DHR 2019 Photo Gallery

Camp Hairy Eyeball! All good things come to those who shoot straight!
8 pointer from opening day – Green’s Deer Camp in Mercer
Natalee at camp Buck Dynasty in Shanagolden, youth hunt 8 point
The Chimps first kill at camp Tippytoes.  Assisted by Big Daddy aka Beef Jerky, Tippytoes, Kermit,  Ty-ranasaurs and the Riddler.
Big shout out to my 87 yr old father for his harvest this year.
-Robert Way

This mama Doe walked up the driveway Saturday am while I was making Apple Crisp. She didn’t stick around to sample it.
No deer seen since.

Forgot to include a couple photos from our stands – Camp Northern Exposure

The camp cook putting meat on the table – Camp Hairy Eyeball

Camp Goooooooold Diggers

Camp Toothless Beaver – Al and Tina

Ty-ranasaurus, Tippytoes, Uncle Kermit and the Chimp.  Photo credit….. Big Daddy…..
Prior to the Tippytoe departure.
Wesley’s 2 deer!
Thanksgiving crew at Camp Goose Grease
Pookies Work!
Autumn and her First Deer at Nelson Camp
Thanksgiving at Nelson Camp