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Bored By School Boards

Bored By School Boards

April 8, 2024 7:00 PM CDT

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Tabitha Dell'Angelo, a vanguard in the realm of educational equity and democracy, shares her journey from observing school boards to becoming a transformative force within them. Amidst the backdrop of contemporary challenges in education, including the stark polarization at school board meetings, Dell'Angelo's narrative is a beacon of hope and resilience.

As the episode unfolds, listeners are invited into Dell'Angelo's world, where her experiences as a school board member during tumultuous times in Central Bucks County, Pennsylvania, reveal the critical intersection of education, politics, and community values. Her commitment to fostering inclusive educational environments, advocating for media literacy, and supporting the next generation of educators are highlighted, showcasing the profound impact of educators stepping into roles of democratic engagement.

Listeners, educators, parents, and anyone invested in the future of public education will find this episode both enlightening and inspiring. Dell'Angelo's work, including her innovative approaches to teacher preparation and her advocacy for public education as a cornerstone of democracy, offers valuable insights into the power of education to shape society.

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