EEO Report 2015-2016

EEO Public File Report

Group: Park Falls Community Broadcasting Corporation.

Stations: WPFP-AM, WCQM-FM

A station may accumulate the relevant information for the date range specified (using the previous EEO Internal Job Vacancy Summer Form) and place a completed EEO Public File Report in the public inspection file annually on the anniversary of the deadline for filing its license renewal application.
A. Job Vacancies Filled Between 2015-07-01 and 2016-07-31
B. Recruitment/Referral Sources Used to Seek Candidates for Each Vacancy
C. Total Number of Persons Interviewed For All Full-Time Vacancies Filled Between 2015-07-01 and 2016-07-31 (this will be a raw number): 0
D. Total Number of Interviewees For All Full-Time Vacancies Filled Between 2015-07-01 and 2016-07-31 Per Recruitment/Referral Sources:


Contact Person Address Tel # Number of

Interviewees Referred?

E. Outreach Activities:
Date Other Outreach Activity Description of Activity
09-2015-05-30-2016 Internship program Our Stations in conjunction with the Phillips High School invited a student named  “Ryan Giannoni” who was going to be pursuing after graduation a career in communications and radio broadcasting a internship position where he would come to the radio station once a week to engage in learning hands on education by our station program director Joel Karnick  how to be an on air DJ, produce commercials, edit and voice track, and  programming.  We gave Ryan an opportunity to have his own sho/w called the “Logger Report”.  He gathered information during the week about school activities, sports stats, and other interesting happenings at the school then he had to produce and edit his program before it aired every Friday afternoon on WCQM.  We feel that this opportunity will help Ryan or any student we actively invite to be an intern at WCQM will  acquire stronger skills as they enter into a career path and  pursue job opportunities.
07-01-2015 Supplemental Recruitment Activities Report WI WCQM/WPFP has 5 full time employees and Park Falls, Wisconsin has a population of 2600 as defined in the FCC as EEO rules a small market.  Therefore, we have selected the 2 activities below to fulfill our EEO Supplemental Recruitment Activities.  1.  Establish of train programs designed to enable station personal to acquire skills that could qualify them for higher level positions.  WCQM/WPFP participates in Park Falls Community Broadcasting corporation training programs follows: Monday Morning:  Each Monday we hold a meeting with our sales staff.  The agenda includes training materials to assist and educate our sales team and develop their sales skills, we also review sale processes, packages and review training material from magazine articles, webinars, and other training material targeted to develop our sales staff.  Once a month the station General Manager meets with the Program director to review activities including training procure and review the development of all staff members, Any new educational information is passed on to the staff via a monthly team meeting that is mandatory for all personnel.  At the top of every Park Falls Community Broadcasting Corporation new employee application for employment it clearly indicates its non-discrimination employment policy.  It is the policy of this company not to discriminate in it’s employment and personnel practices because of per a persons race, color, creed, religion, sex, national origin, or age.  Discriminatory employment practices are specifically prohibited by the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) in Washington, DC 20554 or other appropriate state or local agency.  Park Falls Community Broadcasting Corporation also does not discriminate on the basis of race or ethnicity in advertising sales agreements, and every such agreement includes a nondiscrimination clause.  Sincerely Darla L. Isham General Manager WCQM 98.3 FM-WPFP 980 AM  P.O. Box 309 Park Falls WI 54552
05-18-2016   On May 18th the WCQM/WPFP Park Falls Community Broadcasting Corporation sales staff attended a webinar hosted by the WBA (Wisconsin Broadcasters Association) This opportunity was presented by Chris Lytle and the topic was “Getting in to see those hard to see prospects”.
January 2016   In January Joel Karnick program director headed up a career day/work shop for the students at St. Anthony’s Catholic School located in Park Falls WI. Joel Karnick gave a presentation about a career in Radio Broadcasting, held a question and answer session then the students were given an opportunity to participate in activities if they were to pursue a career in Radio Broadcasting.  The students went out into the community and talked to local businesses about what they would want in a radio commercial, they then had to write and produce the commercial that would be aired.