Sports On Park Falls Radio

                                              LOCAL SPORTS BROADCAST SCHEDULE







Scott Hueckman – Phillips Sports                                                                     Tim Kasten – Chequamegon Sports

Jeff Heikkinen and Nathan Podeweltz – Phillips Sports


2022 Spring Sports Broadcast Schedule

(All on WCQM and unless otherwise noted)


Monday, May 23rd           Chequamegon @ Butternut Bball            430pm                Tim                      WCQM

Tuesday, May 24th           Chequamegon @ Grantsburg                   5pm                    Tim                103.1 JACKFM

TBD @ Phillips Softball                               5pm                    Scott/Jeff            WCQM

Thur, May 26th                 TBD @ Philips SBall                                      5pm                    Tim                     JACKFM

Phillips @ Chet/Wey BBall                         5pm                    Scott/Jeff            98Q Country

Tuesday, May 31st           Tournament Softball TBD                           5pm                    Scott/Jeff            WCQM

TBD @ Cheq. BBall                                       5pm                    Tim                 103.1 JACKFM















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