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Okay, Mrs. K!

Okay, Mrs. K!

April 16, 2024 7:00 PM CDT

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In this thought-provoking episode of "Busted Pencils," educators Dr. Tim Slecker and Dr. Johnny Lupinacci are joined by seasoned teacher Melinda Karshner delve into the ongoing challenges and pressures of standardized testing in schools. With over two decades of experience, Mrs. Karshner brings a critical perspective on how current testing practices affect not just the educational journey but the creative spirit of students. The hosts discuss the real-life implications of these assessments through a Colorado lens, where Mrs. Karshner teaches, highlighting the intense testing weeks that rob valuable instructional time and questioning the effectiveness of these tests in truly measuring student progress. Listen as they explore the paradox of student evaluation in today's educational landscape, the need for a significant overhaul in testing practices, and the unseen impacts on both teachers and students.

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