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Holding Charters Accountable

Holding Charters Accountable

April 9, 2024 7:00 PM CDT

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From Wisconsin to Colorado, Washington to Ohio, Dr. Tim Slekar and Dr. Johnny Lupinacci tackle the complex landscape of education policy, focusing on the contentious debate surrounding charter school accountability in Colorado. The discussion is illuminated by the insights of guests Mike DeGuire and Jane Shirley, who shed light on the undercurrents of dark money and its role in shaping education reform. The episode serves as a beacon for listeners interested in understanding the intricacies of education funding, the push for charter school transparency, and the broader implications for public education and democracy.

The conversation delves into the nuances of the Colorado Charter School Accountability Bill, highlighting the tension between public accountability and charter school autonomy. Mike and Jane offer firsthand perspectives on the challenges and political dynamics involved in advocating for greater oversight of charter schools. They reveal how dark money — funds that obscure their source to influence policy — plays a significant role in opposing the bill, thereby threatening the foundational principles of public education and community representation.

Listeners are encouraged to consider the broader narrative of education reform, where the interplay between financial influence, political agendas, and educational equity becomes starkly evident. The episode not only critiques the current state of affairs but also champions the power of grassroots movements and the importance of community involvement in safeguarding public education. By highlighting the critical need for transparency and accountability in all educational institutions, "Busted Pencils" underscores the value of informed advocacy and collective action in shaping a more equitable future for education.

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