan. 24th               BBB – Newman @ Cheq.              715pm                Joe

Tuesday, Jan. 28th            BBB – Athens @ Phillips               715pm                Scott

Friday, Jan. 31st                GBB – Flambeau @ Phillips         715pm                Scott

Monday, Feb. 3rd             GBB – Ashland @ Phillips             715pm                Scott

Tues, Feb. 4th                   Hockey – Shawano @ S.E.A.L.     545pm                Herman

Tuesday, Feb. 11th           GBB – Cheq. @ Prentice               715pm                Joe

Thur, Feb. 13th                 BBB – Edgar @ Cheq.                   715pm                Joe

Friday, Feb. 14th               BBB – Marathon @ Phillips          715pm                Scott

Tues, Feb. 18th                 Hockey – Regionals                       7pm                    Herman

Thursday, Feb. 20th         GBB – Phillips @ Cheq.                 715pm                Joe/Scott

Friday, Feb. 21st               BBB – Cheq. @ Prentice               715pm                Joe

Tues, Feb. 25th                 GBB – Regionals                            7pm                    TBD

Thursday, Feb. 27th         BBB – Phillps @ Cheq.                  715pm                Joe/Scott

Friday, Feb. 28th               GBB – Regionals                            7pm                    TBD

Friday, March 1st             GBB – Regionals                            7pm                    TBD

Tues, March 3rd                BBB – Regionals                             7pm                    TBD

Friday, March 6th             BBB – Regionals                             7pm                    TBD

Sat, March 7th                  BBB – Regionals                             7pm                    TBD

















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